Silas From The Da Vinci Code Gives Presser/Jese Interview

31 Jul

Yeah, the Sergio’s hideous hair jokes keep coming. Not my fault he’s rocking the Silas look. Our bleached blonde boy met the press yesterday.

tumblr_mqrmjnjYlB1rjev45o2_500FROM REALMADRID.COM

Ramos: “Ancelotti is one of the best and we’re going to try to enjoy it”

“The excitement and desire to secure a spot on the squad is palpable in every training session”, said the Whites’ second captain

Sergio Ramos spoke to the press for the first time this season. The Whites’ second captain was excited for the season, set to officially start in just over a fortnight, and had words of praise for Carlo Ancelotti: “He’s one of the best in the world and we’re going to try to enjoy it. Having highly experienced coaches is a very positive thing. You learn a lot from him and hopefully I can bring titles. The important thing is that we understand perfectly what he teaches us and have a good year from there. It’s a tremendous joy to be here and we hope he has a hard time choosing because competition is very important on great teams”.

Sergio_Ramos_en_rueda_de_prensaRamos was clear about the high spirits observed at every training session and every player’s motivation to convince the Italian coach: “Everything settles down when a new coach arrives, but also you can see each player’s desire and effort. We can convey calm, but the uncertainty created from wanting a spot on the squad is palpable. Your motivation encourages you to keep working and growing. You should never lose your motivation, because you’ll have a problem the day you do”.

tumblr_mqrmjnjYlB1rjev45o1_500When asked about the club’s reinforcements for the upcoming season and the player that has surprised him the most over these last few days, Ramos replied: “We shouldn’t criticise anybody, because we have a group of players that are trying. There are players who make the difference and who can have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play here and they shouldn’t squander it. The train only passes once and you have to be ready for it. The hard part is keeping it up. This isn’t just any team, this is Real Madrid”.

Sergio_Ramos_en_rueda_de_prensa (2)Ramos also commented on his personal situation on the squad: “I think I’m a player that has given his all. I wake up excited to continue growing both personally and professionally and the ideal team to do that on is Real Madrid, because it has the best coaches and players. I can bring a humble attitude and young outlook to the squad as I did from the start. There is little to add about the past. I don’t hold grudges and I focus on the best that I’ve experienced. I wake up each day eager to learn. I did it with Mourinho and I do the same with Ancelotti”.

Sergio_Ramos_en_rueda_de_prensa (3)The Whites’ second captain also had words for two of his teammates. Regarding Isco, the defender commented: “It’s good that young players with ambition and a desire to win trophies are on the squad. He made a difference on his former team. He’s good news for the team and can add a lot of great things. Competition is always good and we have to expect things from our teammates. We all want to play and the best players should be the ones that do”. Regarding Pepe: “He’s always been a guarantee on the pitch and is one of the best in the world. It would be wonderful if he continues here, but everyone is free to decide their future. He continues to form part of this team, which is more or less complete on defence”.

Sergio_Ramos_en_rueda_de_prensa (4)When asked about Real’s first rival on American soil and the type of football played in the United States, Ramos replied: “Los Angeles Galaxy are a leading team in this country. They’ve won two titles in a row and it’s always good to face the best in order to be as ready as possible for the official season. Their biggest player is Donovan, but Keane also makes a difference. They’ve also had strong growth in this country. They won the Gold Cup and continue to show progress and consistency today. As players we’re happy that they’re on par with the best competitions in the world”.

Sergio_Ramos_en_rueda_de_prensa (1)To conclude, and in reference to the Whites’ possible signing of Bale, Ramos said: “The price of players is determined by the market. He’s not very expensive from my point of view. It’s important that there are young, national players on this squad because a national core is very important. But from there it’s wonderful to have great players. It’s a good philosophy and a good project. The president and Ancelotti will decide if he needs to come here”.

Someone who has had some hair challenges of his own (though not as egregious as The Ramos’) is Jese, who was interviewed for the mothership.

What's that lightning bolt? Oh honey, no.

What’s with that lightning bolt/Fuller brush ‘do? Oh honey, no.


