Well….We’re Still Pretty

27 Nov

That’s what I’m going to keep repeating to myself when I think of how another three points have been flushed down the shitter, “We’re still pretty, we’re still pretty,” followed by “FUCK PRETTY! I WANT TO WIN!!” I really do. A commentator mentioned, during today’s match, that the CdR & CL should become our focus because we’ve got a motherfucking eleven point gap between us & that other team. A commentator’s words have never made me want to cry more than I did at that moment. Say it ain’t so! I’m all about being optimistic, but it’s obvious our situation right now, definitely ain’t as pretty as our team. I’m curious to know how all of you feel about the team’s Liga situation, how many of you are going to keep holding out for that Liga trophy and how many of you have already moved on? Let me know, because I feel like I need a support group! There’s not much to recap with this one, Benat scored, none of our boys did. I’m not going to talk about disallowed goals, since it’s all over and done with, but I will share some angry Sergio. Seriously, how hot is that?

“So many bromances, so little time.”

“Who’s taking me home tonight?”

“Ozi, stop..it’s Hamburg time.”

“You hear that boys? The little German is coming with me.”

“We’re sexy and we know it!”

“Check it out.”

Yep, I guess when you’ve got too many bromances on the brain & you’re busy having Sing-alongs with Rui, during warmups…you’re pretty distracted once the match kicks off. I guess we have what went wrong, figured out now!

“I juz want to scorrr!”

“Ju neaux?”

Dorado goes commando?

Get back to your keeping duties, no more leg guitar!

And now for the Angry Sergio portion of this program….








“Come on!”




“That’s a hot pony.”

“Hey boys, he’s mine..err..ours.”

“I like the way you do that right thurr, right thurr. Swing your hips when you’re walkin’, let down your hurr. I like the way you do that right thurr, right thurr. Lick your lips when you’re talkin’, that make me sturr.”

“Good game, nothing to see here.”



Post Match Comments:

From Realmadrid.com


José Mourinho appeared in the press room after the match against Betis at the Benito Villamarín stadium. The manager analysed his team’s performance and congratulated the home fans: “We started better than we finished the game. I waved to the Betis fans because they are fantastic and after a difficult week and a week in which there has been conflict with some of their players, they were able to be fans and help their team win. That pleased me because they behaved correctly and supported their team. I congratulated the Betis players because it’s not their fault that the Benzema goal was ruled out or that the penalty wasn’t given in the last minutes of the match.”

The Portuguese coach spoke about the schedule and playing in the Champions League on Wednesday and in La Liga on Saturday: “I try to be objective and fair and when my team loses I try not to look for excuses. It’s obvious that a player that plays on Wednesday shouldn’t play today and there are other teams that have more control over the schedule than we do. But we are talking about professionals at the top level and if you are more tired than normal you have to use other important qualities like ambition, sacrifice and mental strength. When I see a sportsman who is 34 years old, like Stepanek, who played three Davis Cup matched in three days, don’t tell me that younger players can’t play on Wednesday and Sunday. Football isn’t just about legs, when you’re tired you look for other things and get that energy. I am the only one talking about the schedule, like after the match in Manchester I was the only one talking about the referee and therefore I am the bad guy in this story.”

Mourinho also analysed the home side’s match: “I congratulated the Betis players because they gave it their all and fought from the first minute to the last with great spirit and sacrifice. They aren’t to blame for Benzema’s goal being ruled out or the clear penalty in the last minutes of the match and therefore they deserve my respect because they played better than Real Madrid. Despite benefiting from the referee’s two mistakes, they deserved to win.”

The Whites’ coach also took responsibility for the defeat: “Football is like that. When we win, we all win and some more than others, but when we lose the coach loses and therefore I am to blame. The players aren’t to blame, I am.”

Finally, the Portuguese commented on Real Madrid’s position in La Liga after this result: “Last season we had ten more points than our opponents in March and then we drew twice and the situation became more complicated. Maybe at the end of the year we are 11, 13, 9, 8 or 12 points behind. We are not going to be four, five or three points behind. It’s wide open, but let’s not be too optimistic nor too pessimistic. It’s complicated, but I can’t focus on just one competition. It’s impossible. I think from one match to the next and the next match is the Spanish Cup, then La Liga and then it’s the Champions League. But at this point last season our fans were optimistic, it’s understandable that now they are pessimistic and think we can’t go on to win.”


