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3 Jan

Entrenamiento (13)Busy times at work and Chez Lozil these days. The universe doesn’t seem to realize my true calling as a chronicler of footy pulchritude for the perving masses is being affected as a result. Sigh.

Our boys were back to training (and I hope it wasn’t as freaking cold in Madrid as it was in NYC today. Brrrrr!) with Real Madrid C’s Llorente, Joel and Álvaro joining them.

There’s scuttlebutt in the media that Fabio Coentrao either missed or was late to training the other day and that he will be facing disciplinary action. Ruh roh!

Sergio was the latest player to grace a post-training presser this week. Of course, there are plenty of good pictures (courtesy of Real Madrid, AS and Alinnyderis).


Ramos: “Real Madrid are obliged to fight for every title at stake”

We have to keep fighting, believing and winning and when better to do that than on Sunday against Real Sociedad”, said the Whites’ defender in the press room

a5After completing another training session before the match against Real Sociedad, Sergio Ramos appeared for the media. The Real Madrid vice captain wished everyone a happy new year and spoke about the team’s objectives as 2013 begins: “If you ask anyone connected with Real Madrid, they all want to win and fight for every title until the end. Winning the league will be difficult but not impossible. We have to keep fighting in every match and for every title. We have to win and what better way to start than by doing so against Real Sociedad. The Champions League is a great competition which stirs special emotions, we haven’t won it for years and obviously we’re going to fight to go all the way”.

a1Sergio Ramos spoke about the differences between this year and last year in the press room at Real Madrid’s Football City: “Not much has changed, perhaps the situation that we are in at the moment has, but the team remains the same, with the same players. Football is about phases and moments and when things do not go as they should, that is when we need to be more united. There is no better way to start the year than by winning and trying to return to the normality and effectiveness of last year”.


When asked if the team has a problem with anxiety, the Andalusian defender was clear: “It is not an anxiety problem, I think in football there are bad runs and things have not gone well in recent matches. We haven’t been as clinical in front of goal as we were last year and the stats show that. But the holidays are good time to reflect and unwind and to remotivate ourselves, myself first of all. All of us as players can give more. I think we’re on the right track. The attitude has always been good and we have kept the belief and enthusiasm that led us to success”.

a2Ramos was also asked about Casillas and him being a substitute in Malaga: “Real Madrid teaches you something every day. I am the first to feel lucky to have arrived here so young and to be in the best team in the world. I’ve had the good fortune to grow as a person and as a footballer. As Iker said there are coaching decisions that we cannot change. Also we are not robots or machines, we have good and bad moments. When all is said and done it is a coaching decision and there is nothing more to say”

Regarding the squad’s level of motivation, he said: “Motivation levels aren’t any lower. When the results don’t come, that is the time to keep cool heads and to be more united than ever and that is what can lead us to success. We cannot feel sorry for ourselves and in football you shouldn’t live in the past. We must always maintain our drive and I get up every day feeling tremendously motivated and with a hunger to keep learning, in the same way as when I came here when I was a boy”. When asked about Cruyff’s words regarding distance in the table, he said: “I respect his opinion. We draw our own conclusions find our own problems and they stay in the dressing room”.

ASThe vice captain spoke about dealing with the absences in defence: “We are going to go out and play the same as we always do. Sometimes you have good streaks and sometimes you have bad ones. The same happens to other teams and it is not spoken about much. That speaks about the potential of this team. You have to be professional enough to stay out of it and focus on reality and keep working hard and winning matches”. He also praised Varane: “I identify with him because of his age when he arrived with team. As a player he has great attributes and he could be a great player and learn a lot in this team. He is safe centre back and could be here for many years to come”.

Ramos (8)Regarding Pepe’s injury, he said: “Of course it will affect the team, he is a great player and has always been very consistent. He is a key part of the side and always maintains a very good level of play. Hopefully he will be back soon because he is a very important player in the dressing room and on the field”. Ramos was asked about the relationship between Casillas and Mourinho: “Iker is best placed to answer the question. I have a great relationship with Iker, we have shared many moments. There is nothing strange going on, the coach is in charge and what he says goes”.

About whether he had a tough Christmas, he said: “It wasn’t the most difficult period but it was different, because I had the things that happened at the end of last year in my mind. I tried to disconnect and be with my family because we have a very long and hard schedule ahead of us. But it is a privilege and I’m delighted to be here”. When asked about Manchester United and the Japanese player Kagawa he said: “He’s a great player. The Champions League is a competition that excites everyone but there is a long time to go until February. Everything is focused on the league”.

a4Finally, he spoke about his passion for tattoos that he reveals in his biography: “I am very happy to have done this biography, the day of the launch was a unique experience. The tattoos represent things in my life that have made me who I am and particularly my family who have supported me and have always been there”.

Iker & Cristiano have been doing some charity work. Cris with Save the Children and Iker visiting a pediatric hospital in Mostoles. (Iker pix via oneikercasillas)

6fa7df4e55bd11e2aa3022000a9e2931_7tumblr_mg2f9bWPcj1qf4zxao1_1280tumblr_mg2f9bWPcj1qf4zxao2_500tumblr_mg2f9bWPcj1qf4zxao4_1280tumblr_mg2f9bWPcj1qf4zxao3_1280tumblr_mg2f9bWPcj1qf4zxao5_1280Two shots of El Pirata today! The first is him hoisting a trophy in Lisboa during the 97-98 season. The second is with fans. Looking very dashing in your suit, Mr. Granero.

