A Bumper Crop of Bits & Bobs

13 Dec

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (3)Oh boy, I’m coming down with something. I’m starting to feel really crappy. This does not bode well for the holiday season. Anyhow, I’m going to post some bits and bobs. After that, I’m crawling home to bed, Nyquil and Vaporub.

Let’s start out with our glorious capi who received an AS Sports Award this week.


Casillas: “It has been a very good year, and the important thing is to keep improving”

“The good things that happen to Cristiano are also good things for Real Madrid”, said the Real Madrid captain who received the 2012 AS Sport Prize
Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (2)Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012
Iker Casillas attended the AS Sports Prizes where he was recognised as one of the best athletes of 2012. The Madrid captain, who won a record breaking league, his fourth Supercup and the Prince of Asturias Prize, took over from his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo who won it last season. “This prize shows that you have done things well. It has been a very good year, and the important thing is to keep improving”, explained the player, who also had some words for the previous year’s winner: “The good things that happen to Cristiano are also good things for Real Madrid”. Florentino Pérez, the President of Real Madrid, was also present at the ceremony, which took place in Madrid’s Hotel Westing Palace.

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (1)Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (6)The Madrid goalkeeper, who collected the trophy from Veronica Boquete, one of Spain’s best female footballers, took the chance to analyse his team’s current position: “Anything that makes the leaders lose points is very welcome”. As for the prize in recognition of his great season, Casillas explained that, “it has been a very good year, both with my club and with the Spain team”, and added that “it is very special to enjoy these moments, to be happy and to be able to look back on them in the rest of your life”.

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (5)Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (10)Iker Casillas also had time to talk about his good relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and the common aim that unites them: “Whether I celebrate goals or not has nothing to do with Cristiano. There are times when letting in a goal hurts you as a goalkeeper and I am very strict with myself. At other times I have celebrated them. The good things that happen to Cristiano are also good things for Real Madrid”.

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (8)Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (9)The prize, which is awarded by the paper’s readers, recognizes the great season by a player who is considered the world’s best goalkeeper. He won a historic record-breaking league title with Real Madrid and added the Spanish Supercup. He also won one of the most important national awards: the Prince of Asturias Prize. Casillas, who thanked internet users for voting for him, said that this prize means that “you have done things well. I hope this marks an important point in my career. The important thing is to keep on improving. I want to congratulate all the prize winners as well as the finalists”. Finally, he alluded to the Ballon d’Or finalists: “The players who should be there are there, and that is the important thing”.

Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (7)Premios_As_del_Deporte_2012 (4)As well as the Real Madrid goalkeeper, who received the most votes on 23.2%, the AS Sport Prize was also awarded in its sixth year to Atlético de Madrid’s Colombian player Radmael Falcao, and the top three riders in the Vuelta a España (Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde and Joaquim Rodríguez). Other prize winners included Laura Gil, Mireia Belmonte, Teresa Perales, the Spanish Olympic Committee and Vicente del Bosque.

Iker also got some more of his buddies to help promote Partido x la ilusion which will be presented tomorrow at the Bernabeu including hot Spanish bicyclist Alberto Contador.

578027_517020578328172_1967055620_n18899_516745975022299_1316090246_n182341_517550421608521_1330404806_nIker also set Shiggers’ heart pitter pattering with his comments to La Sexta that he might not mind playing for an MLS team before retiring. She shrieked “RED BULLS?!?!?!” at a pitch that only dogs could hear (as did ginboonmiller). That would be fan-frigging-tastic but I want him to stay at Real Madrid. But hey, if he decides he wants to come to New York, who am I to dissuade him? (Call me, Iker!)

Our vice capi deserves a little attention as well. He recorded this Christmas greeting on behalf of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience.

GF Sports & MGEF had some pictures from his new book. How adorbs is wee Sergio?

tumblr_mevqdsDvfF1qftb6ko1_500tumblr_mevqdsDvfF1qftb6ko2_500tumblr_mevqdsDvfF1qftb6ko3_500tumblr_mevpxdJ2Lk1qftb6ko1_500tumblr_mevpxdJ2Lk1qftb6ko2_500Pipita is working on his recovery by playing basketball. Okay, whatever works. I’m so not picky at this point. Arbeloa was being a total creeper videotaping him.

I love the death glare that Pipa shoots him after Arbeloa says “AWWWWWW!” when he misses a basket. Looks like he had some choice words for Alvaro as well.

Speaking of injuries, poor Benz! Hopefully, that was only a light sprain in the match yesterday and he’ll be back on the pitch in no time. Buspirona had some cute pictures.

tumblr_meybp4258K1qdx7ewo2_500tumblr_meybp4258K1qdx7ewo1_500But cheer up, Benz certainly hasn’t stopped posting selfies and other “forever alone” shots.

