Let’s Hear it for One Pointers!

2 Apr

I think this gif, completely, makes up for our weekend performance, don’t you? I can’t stop watching it, I can’t stop laughing! Oh Mou, how I love you so. Hey, Barca drew this weekend, of course we should join the one point party, too. I kid, I kid, that’s total bull, mofos know I like my points to come in threes. Ugh. So, what am I to do when faced with the task of recapping a disappointing match? I put together a bunch of pics & gifs & caption the hell out of them. That’s how I do.



Mou is the man of animated faces, I’m astonished that the photogs ever catch him looking normal. Is that skill or a letdown, you think? I’ll tell you what was a, FOR SURE, letdown, allowing Zaragoza to score first & so fast. Six minutes into the match and we already conceded, thanks to Rodri. Never give the home team something to celebrate about soooooo soon….unless we’re the home team…duh. La, la, la, we were down a goal BUT….it was Serhio Ramo’s birthday! And he’s a foine piece of high maintenance, hung like his nickname, Sevillano, man meat/captain, so we shall not let the score get us down, but let the spirit of Sexio lift us up! (Please excuse any out of the ordinary weirdness in this post, I’ve been working with chemicals.)

“Whose birthday is it??? It is MINE!”



“What do you mean the birthday boy won’t be featured heavily in the game post??”


“You better hush yo mouth.”


“HB&HB got me.”

Yes Sergio, we do got you and we’ve got you Watishistas, so enjoy some birthday thigh.

Jorge Buil Aparicio

We had a chance to equalize in the 13th minute, from a free kick, since we have our very own free kick superhero, but even superheros aren’t always on their game. Fortunately, our slicker than slick, number 7, made up for it later on in the match.

It just isn’t your birthday without….what? A birthday beating! Poor Pony 😦 At least it wasn’t his face though, right?

Real Madrid's Ramos challenges Zaragoza's goalkeeper Jimenez during their Spanish First division soccer league match at La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza

Real Madrid's Ramos challenges Zaragoza's goalkeeper Jimenez during their Spanish First division soccer league match at La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza


Real Zaragoza v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Real Madrid's Ramos reacts after a foul during their Spanish First division soccer league match against Zaragoza at La Romareda stadium in Zaragoza

Finally, in the 38th minute, our equalizer came by way of Pipa & Cristiano. Pipa ran his booty along to provide the assist & Cristiano worked his magic feet to make his way around Zaragoza’s defense! B-E-A-utiful.







Equali-zed & it feels so good.

…..and then there’s Mou’s reaction. Maybe Karanka farted or something.

Our game was craving some changes & they came in the 60th minute.Di Maria, Sami, & Ozil came on for Kaka, Callejon, & Arbeloa.

Someone’s game who did not need changing, was our man DLo. Serioulsy, look how gloriously he saved Postiga’s shot! The man must not love anything more than he does his cup…. Look how unafraid he is to get behind that thing…..I mean that in the cleanest way possible. Go DLo! Go DLo!

Like N’Sync said “Bye, Bye, Bye.”

DLo was only going to let one goal past him that night, he continued to save RM’s ass by saving another shot from Postiga in the 84th minute. Crisis averted, Zaragoza would not get their lead back. It was a hot mess of a match and with the draw, it was one point all around.

“Birthday sex but no birthday win??”

“And here I thought I was enough for you Sese!”

A match like that, you know I have to finish with something extra yum.


You censor Sergio….


…..he will find a way around your black box.



Pics & Gifs via gfsports, megustaelfutbol, leyenda-personal, & johnyramos.


Post Match Comments

From realmadrid.com



José Mourinho appeared in the press room at La Romareda to discuss the draw against Zaragoza, which he stated would have no impact on the clash against Galatasaray in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League: “Our goal in La Liga is to try and win each match. This result is not related to the match on Wednesday.” Likewise, the Real Madrid coach made reference to the lack of luck his team is having in front of goal, such as Marcelo striking the post: “It is true that we are not scoring many goals. That is perhaps one of the differences compared to last season.”

The Portuguese explained that they would fight until the end of La Liga, although he made it clear that it is difficult: “It has not been our aim for some time to win the championship again in this season. We know that it is a question of finishing eleven, ten, nine or eight points behind, not winning. With the draw what we could lose is second place. If Atlético win they go further ahead and that is the most important aspect; that we have drawn today.”

When asked if the draw could affect them in the clash against Galatasaray, the Real Madrid coach was categorical in his response: “It doesn’t affect that match. We all know that our objectives are the Copa del Rey final and the quarter-finals of the Champions League and that in La Liga we secured qualification for next season’s Champions League some time ago, finishing in the top three has been guaranteed for some time. Our aim in La Liga is to try to finish second and win each match. Today’s result has no impact on Wednesday.”