Iker Casillas met with the media after the game in Seville in which the Whites were unable to win despite clearly dominating the game. After the defeat, the Real Madrid captain stated that “it was a hard blow and it’s put us two steps back, but we have to be more united than ever and soldier on. I understand that the fans are affected, but we have to look ahead, think about the next game at home against Atlético de Madrid, and continue to win.”

The Real Madrid goalkeeper offered his point of view on the loss to Betis: “It was a little bit of everything. Everything has an influence, the difficult game last Wednesday against Manchester. This was a complicated team that had just lost 5-1 to Sevilla. There were also some plays in which the referee was not correct. We have to carry on and think about the next game, which is the Copa del Rey game against Alcoyano.”

When asked about the referee’s actions, he was clear: “There were actions at specific points that left us powerless, like the offside called on Benzema and a hand that was not called. Mourinho has his temperament and there are times where he has to feel backed by the players. We have to stand up on the pitch and show our anger at these types of plays.” He also spoke about the limited time the team had to prepare for the game: “We had less rest but I understand that the fans are upset that the team did not win. We have to look ahead, think about the next game at home against Atlético de Madrid, and continue to win.”




18 Responses to “Well….We’re Still Pretty”

  1. Natalie November 27, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    well, unless barcelona decides to lose next 5 games i think ligas title is gone. But if they get CL I will be ok!!!

  2. Tasha November 28, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    As much as I love my team I hav 2 say they really broke my heart this weekend n it sucks coz la liga this season wasn’t supposed 2 be like this ,its like I don’t know. I’m a really optimistic but were really fucked but like many state its a long season n the other team can also f-up so let’s hope 4 that. Now its time 2 critize number uno wat the fuck happened 2 our defenders n iker 4 that matter. Number dos wat the fuck happened 2 ronaldo wen did he become so Fernando Torres( I’m soooooo sowi Fernando u know I love n ur still amazing). N the love of my life of my life Benz wat the fuck happened 2 u. I promised myself I’d stop cursing but this is wat disappiontment, anger, sadness will do to u. Jst bet the other Madrid plz yho. HALA MADRID

  3. black widow November 28, 2012 at 12:30 am #

    hala madrid, now and forever. i love them, i have faith in them and i’ll be proud of them, whether they finish first, second, third or bottom of the table (hahaha, as if).

    but even a die-hard is allowed to be heartbroken. what i cannot understand, what i have honestly spent hours thinking about (honestly … hours!) and trying to figure out is WHY our form is so bad this year compared to last year. what changed? same coach. same (core) team. great pre-season, in so much that they won every match. but they just seem so … tired? lacklustre? even when they win, it’s always such a struggle. they’re just not … gelling. there doesn’t seem to be any cohesion, and it isn’t any one player’s fault. injuries are a part of it, obviously, and that’s just bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but surely that can’t be the whole story? what went wrong here? how do you go from winning the league in a 100 point season to trailing the top two teams by 8 and 11 points?

    it’s still early days, of course, and anything can happen. in my head, i still believe we’ll finish in a respectable second place (and my heart wants to believe we’ll finish in first and so i’m going to let it). but it isn’t enough for us to just win matches — barca and atletico need to lose theirs, enough so that balance is restored. i mean, barca can’t win ALL 40 matches, much as they’d like to think they will. and atletico is bound to slip up, too. (hey, if we win against them, we cut their lead to 5 points!)

    that said, if we won the champions league, it would take the sting out of losing la liga. (so would the copa del rey, but not as much, obviously.) i hope FP and co don’t take the chelsea route and do something stupid regarding mou (and if their history is anything to go by … eek). it’s nice of mou to fall on his sword during the press conferences, but he’s not the one out there on the pitch. it has to come from the players — all of them.

    • black widow November 28, 2012 at 1:10 am #

      and clearly i’m tired from lack of sleep … obviously you can’t play yourself, so make that *38* matches …

  4. GinaM November 28, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    Barca are bound to drop points and if our boys smarten up we can be ready to use those moments and climb up the table. Like Higuain said we were 11 points behind in 2007 and we managed to win La Liga also it’s only November and then we were in March. A lot can happen from now till Spring time I have faith in our team, it’s not over yet Hala Madrid!!!

  5. JK November 28, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    there are still 25 league games left! we’ve only played 13 of the 38, so I say we still have faith! if barca doesn’t drop points between now and the end of the season, I will have no problem admitting that they’re unworldly, but come on! realistically, barca is bound to lose points throughout this season! i mean, just 3 losses and we’re within 2 points of them! we just need to fix whatever it is that is bothering everybody (i say its the lack of headbands, obviously) and not lose their faith in each other.

