La Roja Says Adios to Panama & 2012

17 Nov

Well, that’s it for La Roja! You either saw, or will see in this post, their last 5 goals of the year and won’t see the team again until 2013….if there is a 2013….just kidding. 😉 They pulled off a great match with some stunning goals (SERHIOOOO!) from some of our most-capped players & from one who got his first.

“Look! They want a pre-game beso.”

“We’re all good, yo. They don’t call this the kissing bench for nothing.”

Sex Beard was in it to win it, early on, but his goal would come later in the first half.

The opening goal was scored by Pedrito, in the 16th minute, and it was all itty bitty power behind that thing. With an Iniesta assist, Pedro did a little itty bitty turn & found net.


Next up was a goal from Sex Beard! Told ya he was in it to win it, I’m glad he got a goal for his efforts and I’m glad the goal was, once again, itty bitty powered with another assist from Iniesta. Go Glow worm, go!

Thirteen minutes later, Pedro was at it again, going for a brace. He met his goal with the help of Juan Mata and put the score at 3-0, right before halftime.

The 2nd half kicked off with some changes being made to the lineup, Cesc came on for Iniesta, Navas came on for Juan Mata, and Soldado came on for Pedro.

Two more changes were made in the 60th minute, Iker took his place in goal & Sergio came on for Jordi Alba. The final change was made in the 73rd minute, when Susaeta came on, for Villa, and made his senior team debut.

“Be good to me, ya?”

In the 82nd minute, Sergio took a free kick, no, a freak kick! That goal was magical & there wasn’t anything itty bitty about it, it was pure Pony!

Two minutes later, Susaeta, who I think is the Spanish Casey Affeleck, made his debut much more memorable by scoring his side’s final goal of the night!

With three minutes to the final whistle, Panama scored one over the World Champions. After Baharona was taken down by Fabregas, in the box, Panama was awarded a penalty. The Panamanians sneaked one in, in the last minutes, making their supporters incredibly happy, but in the end the Spaniards still had a pretty awesome night….and an even more awesome post-match, because it included a whole lot of pretty Pony!

Pics, videos, & gifs via Rfef, GFsports, tfortravis, & megustaelfutbol.

Until next year…which better be Sernando-ful!


2 Responses to “La Roja Says Adios to Panama & 2012”

  1. black widow November 17, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

    i miss them already! 😦

    • Mariko November 18, 2012 at 12:28 am #

      Me too!

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