Mourinho also made reference to the goalkeeping debate given Casillas’ recovery. “I can never say that a player is going to be in the starting XI from now until the end of the season. I can’t say it, but what I can say is that, once again, Diego López has played an important role, that once again he has helped the team because he has saved goals. And playing as he has been playing since joining our side, in difficult matches such as that against Manchester or Barcelona, playing as he did, in football we have to be honest with ourselves and our players, and following that line, it is very hard to take him out of goal.” With regard to Casillas he said that he believes he will be selected in the squad soon: “I don’t think he’ll be there on Wednesday. One more week. I think he’ll be in the squad for the match against Levante.”

Finally, he spoke of the lack of goals being scored by Real Madrid due, on many occasions, to bad luck, such as Marcelon striking the post today: “We are not scoring many goals, that is the truth. Perhaps one of the differences compared to last season. In four chances we’d score three, in six, four, etc. We scored goals with great ease and the only player that has kept a similar average is Cristiano, all the others have dropped in terms of the number of goals scored and obviously the team suffers because of that. The goals will come. If they don’t come on Wednesday we hope that they come in the next match, but it is true that we are finding it hard to score goals, which was something that helped us score 100 points last season, the goal record… and this season we’re not doing it.”



Sergio Ramos tied against Zaragoza on the day of his 27th birthday. The Real defender stressed the morale significance of the clash against the Zaragoza side: “The win would have done us well emotionally in terms of the Champions match, but it couldn’t be. When you lose you can’t go home happy. It was a chance to close the gap with the leader and thinking about the Champions isn’t an excuse because we like to take things game by game. We had chances to get ahead on the scoreboard but we lacked efficiency in front of the goal. I would have liked to celebrate my birthday with a win but it’s a personal joy to celebrate birthdays in Real Madrid and I hope I can continue to do so.”

The Real defender spoke about how the squad will face the business end of the season: “We have to take it game by game in La Liga and close the gap with the leader. Perhaps we’ll focus a bit more on the Copa and Champions but without forgetting the Liga, because emotionally victories are always good.”

When asked about the competition for Real’s goalkeeper position, Ramos replied: “Mourinho decides and names the eleven [starting players]. The positive thing is that Casillas is back with the squad and with the goalkeepers that we have we’re covered as far as the goal is concerned. Also, the competition is good for everyone. There’s no preference between Varane and Pepe; when the time comes the coach is the one who chooses.”

To conclude, Ramos set his sights on the upcoming opponent in the Champions League and Yilmaz’s brace in his last league match: “He’s an important player for them, but it’s not just about Yilmaz. It’s a dangerous side on a collective level, not just individually.”



Marcelo played the ninety minutes in the draw against Zaragoza at La Romareda. The Brazilian highlighted his progress in terms of physical condition: “Each match is hard. We always want to win and a draw is never good for us, but we all ran after the ball in pursuit of victory. While it is mathematically possible we will fight for La Liga. I feel good, we must continue to improve and I am available to Mourinho to help the team.”

The winger answered questions regarding the goalkeepers and Mouirnho’s decisions: “It was another good performance by Diego. In my opinion there is no debate, we have four goalkeepers to help the team. The coach is intelligent and everything he tells us to do we do willingly.”

He also spoke about the match against Galatasaray: “Now we are focused on the Champions League. We know that it’s a difficult match and that no team is favourite going into the clash. Of course I am keen to play in the match and my goal is always to train to play and to win.”


Let’s kick some Galatasaray bootay!! HALA MADRID!!


11 Responses to “Let’s Hear it for One Pointers!”

  1. cy (@meridiansour) April 2, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    What I learned from this post: Pepe was bald by choice.

    • Mehreh April 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

      I know! I had no idea! I like his choice of a bit of hair, and I love that coentrao has let that awful bleach grow out. Yay for my Portuguese boys!

  2. Mehreh April 2, 2013 at 11:26 pm #

    Cris biting his nails just endears him to me more. I bite my nails in stressful times, so I get it. Bless him.

    Sese abs made it easier to cope though. Thanks, birthday boy!

  3. CinematiqueChic April 3, 2013 at 12:17 am #

    It’s always disappointing to draw but to draw against Zaragoza & losing the chance to narrow the points gap was really painful. Sigh. Dearest team, why are you so inconsistent this season? Even the abs of the birthday boy only made me feel marginally better about that mess.

    • maisoun April 3, 2013 at 9:02 am #

      I know….with that performance, we surely were more deserving of a *toss your shorts to a fan* kind of apology.

  4. jellyace April 3, 2013 at 10:02 am #

    There are times when Mou has this wild-eyes Jack Nicholson redrum look, but this? In this gif, he’s Mr. Bean!

    Fabulously funny captions!

  5. Mitch April 3, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    It looks like Cris had a fresh brow wax before the game.
    The Mou gif is hysterical!

  6. pmpatrol April 4, 2013 at 12:21 am #

    gahhh! Now I will keep hearing N’Sync songs in DLo’s voice!!!

  7. Phédre April 5, 2013 at 6:45 am #

    The only thing I want to remember is how hot Sese’s abs are and maybe Pipita’s booty too.

  8. JK April 5, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

    loved the gifs of Sergio’s abs. took me 20 seconds before i realized my mouth was open and my tongue was acting on its own…

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