  6. panama November 28, 2012 at 1:16 am #

    Ju neaux?! Jejeje! Best French accent joke ever, I almost spit my tea all over my laptop screen 😀 Thanks for making this whole clusterf*ck a little better.

  7. Phédre November 28, 2012 at 1:58 am #

    Now I’m actually glad I couldn’t watch the game… sigh …
    The situation isn’t great, but we are Real Madrid, so anything is possible!
    And now I’m just going to stare some more at angry Sese, that always makes me feel better. Damn boy …

  8. M November 28, 2012 at 3:22 am #

    I still have faith in my boys. Just lets start playing like we did last year please. Hala Madrid!

  9. Ana November 28, 2012 at 4:05 am #

    I still have faith. We have such bad luck,tho! Can you imagine Barca trying to play their ‘beautiful’ passing game on that pitch we endured with Levante? Maybe they will suffer some injuries and team disruptions as the season progresses. I do feel that we lack imagination and concentration sometimes and my heart really goes out to Cris, he tries so hard and gets so frustrated, I really want him to find his form again. Keep sending the positive vibes, Girls! Never give up! Hala Madrid!!

  10. CinematiqueChic November 28, 2012 at 4:36 am #

    Obviously we’re in a bad position and to win the league will be difficult. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Barcelona will lose some, eventually. People are talking as if we’re 11 points behind and it’s April. It’s November! I can accept that it will be difficult and maybe it’s unlikely that we’ll win the league, but I don’t accept that it’s actually over at this point. We can be realistic without being defeatist.

    As much as I want them to win La Liga or CL (both, boys, come on!) what I really want is to see them play at their best. There’s nothing we can do about refs making bad calls, and we can’t make Barca lose or draw enough matches to even things out. But this team is one of the best team in the world, and I want to see them play like it. If they play like we all know they can, I have faith things will turn around.

  11. Sasha-Roo November 28, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    My Head says La Liga is a write off; Barca have been in beastly form and 11 points is alot but My Heart says if there’s any team that can comeback and fight till the end it’s Real Madrid. So i’m going to be THAT girl and listen to her heart…lols…We have to have faith and support them no matter what. Hopefully the focus is on CL but they keep their form and fight for La Liga till the bitter end.

    I agree something is lacking in the team. It was heartbreaking to watch them play with no drive or passion? and just seeing them frustrated, frustrated me. Hopefully it’s the kick they needed. The Madrid Derby this Saturday is going to be tough.

    Hala Madrid!

  12. Nelle November 28, 2012 at 3:26 pm #

    It seems that many of us are forgetting that Altetico Madrid, not Barcelona, should be our main focus. After all, they are in second place and are currently eight points ahead of us. Our neighbours appear to be in much better form than we are and are sending clearly the message that they can bring La Liga to the other side of Madrid. That belief is a key factor to their recent improvement in form.

    Wake up, madridistas! El derbi madrileño is Saturday. Next week, Alteti has to play Barcelona and we host Espanyol. We need to take advantage of this opportunity to narrow the gap between second and third place in order to complete our goal of retaining the title. We cannot become obsessed with catching up to Barcelona. That obsession will blind us from seeing the obstacle in our backyard: Atletico Madrid. It will be a long, arduous journey, but madridistas are never quitters.

    Hasta el final! Hala Madrid!

    • headbandsandheartbreak November 28, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

      Well said! Very well said! I still believe and I agree we should concentrate on Atleti right now.

      • Tasha November 28, 2012 at 11:03 pm #

        I agree very well said. U put everything into perspective and underlined wat we first should be worring about

    • drea November 29, 2012 at 10:25 am #

      Is it mean that I’m hoping Falcao leaves for Chelsea/Man City in the winter mercato? Earlier in the season it seemed inevitable, but now that Atleti are actually in a position to win the league and are almost guaranteed a CL berth, looks like he’ll be finishing out the season. Argh. Oh well, can’t knock a man for being loyal.

  13. Katie Ann November 28, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    That game was heartbreaking, but your captions give me something to smile about.

    I’m not a big picture thinker about anything, so I just focus on each match as it comes. I mean, I’ve loved this team since I was 17, and that won’t change. When they play poorly, it disappoints me, but then it’s on to the next. Every match is a chance to be great. Here’s hoping for some greatness against Atleti.

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