La Roja does Rio de Janeiro

18 Jun


After the Uruguay match, Los Pretty Ones made their way to Rio de Janeiro. Sefutbol, who put together La Roja’s arrival video, are certainly on to something….or just on something. They paired the training gear clad hunks, lugging their suitcases through the airport, with some sexay music. Word to the wise, don’t spoil me, I’ll get used to it.


La Roja held their first training, yesterday, in preparation for their match against Tahiti on Thursday. I guess you can never have too many keepers right? Sergio went ahead and got in the goal to block some shots, he does love being in the net, doesn’t he? I’d prefer to see him tangled up in the net, but that’s just me….and Dr. Heidi 😉


Another training session, another day without Sernando action. Blah. Tormata action, here you go. Fernando was overseeing his new boo’s fitness and was adorably, pleased with the view. Poor little Sexy Care Bear wasn’t feeling it so much, since he was the one doing the hard work!



A couple pressers happened between yesterday and today. VdB spoke yesterday, while Pedro & Mata spoke today.



On playing Iker – “I could give many explanations why I have played him but the reality is that we felt it was the best. We have three great goalkeepers and with anyone else the result would have been the same.”

“We had alternating possession and depth in the game. Cesc really helped us and I think it was a wise game played by Soldado.”

On playing Busquets without his midfield partner Xabi – “At times, we played with a man more conservative, like Xabi, but I think Sergio’s work has been very good since his changes to his dribbling game. We have options.”

On how to motivate a group who has won it all – “Our task is to look forward. Convincing players who are good athletes, that they have to press and go forward.”

On the next rival, Tahiti – “We have three days to think and decide, within our large staff, what is the best.”



On Maracaná – “It’s one of those stadiums you’ve heard of all your life, it’s indeed a privilege to play there, and if it’s a final, even better.”

On Spain’s game – “We come humbly of course, but I am very proud of the team game. We can not control the opinions of another, we have to control how we play football.”

On his future – “Being on the team is so important, it is a pride so great that the only thing I think about and the only thing I’m focused on is the Confederations.”

On history – “I’m proud of all the titles I have achieved, but I still I have hunger to win, that’s what maintains an athlete.”



On the Tahiti match – “It is true that in principle we are favorites, but every game is tough. All we have to do is try to play our game and respect the opponent.”

“They have fast players, we saw against Nigeria, in defense they have some problems, but it will be a tough match..”

On being the top scorer – “If I can achieve it, then very good, but it’s not something that obsesses me, the important thing is that we keep playing well.”

On Maracaná – “Unforgettable moments in history have happened there and I would be happy to play the final there, we like it a lot.”

“In the season with my club I had no luck in front of goal and here yes, there is no logical explanation,  here I have a little more freedom, but no other reason, I am very pleased how I get things done and hopefully continue. ”

MVP Iniesta against Uruguay – “It’s a pleasure to see him do well, I congratulate him on the game, hopefully he continues in this line because for us it is essential.”


Fernando has been getting plenty of attention in recent days, something we’re very pleased with around here. He was interviewed by Al Primer Toque and shared some more thoughts on his Chelsea situation, possibly playing for Mou, and all things El Nino.

“I’ve met many footballers through my career and he’s one of the best there is, if not the best, when it comes to interviews. He’s so transparent, his words so sincere and his demeanor so confident.”Hector Fernandez, Spanish radio host on Fernando Torres.

Translation by en-prosa :

On Mourinho saying he’s been ‘so-so’ and what’s next for him at Chelsea:

“In many ways it’s true. And there have been a lot of factors involved that have made it that way, from the style of playing, the pressure, my own struggles as a player, to how much it was payed for me, what I had accomplished before… the statistics aren’t the way they used to be, and believe me, I was the first person who noticed it and was conscious of it and did everything in my power to change it. I was aware that everyone expected much better of me precisely because I expected much better of myself. Team-wise, it hasn’t been so bad because of the titles we’ve won, but on a personal level I know I’ve got much more to offer. At the end of the day, the only thing that will make you be wherever you want to be is yourself and what you ask of yourself, your work, effort and sacrifice. At the moment, Chelsea hasn’t come up to me and said they don’t want or need my services anymore. Our relationship is very open and straight forward in that sense. I have three years left in my contract and I hope I can see them out. Mourinho will surely have a say regarding the players that will sign for the club next season, and regarding the ones that will leave. He’s said he will speak to us once the tournament is over and I’m looking forward to having that conversation very much, to know what he has in store for me. I’m looking forward to explain to him my outlook on things and my point of view, and I can only hope that he does have something in store for me.”