Jese: “I have to work hard and think about the day to day. Nothing further away than that”
by Alberto Navarro (Los Ángeles)

“I’m happy that someone like Zidane is here to give me advice and help me. I want to learn everything that I can from him as a player and as a person”, said the Real Madrid forward

Jese Rodriguez does not hide his overwhelming happiness s about his four year Real Madrid contract extension. The Whites’ forward said, in an interview and Realmadrid TV, that he is now only thinking about paying back the club, Carlo Ancelotti and the fans for the confidence shown in him: “I am very happy to continue at the biggest club in the world. I have got here with a deal of effort and I hope to get much further. I have to work hard and think about the day to day. Nothing further away than that”.

Congratulations on the four year contract extension. I imagine that you’re happy…
I am very happy to continue at the biggest club in the world and be with all these great players. It is a pleasure to be with them. I have got here with a deal of effort and I hope to get much further.

This renewal also comes at the time when you’re becoming part of the first team.
The beginning of last season in the second division was tough, but we finished very well. The effort has paid off and this season I am with the first team. Everything follows on from that.

Entrevista_JeseYesterday Sergio Ramos said in the press room that the Real Madrid boat only passes by once and you have to seize the opportunities. Are you ready to do so?
Sergio is a great player and he gives me great advice. You have to seize the opportunities because they are rare. I have been given one and I have to make the most of it.

What do you expect this season in the first team?
It takes a lot to get to be able to play here. It is Real Madrid and there are very good players and a lot of competition for places. Hope it is a successful season. We have a very good team and we all have very good relationship. We want to win titles together.

Entrevista_Jese (4)How has Jese Rodriguez improved as a player in the Second Division?
My game has matured a lot. I learned to position myself better defensively and have also learned to be much more generous with my teammates.

Last season you beat Butragueno’s record and became the player to have scored the most goals for Castilla in a Second Division season. What goals have you set yourself this season with the first team?
The first is to train well. Work hard and think about the day to day. Nothing further away than that.
Entrevista_Jese (2)
This season’s squad has a mix of youth and maturity and there is also a strong Spanish presence. That has excited everyone involved with Real Madrid a lot. How does it feel in the dressing room?
We feel just as excited. We are very enthusiastic and looking forward to everything starting. We have very good relationship between us all and hopefully we will be successful this season. It will be difficult, but we have a lot of confidence in ourselves.

You can also see that there is competition in every training session as everyone is trying to show Ancelotti what they have to offer.
We have to try to make it difficult for the coach, make him see that we all want a spot in the team and that we will fight for it until the end, but always respecting each other and being a team. Ancelotti wants there to be competition between us.
Entrevista_Jese (1)
How is he face-to-face?
These past few days I have seen that he is a very serious coach and with very clear ideas. He wants to see intensity in every aspect of training

Everyone praises the role that Zidane is playing. Have you talked with him? What does he have to offer to help improve your game?
I have spoken with him. I’m happy that someone like him is here to give me advice and help me. I want to learn everything that I can from him as a player and as a person. We all know what he is like and I am sure that he will teach is us all a lot.

Entrevista_Jese (5)Finally, what message would you send to the Real Madrid fans?
We want them to be with us in the bad and good times. We’re going to need them. We are a team and they our fans. Together we will go far.

Here’s the Jese video (in Spanish). If they post an English version, I’ll replace it here.

More to come…

– Lozil

6 Responses to “Silas From The Da Vinci Code Gives Presser/Jese Interview”

  1. randomthoughts57 July 31, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

    LOL Silas. give the man credit – his hair has been the most entertaining part this summer. my favorite is still Draco Malfoy.

  2. mygypsyspirit July 31, 2013 at 5:00 pm #

    I mean… What’s the change going to be next year? A shaved head?

    • headbandsandheartbreak July 31, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

      Hopefully. With our luck it will be Kyle Beckerman style white boy dreads. Bleached blonde ones.

      • la-la July 31, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

        Oh that is excellent. I was thinking Dog the bounty hunter. Or his (in my mind) nemesis Fabio. The 80’s Fabio. Apologies, I’m posting from my phone so no links, you’ll have to google!

  3. Natalie July 31, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    Silas From The Da Vinci Code!!! LOL, AWESOME
    i am amazed dirty tackle didn’t comment on this hairstyle yet, it is so hideous. maybe he is trying to get people to forget about the missed penalty in the confederations cup final by pretending to be someone else?

  4. jellyace July 31, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    I still think Sergio is Val Kilmer as Iceman in Top Gun, who was hot.

    See, the Iceman Cometh but I wish the Iceman Goeth.

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