Stop! Iker Time!

19 Mar

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (22)Ikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! Our beloved capi is back training with the other goalkeepers at full speed. With 17 first team players off for international duty, Iker, Adan, DLo, Jesus, Morata, Carvalho, Essien and Callejón joined Real Madrid C for the first training session of the week.

It’s so wonderful to see him back, isn’t it? Not to say that DLo hasn’t been doing a great job. I hope that they ease Iker back into matches – I want him fully healed and ready for action. Then I want him snuggled into some bubble wrap so he never gets mangled again.

A lot to catch up on this week including winners of the Tishies! But now, off to a meeting.

– Lozil

One Response to “Stop! Iker Time!”

  1. Katie Ann March 19, 2013 at 12:52 pm #

    IKER!!!!! So awesome to see him back. I’m kind of with you on the bubble wrap thing, though, Lozil. No more hurting our capi!

    I’d be in a meeting shortly, too, except we’re having a blizzard so I have the day off instead.

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