On Rafa Benitez:

“Fortunately, we had a great end of the season, we all did: Rafa, the players, the supporters. And he hasn’t had it easy you know? Not in the least bit, and his circumstances at the club ended up affecting us all. It was a very awkward and uncomfortable situation for every one of us, mainly due to the reactions he got from the supporters… it affected us negatively. We had a hard time finding our feet after coming back from the Club World Cup and… well, it really was very uncomfortable. Because of our past relationship and the years we’d spend together I was obviously being linked to him all the time, and at one point I felt swamped by the waves of hatred and rejection coming his way. He was only there to try to make the best of a complicated situation and to give his all for the team, he never thought of anyone else but the team. I hope people were able to see that in the end, and that their opinion of him changed for the better.”

On Atlético De Madrid:

“I have no reason to hide where I belong to or where I come from. Everyone is perfectly aware of what Atleti means for me and what we mean for each other. I’m enjoying of this new era of progress as a supporter, just like any other. But like I said the other day, Atleti doesn’t need anyone to re-vindicate them or to make them feel important because they do it by themselves just fine. One thing is clear, our love will last forever.”

On Barcelona:

“Summer has arrived and that only means the press will be full of rumors and half-truths. The article that was published in Sport was the result of a very specific interpretation by the journalist who wrote it. I only said that if true, I appreciated Barcelona’s interested and admitted that Rossell and I have been familiar with each other since I was very young and had a contract with Nike. That’s that. If there’s a concrete interest by them I am in no way aware of it, but nevertheless I appreciate it as they’re one of the best, if not the best team in the world at the moment. And if there’s an interest it might be the one that has existed since I played for Atlético. But frankly, I don’t see myself playing for them or even considering the possibility.”

On the national team:

“Some people on the team, myself included, have experienced it all: the ups and downs, the times where we didn’t win anything, the times when we started finding our feet and now, now where we just can’t stop winning. When you’ve lived through that kind of change, you value every minute on the pitch much more, as you’re completely aware of everything it took to get there, and you must enjoy it as much as you can because it’s inevitable it will all end someday. Before this golden generation of footballers reached its full potential, we’d faced and overcame too much disappointments and criticism, and I think that played a large role in us becoming the team we are now. It made us better, stronger.”
“Although winning is the most important thing and we’d all be willing to give up our playing style in order to win, it’s beyond clear that when you’re able to come out victorious playing under such a clear, remarkable style, the way you’ve been taught it’s right to win and the way you feel like you should win, the feeling is indescribable.”

On his struggles:

“There were times when the only thing I could do was to canalize my frustration and sadness into self-criticism and self-commitment. It’s absolutely worthless  to blame others or to accept your situation without doing anything to try to change it. If I wasn’t called up two or three months ago it was because there were people who where undoubtedly doing far better than me, who were miles ahead of me in terms of performances. I knew I had to ask much more of myself if I wanted to return.”

“You compromised your physical integrity to make it to the 2010 World Cup…”

“That’s the only thing I could do at the time, my only option. I knew that tournament was meant to be ours, and if it had to come to that kind of sacrifice for me to get there, then so be it. I payed for the consequences later, there’s no doubt about it, although it would be somewhat opportunistic of me to say I payed for them on a physical level only, as if to try to excuse my struggles. The truth is that the physical problems only lasted a couple of months, but the psychological and emotional consequences were much bigger”.

“I’ve grown up a lot as a player and as a person in equal amounts because of what football has given me and what’s taken away from me. This, all of it, will end someday, it’d be impossible for it to last forever, and I can only try to make the best of it.”

Do you think you’re still missing that one fantastic game with the national team? The one that finally makes you recover all the confidence you’ve been missing? The one that will make people say “now that is Fernando Torres”?

“The thing is that pretty much everyone in this team has the ability to perform and shine in every match they play. There’s people like Xavi, Andrés, Busquets… they shine every time, every day, and it’s difficult to feel part of that, to participate. But yes, of course I’d love to have that kind of match, the one where I can shine like they do and get the so-called confidence back.”


Spain’s Under-21 team were crowed champions today and before their final, Iker, Xavi, and Fernando got together to wish the itty bitties luck.



