Cristiano Already A Legend – Has Goals & Smoking Girlfriend To Prove It

12 Feb

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (11)Thanks for all your kind wishes. I’m doing okay today. My jaw could easily be a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and my corner shop ran out of Cozy Shack pudding thereby proving that the universe hates me but all things considered. It could be much worse. I am way behind in posting due to liberal application of ice packs & attempting to work from home. So I’d best get to the first in a series of posts…

The mothership did a nice tribute to Crispy as he joins the pantheon of Real Madrid scoring legends. Not only is he already in the top 10 all time scores for Real Madrid, his stats are absolutely astounding. He has the best stats in the clubs history. With 182 goals in 179 games, his per game average is 1.02 – the only one who has come close is Puskas with 242 in 261 matches for an average of 0.93

Joining him in a typically excruciating Real Madrid photo shoot were the men whose records he has bested: Amancio, Butragueño, Pirri and Gento.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (1)I gotta saying, seeing how tiny Butragueño is next to Cris is a shocker. It goes against his intensity on the pitch when he was a player and his Bond villain looks. I checked it out and he’s 5’6″  – wow! As I’m 6′ tall, I’m finding him a whole lot less intimidating right now. I still think he could scare the bejesus out of me if he put his mind to it though. I just always expect him to bust out some Parseltongue, you know?  Anyways, on to the article!


Cristiano Ronaldo is already a Real legend
by Alberto Navarro

Gento, Pirri, Butragueño and Amancio welcome the Portuguese player to the historical list of the 10 top-scoring players in the club’s history

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (5)Real has a new name to add to its historic list of top-scorers. Gento, Pirri, Butragueño and Amancio welcome their best student: Cristiano Ronaldo. Which they have, at a place that’s full of mystique: the Real Madrid dressing room. The Portuguese player is the latest member of the club to become a legend is his own time, making the list of the top ten players who have scored the most goals for the Whites. He’s reached this record like only a forward can, with ambition and the predatory instinct to break all possible records. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the best numbers on the over 110-year old ranking; the bar is set so high that almost half a century has passed before a player with this kind of talent has been seen on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabéu. Only Puskas, who scored 242 goals in 261 matches (an average of 0.93 goals per game), has come even close to the Portuguese international’s numbers.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (19)Amancio has witnessed how Pirri, Santillana, Butragueño, Hugo Sánchez, Raúl and now Cristiano Ronaldo have progressively beaten his record. Today the player closes the historic list of top-scorers and is proud to still be in the top ten: “Remembering it and seeing your name together with those nine players is always good, but seeing the current trajectory of the players you realize that with the goals you’ve scored you’re on the list for just a little while”. Amancio refers mainly to Cristiano Ronaldo, who he has no doubt will continue to rise through the ranks to reach the top spot: “The goals that he’s scored so far, and that we hope he keeps scoring, in just the short time that he’s been a part of this club, is clear evidence that he’s a wonderful player with incredible power. At the rate he’s going he’ll beat all the records and could even surpass Alfredo Di Stéfano”, he said.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (18)Butragueño: “We’re extremely proud that Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Real. He’s an amazing player and I hope he stays that way for years because he’s very important to us”, Butragueño nods. From his privileged ninth-place top-scorer position the player that gave the name to Real’s most successful La Quinta praised the Whites’ striker: “Cristiano Ronaldo is amazing. We’re extremely proud that he plays for Real. His ambition is perhaps one of his greatest virtues. He wants to get better and he takes each game as if it’s a personal challenge. Having a player that guarantees a goal per game is a problem for rivals because it means that they have to score two to win. Very few teams throughout history can claim the same. I hope he stays that way for years because he’s very important to us”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (21)Pirri comes in eighth on the list and is the only player who won his spot from a position not traditionally related to scoring. Only one defender has made the list: skill, sacrifice and dedication to the club make that player Pirri. “I was never a forward. I started as a defensive midfielder and later I played defense. Sharing a part of Real’s history along with these great players and to be one of the club’s ten top-scorers is an honor and a joy”. Pirri knows that if we analyze the list of qualities needed in a forward Cristiano Ronaldo passes all tests with flying colors: “He’s a fantastic player. Not only is he a born striker with both feet but for me he’s also the most complete player in the world. He’s powerful, fast, vertical, he jumps high for headers, he’s got a great strike and an enormous ability on the sides, he works hard, defends…”. With all these characteristics it was inevitable that sooner or later Cristiano Ronaldo would make it on this list; the surprising part is how quickly it happened.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (20)Gento: “Watching Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch is a delight. He’s a unique player that will mark a period with all of the goals he’s scoring. I would have loved to have played with him”. Gento rounds out the list of players that gave Cristiano Ronaldo his welcome onto the top-scorers list. “Quite an honor coming from the only player to have won six European Cups”, remarked the Portuguese player. Gento’s passage through Real Madrid left an indelible mark on the club, so much so that he was part of the unforgettable offense with Di Stéfano, Puskas, Kopa and Rial and has won more than 20 titles with the club: “Having spent 18 years at Real Madrid and having won 23 titles is very important to me. It’s always nice to be able to tell my children and grandchildren that I’m a part of the club’s goals-scoring legend”. There are many similarities between Gento and Cristiano Ronaldo: both play vertically, they’re quick, they have great skills on the sides and an innate eye for the goal: “Watching Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch is a delight. He’s a unique player that will mark a period with all of the goals he’s scoring. I would have loved to have played with him”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (17)Cristiano Ronaldo knows that this is a unique, inimitable experience. The Portuguese player has never hidden the passion he’s had for Real since he was a child and he now finds himself on the same list as four historical Real Madrid idols. The smile that never left his face gave him away: “It’s an honor to be one of these legendary scorers and to be one of the top-scorers. To make this list in the short time I’ve been with the club, to see my name associated with these players is a reason to be proud, motivated and happy”. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t miss any details, checking out the lockers of his “new teammates” and even joked with Gento when he took a look at the ball he used to play in his “La Galerna del Cantábrico” matches. “I scored 300 goals with this ball”, he said. Gento gave a good comeback: “But when it was wet it weighed 100 kilos”!
Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (22)Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (23)
chartCristiano Ronaldo’s final statement reflected how happy he is with the club, giving clear proof of that ambition that drives him to improve game after game with statistics that, after only three and a half seasons with Real, are already legendary: “I’ve always said that records are made to be broken, not just by myself but by the next generation of players. I’m happy to have beaten these records and I’m happy to have reached these numbers. What I want more than anything is to keep on going and try for first place”. He’s well on his way.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (6)BEST GOAL-SCORING MEMORY