12129_383211945103591_656005284_nA-Bze2_CQAI3OwqDorky, but adorable, right? That said, I’m kinda missing the days of the duckface shots – like this:

381588_378272132264239_1213823882_nClassic Karim selfie. He’s like a 15 year old girl sometimes and god help me, I love it.

Iker took to the media to discuss, among other things, Karim’s underpants. I kid you not.

Oh Iker

Good to know. We’ll keep watch. Thanks for the heads up, Iker! As if we need any more reasons to look at Benz’s arse?!

Let’s see, hmmmm, what else? Well, Sami now has an Instagram account! He posted this lovely shot from the team’s hotel in Vigo.

48dcead2444f11e2a77f22000a9e29a0_7Cristiano is shilling for something called My Star Autograph so here’s a video of him being charmin in the process.

I stumbled across a couple of cute/funny commercials. Here’s one for Turkish Airlines with Leo Messi & Kobe Bryant.

And then there’s this bit of hilarity poking fun at the Manchester teams. I love how there’s a translation video afterward.

And finally, watishista Em passed along this terrifying Panini sticker of a young Cesc Fabregas. I said he looked like a back in the day Pete Wentz. ::shudder::

A9vRiQ_CMAAD5avHoney, what were you thinking? Especially with landing strip or whatever on your chin? Ugh. ::shakes head::

Anyhow, time for me to go off and get some rest. I will have an upcoming Marcelo & Enzo spam but that probably won’t make it up until tomorrow. I need to get back to work on Epic Bromance Month!

– Lozil

6 Responses to “A Bumper Crop of Bits & Bobs”

  1. Katie Ann December 13, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    Omg, that Manchester commercial is hilarious, and the one with Messi and Kobe seems to be everywhere (and is almost cute enough to make Messi tolerable to me).

    Also, if Iker comes to an MLS team someday, I maintain that it should be my beloved Revs. New England pride and Madridismo? Heck yes.

  2. CinematiqueChic December 13, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Karim’s underwear is glamorous, is it? Oh Iker. What was life before he got himself onto the internet? I’ll be sad whenever the day comes (hopefully far in the future) that he leaves Madrid, but if he came to the MLS it might soften the blow.

    That photo of bb Sergio is killing me. His little face is soooooo precious!

  3. black widow December 13, 2012 at 9:26 pm #

    bebe sergio and the bowl cut … OMG. omg, i can’t. he’s just so … sergio. even then. i love it! speaking of hair … what is that … thing … on cesc’s face? (and chin, for that matter?) it looks like he forgot a patch when shaving. good grief.

    iker, TORONTO FC needs you. don’t go thinking “MLS” means just america, okay? i–er, *we*–need you north of the border. but really, joking aside, i can’t even deal with the idea of him not playing for madrid. it does not compute in my brain, and if and when the day ever comes, i know i’ll be totally gutted and heartbroken. it doesn’t even bear thinking about!

    as for iker’s unintentional hilarity about benz’s knickers … bwahaha! now i’m going to become obsessed with trying to spot them through his kit. 😉

    that mancs advert was hilarious! (i’d love to see a scouse one for LFC and everton!)

    i love that VdB was honoured along with iker! i love that man. 🙂 🙂

    feel better, lozil! x

  4. MissLadya December 14, 2012 at 4:24 am #


    Bit random question, to Barcelona/Messi supporters on here, but does/can Messi speak English? In the few interviews I have seen he always speaks Spanish even when the interviewer’s asking the questions in English. Damn it! He’s as bad as Mesut: all I want is to hear just ONE complete English sentence out of them and they keep denying me! That’s it, Messi, I ain’t a Barca fan, but am gonna be hunting down every last interview you’ve ever done because you have to have muttered some English at some point AND I WILL HEAR IT!! (Mesut, you have foiled me in my attempts so far, but I have not given up hope yet. And “Okay, sank you” does not qualify in my books.)

  5. Anna December 14, 2012 at 4:30 am #

    has anybody seen this?!

    i don’t usually read goal, but there’s an actual reference (from iker) about ozil and sese’s bromance

    get well soon benz (and you lozil)

  6. Mary December 14, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    1.) iker’s hair. is this a middle part situation? what? stop. if he decided to come to the MLS, i wouldn’t mind, but i think he still has a lot of good years at RM. what’s an RM season without wild speculation though?

    2.) baby sergio. this has made my brain shut down. i’ll have to get back to you after i’ve picked up the pieces of my brain scattered on the floor.

    3.) benz’s colorful undies? consider this a new thing i look for. glad it was just a mild sprain!

    4.) the ESPN ad killed me with the beckeh thing. love it.

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