“To the whole team, my Barca teammates and the rest of them, best of luck. We trust you and wish you the best from Brazil.”


“To the members of the Sub-21, you’re doing a phenomenal job. All of us in the senior team are convinced that you’ll get the trophy. We will enjoy it with you. Best of luck in the final.”


“On behalf of the whole team, we want to let you know we’re keeping up with all of your games and we’re so proud of you for making it to the final. You can only enjoy what is left now, finals exist to play them, win them, but most of all, to enjoy them. All of us are sure that you will take the cup back home. We’ll be rooting for you.”    I love his answer, finals exist to play them…to enjoy them.


While the three were together, they also relived some of their NT memories….if anyone could translate this, we’d be super grateful!



More in your face Tormata-ness, whether you like it or not! Boys, boys….you don’t need to rub it in our faces that you’re now going to be wearing matching bromance bracelets. Ugh. I’m just kidding, I don’t know what those bracelets are, but they look kiddy related. Charity maybe?




Now, for today’s portion of the boys’ photography skills! Methinks some people checked out this here blog & got jealous of all the Mata praise…because everyone has stepped up their game! Check out the filters galore and aesthetically pleasing, cropped shots.



Courtesy of Soldado….he gets a B+, because not cropping off that little bit on the right was a silly mistake.

pepe reina2

Courtesy of Pepe Reina. He gets an A- for creative perspective, but doesn’t get the perfect score because he could’ve easily pumped up the contrast. Tsk tsk.

pepe reina

Also courtesy of Pepe Reina. This one gets a solid A, for another creative field of view.

juan mata

Courtesy of the Master, Juan Mata! A++++ because GAH, the filter, the scene selection, the emotion (just kidding). Love this one & I’m not biased!

javi martinez

Courtesy of Javi Martinez. B because when you follow Juan Mata, with almost the exact picture & it’s not nearly as good…that’s what you get.

david villa

Courtesy of El Guaje…..B-. Step it up man.


Courtesy of Cesc. A contender for Mata’s title? Hmmm..maybe. This shot gets an A for clarity, crisp colors & contrast, and beautiful scene selection.

I, clearly, had too much fun with all that….

Pics, Gifs, & Video via gfsports, fuckyeahsernando, garotochocolates, en-prosa, themainthingistobelieve, piazon, and Sefutbol.


13 Responses to “La Roja does Rio de Janeiro”

  1. hopechaser June 18, 2013 at 11:38 pm #

    Between the Italian team frolicking on the beach and the ‘exposed’ Villa shots above, dreams are going to be quite pleasant tonight!!

    • headbandsandheartbreak June 19, 2013 at 12:01 am #

      I do enjoy a little Villa arse cheek myself! Sweet dreams!

      • jellyace June 19, 2013 at 9:54 am #

        What was that all about? Tattoo verification? See my mosquito bite? Look, no tan lines?

  2. Allison June 19, 2013 at 12:19 am #

    After I saw nekkid Villa, I really couldn’t focus on anything else in this post. Te quiero, Guaje! *head explodes*

  3. Jules June 19, 2013 at 1:25 am #

    Ahaha. Love the instagram judging. And pretty much everything from this post.

    I’m a little scared to see (well, follow…stupid meetings) what happens in the Tahiti game, since their uber-underdog status is just too appealing. They showed a heck of a lot of spunk in the first half against Nigeria.

  4. Dr Heidi June 19, 2013 at 10:53 am #

    Ah yes, Lozil, you know me too well….Sergio in a net….or a cage…..or in restraints…..MUST.STOP.HERE…….

    • headbandsandheartbreak June 19, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

      Ah, that was Maisougio who mentioned you but yes, we do know you so well! 😉

      • Dr Heidi June 19, 2013 at 12:25 pm #

        I must learn to control those pheromones I seem to exude…..or just the ‘moans’ when I see Sergio……thanks for all the Sergio photos lately…’s not just the South Florida heat making me sweat….

    • maisoun June 19, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

      Hey hey now, if it says Maisougio at the bottom of the post, it means I wrote it!

      • Dr Heidi June 19, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

        my humblest apologies….*bows in deference*. although I read everything, my brain stopped processing after the Sergio shots…

        • maisoun June 19, 2013 at 10:13 pm #

          It’s perfectly understandable 😉

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