Friday Night Bits & Bobs

15 Feb

3bd65de677bc11e2b8f122000a1f9345_7 (1)Lots of little bits and bobs tonight. Who do you think these two matching woobinses are? Hint: they are siblings and Spanish. Yeah, I know, real helpful! Answer after the jump.

That’s Paula & Juan Mata – cute overload! I love the hilarious striped/polka dotted outfits. Just too adorable for words. Also precious? Enzo!

3ccc0bde762b11e28cc022000a9f308d_7His proud mami posted this shot today saying that her mini artist was inspired by the work of Miro.  Go Enzo!

c08ed164779c11e28a5622000a1fbe35_7Clarice and a very pregnant Jorgelina are in the picture below. The mom to be said in the comments that she was about 5 months along and they’re having a girl! Mazel tov! She’s absolutely glowing.

56b1211c771e11e2b3e122000a1f9a4f_7There were a few Valentine’s Day shots that the players and their ladies shared. First up Alicia and Raul’s lollipops…

5f09d2e6767911e2ae8022000a9e2946_7BDE_Y__CUAATZV5bcefc84676b211e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7kakahvdSince Kaka didn’t address that to Carol, I’m going to assume that he meant it for Shiggers. Bwahahahahaahahaha!  She probably wouldn’t appreciate all these Kaka wallpapers, but you might!

It seems like all our guys were into sharing their bro-bonding with us. Notice the clean shaven Arbeloa. Farewell, Sex Beard! We will miss you!

6300192476be11e28b9422000a1fbe38_7d960151676b311e2b4e822000a9f130c_7BC6TImuCQAA3KHzBDLMUhXCMAA7eiqecfc6678779511e2918122000a9f0a12_7People all over are still talking about Cristiano’s amazing header from Wednesday’s match. There have been articles about the sheer physicality of his move and this cool infographic. It’s also inspired lots of fun memes.

BDFO79ACIAEO9MHBDKtCBGCcAAq36eThose are just two. Marca has an entire gallery of reader submitted pieces. The man himself posted a shot saying that he was filming today.

BDKuX2LCUAAjO54Lukas Podolski decided to do a little sightseeing in London the other day, so he hopped in a black cab and tweeted the results.



Looks like he had a great time, doesn’t it? Mad props to Original Recipe Ronaldo, who has been working his ass off (literally) to get back in shape. His trainer has done a marvelous job. I should hire ’em! Well done, Il Fenomeno!

BDK-o_RCYAAc0ASAnd now, here’s a little bonus Bundes-booty! I love it when ‘ballers feel the need to share their nudity on Twitter. Ta!

Bundes-booty!While we’re in total objectification mode, please enjoy this gif of The Ramos giving his package a good ol’ massage. Is that thud I heard Dr. Heidi? Someone call a doctor! Well, another one. One that’s immune to the charms of Sergio.

Watishistos, I have to ask, what is it about dudes and their junk? Us ladies don’t casually squeeze our bits in public. Well, not as a rule. Not when we’re sober. I’m just curious as to why you all do this? Is it a question of making sure it’s still there or just getting it into a more comfortable position? I’m guessing it’s the latter. (Unless you’re Barca in that video from last year where they all apparently had crotch rot). Another mystery of life.

Thanks to sexy-soccer-2013 for the fondling fiesta and on that note, I need to go to sleep. Another long day and I’m still in recovery mode. More tomorrow to catch up on (including some cool footy art)!

– Lozil

8 Responses to “Friday Night Bits & Bobs”

  1. maisoun February 15, 2013 at 11:51 pm #

    That gif of Sergio…now I see the guitarist in him.

    • jellyace February 16, 2013 at 4:06 am #

      Because the gif is on repeat mode, I’m expecting Sergito to rise to the occasion!

  2. CinematiqueChic February 16, 2013 at 12:14 am #

    Baby Juan!!! You can definitely tell it’s him – same adorable face! And Jorgelina looks absolutely gorgeous. So glad we have Madrid babies on the way!

    Arbeloa would be gorgeous no matter what, but I thought the beard really suited him. I will mis you sex beard.

    Now, off to bed, with that gif of Sergio locked into my brain. Sweet dreams to me!

  3. Steph February 16, 2013 at 12:38 am #

    Oohh, great post to go to bed to!

    I was just telling someone on Twitter that Kaka looks downright crazy in that Valentine’s Day picture. I never could see what Shiggers saw in Kaka, but now I see that maybe she’s on to something….

    Just want to say Cristiano looks amazing in that picture of him at filming. I mean, he’s just chilling and throwing up a double high-five and I’m left speechless. Damn. Also, that huge scar on his left leg from the Celta game makes me all kinds of sadz.

    My contribution to the gif of The Ramos: it looks like he’s aiming the… uh, gesture… AT someone. Make of that what you will. XD

  4. Manie February 16, 2013 at 8:31 am #

    Kaka’s picture brought to mind Dexter…

  5. Phédre February 16, 2013 at 10:12 am #

    The person that put that Sese gift on repeat is a genius. I’m having all sorts of unholy thoughts right now!
    Although I love beards on Sergio and Xabi, I prefer Arbie without. He looks yummy!

  6. Allison February 16, 2013 at 2:05 pm #

    Baby Juanin is a cherub!!!

    This post started out so sweetly and ended up so dirrrrty! Someone think of the children! 😀


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