Iker & Xavi at the Principe de Asturias Award Ceremony

26 Oct

Pssh..look at this fool trying to get in the picture!

Our Capi hopped on a plane today to pick up his Principe de Asturias award today, which looks like a huge diploma. You know what they say, the bigger the diploma, the bigger the di…ploma. Of course, his travel outfit was chosen from his very large plaid collection, with a check pattern so tiny it made some of his pics look like he’s wearing an optical illusion. Thankfully, Iker doesn’t own a plaid suit (leave that to Sergio)! He looked very handsome in his skinny tie & black suit, with his big di…..ploma. 😉

Please tell me his sleeves are rolled up & it’s not actually a 3/4 sleeve shirt!

The Prince gave a speech about the two athletes, saying:

“They are an example to young people because of their conciliatory attitude, which brings an essential added value to their sporting successes. We are rewarding their great spirit and conduct which are values ​​that are beneficial to sports. Specifically because of that, it is remarkable to see that this rivalry can coexist with a deep friendship which exemplifies their greatness and the good example they set as well as their demonstration of a deeper understanding of humanity. They also represent everyone in the world of sports that promote human values and prudently manage success and fame.”

“They symbolize, in the words of the jury, the values ​​of friendship and camaraderie that go far beyond the rivalry of their respective teams. They are an example to youngsters for their sportsmanship and high level of play, no doubt. But also for their conciliatory attitude and for that long-standing friendship that has been outstanding and as a result a crucial added value that lead to them being given this award.”

“We are rewarding their great spirit and excellent personal conduct as well as their professional conduct. All these values serve the interests of the sport. We know that in sporting competitions there is an inherent rivalry, ambition, desire to beat the opponent, to get more medals, more trophies, more triumphs than others … But, because of this, it is particularly remarkable to see how this rivalry and sporting competition can exist whilst they share such a deep friendship. Because friendship is affection, sincerity, understanding, support and cooperation. Therein lies the greatness and good example that Iker and Xavi set and their demonstration of a deeper understanding of humanity and the strength of their feelings. That is what we are recognizing today.”

Iker clapped.

Iker & Xavi clapped.

Then Iker, Xavi, & everyone else clapped. It’s correct to assume that there was, indeed, a lot of clapping going on.

After the ceremony, Iker spoke to the press, saying: “As we have been saying over the last few weeks, we are the visible part of a generation that has made its mark and will go down in history.”

“We should remember the team mates we have had, the ones in the national team and the ones at Madrid; we should also remember the fans, who deserve it and who have always watched us grow throughout our professional lives and who have shared many victories, which we sometimes thought were impossible.”

On the Balon d’Or – “I have not voted. I think a lot of players deserve it. I have to cast a vote and I hope it is a fair one. When the moment comes I will do what I think is fairest.”

Xavi & Iker then exchanged club jerseys. To Iker, Xavi said “To a top player, with much good will and admiration.” To Xavi, Iker replied “To Xavi, an outstanding fellow, with all my good will.” Aww, so nicey nicey.


4 Responses to “Iker & Xavi at the Principe de Asturias Award Ceremony”

  1. Allison October 26, 2012 at 10:05 pm #

    Now they have to be friends forever, like it or not, with an award from the prince for their deeper understanding of humanity and all.

  2. Katie Ann October 26, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    These two are the greatest. I love them.

  3. black widow October 27, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    he looks SO good in that suit. what a beautiful, beautiful man, and what a well-deserved award. 🙂

  4. Laryssa October 27, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    Sorry if I sound insensitive, but for me this awards makes no sense at all. Maybe if were Puyol or Iniesta, but Xavi?! He is not exactly a conciliatory person, right? As a Madrid fan, I lost count of the times I thought “Oh, shut up Xavi!!!” He is a huge annoying troll (funny and charismatic, though), but a Troll… just like Mourinho! 🙂

    I think this award would be in better hands if it had been given to the Spanish Paralympic delegation …

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