Last Pre-Clasico Training, Mou’s Presser, Potential Babysitters, The Baby’s Trophy, Pirata’s Performance & Pique’s Apparent Death Wish

6 Oct

Hi all – thank you so much for your kind words and well wishes for my friend. He’s doing a lot better, is no longer in the ICU and resting comfortably. It gave us all a scare. It was just this time last year (almost to the day) when one of my oldest friends died unexpectedly so I had a bit of a freak out yesterday when I finally got home. But I went on a long walking/tour hike thingie with Billina today and it helped to clear my head. So onward to the post…

The boys had their last training before – dun dun DUN! – El Clasico and everyone looked to be in great spirits, which is nice to see. We’ll do the stressing for them.

Poor Sese has VML (Visible Mantie Lines).

Mou had his presser today and was very coy about who would be playing tomorrow. He did say that we wouldn’t see Benz and Pipita together.


Mourinho: “We have made significant improvements and we have to continue this evolution”
by Diego Jabalquinto

“We want to reach the level that made us champions last season and stay there for the longest time possible”, said the Real Madrid coach at the press conference before the season’s third Real Madrid-Barça match

Real Madrid faces Barcelona at the Camp Nou (Sunday, 19:50, Spanish TV channel C+ Liga and Gol T), for the match corresponding to the seventh match day of La Liga. The team has had five consecutive victories and Mourinho spoke about the match after the last training session before it: “For me it’s a match more fitted to the evolution we hope for and which we hope to make constant. I’m not talking about results, but about organization, discipline, tactics, ambition, commitment, team play, good personalities… That is my concern. We’re at the beginning and the concern is getting to the level we got to last season. We all knew it was difficult to maintain it for so many consecutive months. We have lost that level and we want to get it back bit by bit, which is what we are doing. This match is important in this regard and if we can come out with the conviction with which we have made this evolution constant, well that’s even better”.

The Real Madrid coach spoke about those who will be dropped from Barcelona’s defence: “At Barcelona we have played without Pepe and the world hasn’t come to an end. Last season, during Barcelona’s La Liga match, Piqué was well and stayed on the bench. I can’t be in the head of other coaches. Normally, I will only find out about our opponent’s line up one hour beforehand and I have to give my team’s before. I can’t decide upon my team on the basis of the other one as I don’t know who is going to play. We have our idea and our team ready to play. In matches like this one, as I metaphorically say, they are matches which bring the world to a standstill, where everybody plays. In the case of Puyol, I am happy that it’s not as serious as it seemed. In the case of Piqué, if there is doubt it’s very minimal, so if he’s not fully recovered, he will be on the final leg of his recovery”.

When asked about Real Madrid’s starting eleven at the Camp Nou, Mourinho was clear: “Benzema and Higuaín are not going to be together. After having played so many times against Barcelona recently, I think it will be difficult for you to know the make-up of the team. I won’t tell you who is going to play. I decided to go with Marcelo in the match against Ajax and I think it was a good decision because it meant a very good match. But each match is different and you will soon see who is going to play”.

The Whites will travel on the same day as the match to Barcelona, a decision which Mourinho explained in the press room of Real Madrid Football City: “For recent matches we’ve been there for, we’ve travelled on the same day as the match. The team, as well as myself, like it that way. We have enough time despite the fact that the match is earlier this time. We get there, we rest a bit and in the evening we’re ready to play. They are matches which are easy to be psychologically prepared for. No great pep talk is needed. In matches like this I would say it’s enough to get there for the match, both teams being very prepared, and I think that the referees must be very motivated for a match like this one. The world comes to a standstill with this great match. The two teams and the referee are responsible for giving the world what it wants to see”.

Regarding how these kinds of matches go and the team play, the Real Madrid coach assured: “There is no standard pattern. You never know what is going to happen. The teams are strong. Both want to win and they are normally well balanced matches, but on occasions they have been unbalanced. Our concern is playing well. We are making significant improvements. If we compare how we played during the first matches and how we have played the most recent La Liga matches, we can see that we have made improvements. This is our concern. To continue improving until we get to the level which made us champions last season and to stay there for as long as possible, playing at this top level”.

Regarding whether a draw would be a good result for Madrid, Mourinho said: “It depends on the match. If you reach a high level and play very well, if you have lots of opportunities to score and you deserve to win, but you draw, then it’s very bad. If you don’t play well, you don’t reach a high level and draw with amazing luck, it’s a fantastic outcome. It depends on how the match pans out”.

“Let us play the match first. Don’t be so pessimistic or so optimistic. Let us play the match first”, said the Portuguese coach in response to a question on what position the team would be in if they lose in Barcelona. In terms of the referees’ role up until know in La Liga, he said: “Things have happened since the beginning of the season, but nobody at Real Madrid has said anything or made any comment on this, and it’s not going to be me who does it”.

He also pointed out that we has complete confidence in his squad: “I always place complete confidence in my players and I have just as much confidence in them when things are going well for us and also when I don’t have such a good feeling. When we are working well and the feeling is positive, obviously there is more confidence. However, I have been in football for many years to know that each match has its own story and there are details which mark profound differences, but there is always complete confidence. The improvements are thanks to the players, who have realised that it was necessary to change, to be more motivated, more concentrated and more involved. It has been commendable to realise that the end of the season, in the dynamics that they were in, could only be negative. They have changed their mind-set and by changing it, it is easier for things to go our way”.