Amancio: “There are important goals that mean a lot when it comes to winning titles. The goal I made in San Siro against Inter in the European Cup semifinal in 65/66 and the goal I made in the final against Partizán are unforgettable memories”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (14)Butragueño: “The day I scored against Cádiz is unforgettable for my entire family. I can remember that day clearly, that first goal. I don’t know if my life began to change at that moment, but it did have an effect”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (15)Pirri: “I remember that I scored against Borussia’s Mönchengladbach in Germany and that I scored in San Sebastian with one minute on the clock, which served to equalize the score and give us La Liga. It was a similar goal to the one I made in Germany, with my left and in the corner”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (13)Gento: “I’ll always remember the goal I scored against Milan in the Heysel stadium in the third European Cup overtime. I’ll always remember that goal”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (12)Cristiano Ronaldo: “The most special goal that I’ve scored is always my last goal. Those of us that like scoring goals always pick the last one because it’s the most important one for us”.

Reportaje_Cristiano_Ronaldo (16)Love how Gento trolled Crispy. Snarky wee man! Anyhow, here’s more of the ‘art’ of the RM photogs. Gotta say, I enjoyed this one where they look like some sort of aging boy band. Cristiano & The Goal Kings?


The pitch isn’t the only place where Cristiano is a supreme scorer. His missus, Irina Shayk, is featured in a jaw dropping photo shoot in Spain for Sports Illustrated. In addition to the shots below, check out the full shoot and additional videos.

Holy mother of whoa!

Holy mother of whoa!

Click on the first picture to see it full size and scroll through the rest. She is just, wowsa! Also, did Sergio Ramos style this shoot? Bullfighting, riding crops & boots, etc. ”  Very Ramos!

Cristiano is a lucky man and Irina is certainly a lucky woman – they are an amazingly beautiful couple. And more importantly, they certainly seem like a happy one.

– Lozil

8 Responses to “Cristiano Already A Legend – Has Goals & Smoking Girlfriend To Prove It”

  1. Natalie February 12, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    WoW she is hot! ok time to go on a diet

    • headbandsandheartbreak February 12, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

      Don’t do that! It’s her job to look like that and for which she’s extremely well compensated. She probably doesn’t get to do tons of stuff because of her job. If I’m not getting that kind of money, I’m not going on a starvation diet to get there. Add to the fact that even if I lost a ton, I *still* wouldn’t look like her, I’m not wasting a minute of enjoying my life. Screw the diets! 🙂

      • Natalie February 12, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

        Aw, thanks girls!!! I love the idea of more chocolate in the world for us instead of rabbit food!!

  2. Dr. Heidi February 12, 2013 at 8:50 pm #

    Amen Sista! Besides, most guys I know prefer women with a little meat on their bones. Yeah, they say models get them hot, but models get fat when they get older too, and have a LOT of health issues from not eating right…..besides, look at it this way, there’s more chocolate in the world for the rest of us…..let the skinny minis eat rabbit food all they want…..I’ve never seen a skinny rabbit come to think of it!

  3. Manie February 12, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    Man, Irina has a smokin bod!

    I love love love the pictures of the great goalscorers of Real Madrid. It’s a bit jarring to see that Cristiano towering.

  4. jellyace February 12, 2013 at 11:43 pm #

    It’s great that Cristiano was honored by the club for his accomplishments, but it would be terrific if they would honor him in front of the fans at the Bernabeu.

    Irina (what a bod!) holding the whip shows she is a Real Wa-tish-ta!

  5. jellyace February 12, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

    This post made me look up the biography of Di Stefano. I didn’t realize that this charming little old man was even greater than Cristiano in his days with RM (1950s to 1960s). Also did not know that he was kidnapped while the team went to Venezuela for a competition. Ever the charmer, he got to watch the match on TV with his kidnappers, and played cards, chess, and dominos with them until he was released unharmed (and without ransom as none was asked) 2 days later and played a match the next day. What a man! And with his cleft chin, he would have been a drool for us!


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