15 May


Remember game recaps? Those things I used to be so on top of? Yeah….so sorry about that. After our exit from the CL, writing time kind of flew out the window, which resulted in a bunch of semi-started game recaps, just sitting & collecting on my computer. I just finished breaking my back over an eight foot painting, so here I am able to bring you MalagEspanyolisticexpialidocious (even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!), two recaps in one! Hopefully y’all don’t mind some old news & a little been there, seen that.

The Malaga match was allllll about the goals, six of them to be exact and Albiol started the whole thing off. I must say, if only there were a way for him to have Arbeloa’s baby, he looks adorable with a baby bump. You know if that were possible, we’d totally have a “You are/are not the father” Maury style situation on our hands, with Pipa & Arbeloa.

Goal #1: Albiol 3′

Goal #2: Cristiano 26′

I can’t get over the little kick Xabi gives the ball. Actually, can that even be considered a kick? It was barely a tap! It’s hilarious though, please tell me I’m not the only one rewatching & rewatching the gifs, cracking up laughing.

Goal #3: Ozil 33′

Now, there is nothing funny about this goal, just pure beauty! Look at Ozi have his way around Malaga’s defense, amaaaze.

Goal #4: Benz 46′

I don’t know which I was happier about with this goal, the fact that Benz scored or the point & tongue action he gave Cris for his assist…..

Goal #5: Modric 63′

Again with this goal, do the goods lie in the shot itself or the in the celebration? Check the last gif….

I’m sorry Luka, Ozi has a small what??

Goal #6: Di Maria 91′

What a nice finish to the match! A rocket from Di Maria! The match began with a bebe shout out & ended with one, though I still can’t believe Dobby is a father.

Moments during the match:

In the 22nd minute, Cristiano had the chance to score his 200th La Liga goal with a penalty, but missed the shot. When does that ever happen?? He can’t score ’em all, but I don’t think his mother was expecting a miss either.

I always complain about Cristiano’s whining & taking forever to get back up when he’s knocked down, but I really wouldn’t have anything to complain about if he did this more often. Keep the game going from the ground!

A scary moment came in the 82nd minute, when Ozi injured his ankle. Seeing a player get stretchered off is always a worrying sight, but thankfully Ozil has recovered & is good to go.

*Sigh* Oh, Xabi. Do I have to choose whether I like sassy game Xabi over post match cool Xabi? No, I didn’t think so, I can lurve ’em both!

Pics & Gifs via fyeahreal & megustaelfutbol.


It’s a good thing the boys were so entertained before the start of the Espanyol match, because during & after weren’t so happy! Who’s to know for sure, what Cris & Sergio were discussing & laughing about, but is it a coincidence that Ozi is once again, in the middle? I think not. It looks like some kind of agreement was made and the pair took a picture to seal the deal….we have our very own Ozi of Troy.

Now, here was the best part of the match. There was a lot more fun to be had on the bench, but this time it was at Coentrao’s expense. The guy just wanted a seat next to Iker is all, which would’ve been cool if he was actually called up for the match! Benz lost it, so it was up to Iker to explain the sitch to poor Fabio, he managed to do so between bursts of laughter. I love the confused look on Fabio’s face throughout the whole thing!

Following all the fun, this went on for a while and then Pipa scored, but the faces kind of remained this way because in the end, well….it was still a draw and they’re no fun!

At least the big bootay brought one point home for us….

Pics & gifs via gfsports, concretar, fyeahreal.



5 Responses to “MalagEspanyolisticexpialidocious”

  1. jellyace May 16, 2013 at 1:04 am #

    I really hope that Real Madrid team that played against Malaga is the team that will show up on Friday for the Copa del Rey final.

    Bow to Mesut’s goal!

  2. CinematiqueChic May 16, 2013 at 8:25 am #

    That Malaga match was crazy. Goals from Albiol and Modric – I love when unlikely things happen in our matches. Espanyol, well, the less said the better.

  3. Dr. Heidi May 16, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    That razzle dazzle by Ozil was a thing of beauty! Love a little showmanship!

  4. Lilly May 16, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    That Málaga match was an absolute thriller. My spirit died a little when Mesut and Varange got injured in those games.

  5. your-the-ozi-to-my-khedira May 16, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    Dude your sense of humor rocks my world ! awesome stuff !

    Carlota just confirmed that she gave birth to Raul , congrats to them 🙂

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