Finally, when asked about Özil’s substitution, Mourinho said: “I don’t think it is time to create a drama when a player is on the bench. There are 13 players who don’t play and every time somebody doesn’t play, there is something made of it. I am paid to form the line up, I try to do it as well as possible and there are players who are left out, full stop. In Amsterdam I was also asked about Özil and it was the journalist himself who answered his own question”.

So there you have it, straight from Daddy’s mouth. BTW, CNN released another clip from “Mourinho Masterclass” and it’s pretty hilarious. He’s asked who he would and wouldn’t trust to babysit his kids (one of the answers will DEFINITELY surprise you), who would wear their pajamas to training given half a chance and who is the biggest joker (another surprise).

The Baby posted a cute picture on Facebook with his trophy for the 2012 Spanish Super Cup. He’s so adorable.

Big ol’ congrats must go out to our beloved El Pirata who scored his first Premier League goal today (he also got an assist! Video of all game goals here) but alas, it was not enough to save QPR from another loss to West Brom. Final score: 3-2

QPR is lovin’ him though. He was on the cover of their match day program, Hoops, last month but I think we need to school the website on how he got his nickname.

What the what?!

Um, yeah, his “outlandish” hairstyle. And what’s pirate-y about his hair? I mean, it’s not like he’s rocking a full on Jack Sparrow, you know? I mean, that’s pirate hair, not what you’re looking at in the photo above.

Shakira posted a picture of her preggers tummy today saying she no longer had a six pack, but a one pack. To which Pique said “One BIG pack!” Pique, I know you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it is not wise to taunt a pregnant lady full of hormones about how big she is or she’ll murder you in your sleep. That’s just some friendly advice. She looks tiny and adorable. Tell her how perfect she is every day because A. she is carrying your child and it’s no doubt going to have a massive head and that’s not going to be easy and B. you want to live.

And on that note, let’s all take a deep breath and try to get some rest before what will undoubtedly be a massive stress fest no matter what the outcome tomorrow. HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

11 Responses to “Last Pre-Clasico Training, Mou’s Presser, Potential Babysitters, The Baby’s Trophy, Pirata’s Performance & Pique’s Apparent Death Wish”

  1. CinematiqueChic October 7, 2012 at 1:25 am #

    Haha – Pirata’s hair? Yep, it’s so crazy. Crazy and brown and on his head. What will he think of next?

    Pique should take lessons from my pregnant friend’s husband. When someone makes a comment about her baby belly (not yet pregnant big, just ate too many fries big) he just says “I never notice things like that.” Don’t derp your way through this pregnancy Pique.

    I’m finding Mou’s words of wisdom re: not being optimistic or pessimistic very comforting right now. Still 12 hours to go and my stomach is already in knots.

  2. tasha October 7, 2012 at 4:38 am #

    Whoa shakira is really pregnant. How could pique say/write that but hahaha I love him more 4 that. Mou’s CNN interview was epic can’t believe higuain would go 2 training in pjs n the second goalkeeper(forgot his name) hahaha I did not expect such 4rom him. Mario b cracks me up the story mou told was hi larious I would love 4 mou 2 write a book about mario it would rock my socks. I really hope we win but at the same time don’t wanna keep saying/writing it coz I might jinx it.HALA MADRID

  3. Phédre October 7, 2012 at 4:55 am #

    Wow Pique, you’re taking a very dangerous path there boy! Pregnant women and hormones are not to be joked with!

    LOL at Mou who was smoothly avoiding the question on who’s the most vain of the squad. Don’t be afraid to say it Mou, we all know it must be a tie between Sergio and Cristiano! And thanks for making me think about Pipita in PJ’s now …

    Oh man, this is going to be a long day! You go get them, boys! HALA MADRID!

    • tasha October 7, 2012 at 5:12 am #

      Yeah I wonder y he avoided the question I’m thinking its sese.

  4. M October 7, 2012 at 5:05 am #

    Wow Pique, you’re more than a bit of an idiot aren’t you? Most pregnant women would have killed him by now. Shaki must be more patient than most.

  5. black widow October 7, 2012 at 6:06 am #

    i’m kind of relieved to know they didn’t travel to barcelona last night — i’ve been kicking myself trying to figure out what hotel they were staying in and whether or not they were doing an autograph session, and i’m pleased in a weird way to know they didn’t, so i didn’t miss anything!

    i am weirdly calm. mostly because i know i have to be — i’m “deep in enemy territory” and so i can’t freak out or scream or express any great emotions! ;p i have to be steady and quiet and an impartial observer, to other eyes. (like when i saw spain play england at wembley and was seated smack-dab in the middle of the england supporters — it doesn’t do to show your colours!)

    still … hala madrid! i hope they win! barca has to lose SOME time, right? might as well be today!

    • CinematiqueChic October 7, 2012 at 10:28 am #

      Yeah, when I saw Scotland – Spain I was in the middle of all the Scots. It was frightening. Enjoy the match! Hala Madrid!

  6. em October 7, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    i have no idea where or how I will be able to watch the match. Pretty bummed.

  7. EvilBean October 7, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    When I was pregnant I didn’t mind when people made comments about me getting big. Shakira is not getting big herself, it’s only the baby. So maybe she doesn’t mind at all 🙂

  8. Deb Stimson October 9, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    So happy that Pirata’s getting so much playing time. He’s been man of the match for me in every match I see. Gutted that QPR is down at the bottom of the table though. Must be a big adjustment after coming from Madrid. 😦

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