72c64dcc55c311e286b422000a9d0dd8_7A_swGQMCEAE6msRAnd it is a glorious day for three reasons. One, Karim has returned to posting duckfaced selfies.

KarimTwo, our favorite love triangle, Booty CAAll, is back in action or as watishista Em said to me on Twitter: “Squeeeeeee!!!! its a threeway!” Indeed and about time!A_r3ka4CAAITU7aThree, Dani Alves wore this to training and gave me one of the best laughs of the day! (Via AS English)

A_tZ-6RCIAAGlZYSay what you want about Guti or Sergio’s fashion sense, I don’t think either of them would walk out of the house in this. To lounge around on their circular white fur disco couches, possibly, but definitely not outside.

Hats are off to Kevin-Prince Boateng who walked off the pitch during AC Milan’s friendly with Pro Patria after repeated racial abuse. He was joined by his teammates and many of his opponents.  Many of the spectators applauded his decision. If The Powers That Be won’t do anything about the toxic climate, then I guess the players may have to take it into their own hands. Perhaps if matches are continually suspended and it affects the financial bottom line they’ll finally do something about this arseholes. It’s ridiculous. If you’d like to send KPB a supportive tweet, you can do it here: @KPBofficial

– Lozil

13 Responses to “Training, Sese Presser, Bits & Bobs”

  1. black widow January 3, 2013 at 5:50 pm #

    i’m sorry, did alves lose a bet or something? that is by far, the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen any footballer in, pretty much ever (and that includes guti, balotelli, etc.). wow.

    i see what you’re doing there, pipa, you minx. trying to have it both ways, are you? or just trying to play therapist to get our favourite bromance back on track?

    that is one epic duckface from benz!

    so: pepe, marcelo, albiol and who am i missing still out sick? and higgy and varane have returned? jesus, are we EVER going to have all of them healthy all at the same time this season?!

    • Katie Ann January 3, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

      Totally my first thought, too, was that he had to have lost a bet. Because, ow, that outfit hurts my eyes…

  2. Nooria January 3, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Dani Alves pretty much committed social suicide with that outfit 😀 ahahahahahaahh

    And I 1,000,000% support Kevin-Prince Boateng on the stance he took today! Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to curb the racism that so plagues the game today 😦

  3. Mehreh January 3, 2013 at 6:12 pm #

    i want to know what was going through karim’s head when he posted that. “ah, what an awesome workout, i should post a selfie to facebook and celebrate.”

    ohhhh, bootycaall. it’s so good to see them that i don’t even mind what arbie is wearing.

    now my mental picture is guti and sergio lounging on the same white fur disco couch, watching showgirls and painting each other’s nails. thanks, lozil!

    • headbandsandheartbreak January 3, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

      OMG!!!! Showgirls! YES!!!!!!! I want to go to there. Make room for me on the couch, boys!

  4. drea January 3, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    Hahahahahahahhahaha at Alves’ outfit. Can’t wait for the memes. 😀

  5. Lizzie January 3, 2013 at 6:51 pm #

    WTF was Dani thinking when he decided to wear that catastrophe, and I wonder how much he spent on it, excluding the kicks id he spent more than $5 on our he deserves to look like an idiot

  6. mygypsyspirit January 3, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    Okay… Alves… I feel like it’s a combo of MC Hammer and Homey the Clown *dies laughing*

    Jesus I love Arbeloa’s sex scruff. I already think he’s a sexy mofo, and then he decides to rock the 5:00 and I don’t care shadow. *melting gypsy*

    SO SO proud of Boateng for walking off, as well as the rest of Milan and the Pra Patria players that walked off. But a friend raised a good point, there’s a difference between doing it in a friendly and doing it in a match that’s worth points. I wonder where it goes from here.

    Was it easier for him to hear the chants because the stadium was so small? What would happen if the chants occur in a place like Barcelona or Munich or St Petersburg during the CL? Do you really think UEFA wouldn’t sanction him or the team? I would hope not. And I hope that progress can be made after this, but I do think that it will require some bigger cajones to walk off during a CL or league match. I think the repercussions will be different.

  7. number1barcachick January 3, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    maybe dani was getting a head start on going back home to bed cause that’s the only logical solution i can think off
    and i commend the action taken by ac milan today this situation is getting out of hand my gosh man.
    and yes the booty caaalll bromance so handsome
    finally sergio sergio sergio why you so pretty,( he is the only person who makes me smile everytime i see a pic of him)

  8. Natalie January 3, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    Mr Alves, MC Hammer called, he does not want his pants back!!!

  9. em January 5, 2013 at 4:00 pm #

    my catalan exchange student had a couple of pairs of jeans that were dropped down in the crotch area, like Dani’s pants are. I don’t know what the kids call them, but I call them crap. catalunya can keep that fad all to themselves.

    • headbandsandheartbreak January 5, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

      I call ’em Hammer Pants because MC Hammer wore them a bazillion years ago. Heinous.

      • Mehreh January 5, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

        I’ve seen them as yoga pants at lulu lemon. Count me out on that trend.

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