Bits & Bobs: Holiday Fun Time, Happy Anniversary, Hanging Out In London

28 Dec

92139564503611e28e5d22000a1f979a_7So many little holiday bits and bobs to share (with undoubtedly more to come). Here’s The Cutest One opening one of his Christmas prezzies. There can never be enough Enzo, can there?

Clarice posted a bunch of pictures from their get togethers over the past week or so. She’s as adorable as her husband and child, isn’t she?

e9a44b78503311e2a1c622000a1fbcae_776acf2f8503511e281d822000a1f9682_7303b9cca503511e2a4d822000a1f924b_7It’s also a special time for the World’s Cutest Couple as they celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday! Clarice posted some pictures from their 2008 wedding. She looks so beautiful and Marcelo looks so dashing!

e4f61b4043dd11e2ba6922000a1fb733_799180e5a503911e2b1c522000a9f18eb_7a845b01a503b11e28a5622000a1fbe35_788c0af2a503a11e2918122000a9f0a12_7I just love these two! Another couple that I dig are Stu Holden and his girlfriend Karalyn West. They did Christmas up big – baking cookies, feetie pajamas, posing with their puppy Toby – but they also did it charitably by holding a clothing and food drive for Gifts of Hope (along with Stu’s brother Euan).

ac43096a46ae11e2af7e22000a1f8ae5_7991018a849fe11e2afd722000a1f98d6_7108d28284b0611e2af8422000a9e28e9_7477646d4453a11e2bd8822000a9d0df8_71819ce0846f011e280ba22000a9f1893_790d221cc4ea411e2b53822000a1f96e6_793c8a84c4ecc11e2b3e122000a1f9a4f_7Woof! Stu can carve my turkey any old time! As Karalyn said “Needless to say, it got a little hot in the kitchen this Christmas…” Hahaha! That girl is a straight up watishista. Thanks for letting us ogle your man, Karalyn – we agree – he’s HOT.

Let’s see what’s up with some of our other favorites, shall we? Sese has been keeping it low key thus far, but this picture turned up on Twitter, courtesy of @liebre9

tumblr_mfqwec5sf61qftb6ko1_500Albiol is hanging out with his buds & bros and tweeted a little picture of the get together.

A_J7k1YCAAEd-CJMarta tweeted a piccy of a gathering of friends that she and Calleti went to.

A_KBZrzCIAAE8i6She also tweeted a shot of this ring that she was excited to get from Papa Noel. I love you girl, but that thing is hideous. Not to my taste at all, but hey, as long as she’s happy.

859f3bb0503d11e2a23c22000a1f9d66_7I guess it’s kinda young and funky. I think I just loathe the color yellow so much (it makes me look like ass warmed over) that I just can’t get past it. Oh well.

Arbeloa rather oddly posted a compilation of  sexy magazine covers of his teammates. Ooookay.

202a521a4f9d11e2881c22000a1f9871_7I won’t forgive him for cutting off the Mesut and Xabi ones!! I’m guessing he found this somewhere and didn’t go compiling it himself, because that would be even weirder. I’m guessing that Arbelola must be scanning Tumblr along with Mesut & Sergio.

Luckily, Carlota was in the mood to take some pictures. She posted a gorgeous shot of her “love” and then some sweet shots of Alba with her daddy.

72b343fc4c5f11e280ff22000a9e2923_73ed89bdc41ff11e2a55d22000a1fbcd5_7f204ea98420011e2890a22000a1fbc9a_7Meanwhile, Mou is in Dubai speaking at 7th Annual Dubai International Sports Conference. Here’s a few shots of him arriving with Jose Jr.

A_HujgqCcAEEkbo8dzskbMy beloved French Muppet Baby Meow (aka Remy Cabella) has done something deeply unfortunate to his hair. I’ll forgive him (this time only) because he’s doing well in Ligue 1.


Juan Mata posted these artsy shots of London at Christmas. I’m imagining him and El Pirata going on photo safaris all over town just like I did when I lived there.

e9ae8ee84c5111e2aaec22000a1faf7c_70a056d0e4ba011e29ca422000a1fb149_7Iker, Sara and friends continue their visit to London, photographing all the way. They’ve been shopping in Camden, visiting the London Eye and taking in (apparently) Thriller – which Iker gave a thumbs up.

483378_524746197555610_1892100948_n (1)a110fc0c50fc11e280cd22000a9f18de_7f41310e0510911e29b9b22000a1f96c5_70f817b80510c11e29a6422000a9e06c4_7a2cfd7ec508a11e28b3522000a1f9867_7556328_525034910860072_853771490_nRemember, today is Dia de los Santos Inocentes (aka Spanish April Fool’s Day) so take all weird rumors with a grain of salt. This is what Iker pulled last year. This, however, is not a joke: Sweden adds new word to dictionary in honor of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

I can’t remember if I posted the French rap song about Zlatan here, but if I didn’t holy crap, I was remiss.

This makes about as much sense as the Karim Benzema Christmas song and is a blatant rip of Gangnam style but it’s rather epic – especially the Optimus Prime part.  I’m sure Zlatan LOVES it. (BTW, did you notice all the Real Madrid jerseys in the video?)

It’s kinda hard to top that so I’ll be off for now! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday.

– Lozil

5 Responses to “Bits & Bobs: Holiday Fun Time, Happy Anniversary, Hanging Out In London”

  1. Mary December 28, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    my first question is – who is the dish front and center of that pic from chori? my goodness…

    • number1barcachick December 28, 2012 at 5:43 pm #

      ikr who is he and secondly for a certain hothead as if his ego wasn’t big enough already

  2. CinematiqueChic December 28, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    This post is overwhelming me with amazingness. Lets get down to business:
    The triumvirate of perfection strikes again – Marcelo, Clarice and Enzo – killing it as always!

    I squeed at how cute Stu is sleeping with that puppy, but even louder at his and his gf’s EPIC pajamas (my friends and I have a thing for winter leggings/adult onesies).

    Sergio in that vest looks like he is going to go out and chop wood and I LOVE it. Many cozy cabin/fireplace fantasies are happening in my head right now.

    Wherever Calleti and Marta are in that photo looks like a hipster paradise. They should team up with Pirata and Juan.

  3. Katie Ann December 28, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Oh, Stu Holden! He’s hilarious and awesome, so yay for his inclusion here.

    I’ve definitely seen that set of magazine cover shots on tumblr a million times, so, yep, another player has been looking around… I can’t decide if that delights me or terrifies me, haha.

    I am loving the London photos. Makes me wish I was there, too!

  4. Agni Yu December 29, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    They all looked adorable, (especially Stu and Marcelo family)
    And LOL-ed at Arbeloa. He definitely took that pic from tumblr!!
    I wonder instead of we’re stalking him, he’s the one who’s creeping us out. Ha-ha.
    Thanks for this awesome post!!

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