The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Arbetti

16 Dec

t68This pairing caused quite a scandal. We’ve always wondered if their newfound bromance last spring is what kicked off the whole Double A breakup and subsequent bromance freakout which saw Albiol & Arbeloa both paired with Pipa. Oh what a wicked web they weave. It’s canterano love.

I think their love was fueled by their time hanging out with their bud Pablo Ibáñez (also known as El Hombre de Negr0).

431590_345097428855000_142562159108529_1094329_917245468_n574081fa31a411e2a94522000a1fbc56_7tumblr_mdjvo9Ihlf1rvmrouo1_500430tumblr_medl6sRptW1rt0n6no1_500n_real_madrid_jose_callejon-4877865tumblr_me9u1r9JI51r37p81o1_500Arbetti PipaAs you can see, they’re not exactly averse to hanging out with other bromantic partners (Pipa, Albiol, Sergio). Arbetti: just keeping it all in the family.

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