21 Aug

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (4)El Angel is in the house! Former captain and Bernabeu legend is back with his new team (::sniffle:: ) Al-Sadd. For those who are new to the team, this article will explain why we get all shriek-y about Raul. Suffice to say, he IS the shit. 

Rulo did a presser with Butragueno and then a longer interview. So let’s have a look at our wonderful man, shall we?

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (3)FROM REALMADRID.COM

“Real Madrid gave me everything; it’s going to be a special and emotional day for me”
by Antonio M. Leal

“The important thing is that everyone enjoys this match: the players, the fans and the people watching at home”, the forward said

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (1)Raúl appeared before the media the day before the XXXV Santiago Bernabéu Trophy. The Madrid player explained how he feels about returning to the Whites’ stadium: “It’s going to be an emotional game. I have come here with my current team, but with the excitement of wearing the Real Madrid shirt again, which I wore with pride. Real Madrid gave me everything, the Bernabéu, the fans, and I think tomorrow will be a special day. It will be emotional for me and a celebration. I am very happy to return to what I think of as my home and see a lot of friends and team-mates. I hope it will be a great match. My team-mates are very excited about playing this match and the important thing is that everyone enjoys it, the players, the fans and the people watching at home”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (9)Raúl emphasised how happy he is to be playing in this match: “I am happy because my friends and family are going to be here. My children ask me if I played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, and maybe I will spend some time with him wearing a Real Madrid shirt. I am not going to ask people for anything, they have always shown me their affection and respect from the first day, and if anyone owes something then it is me: scoring more goals and playing better in my time at this club”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (2)Raúl answered questions about his current professional situation: “At the moment I still feel good as a player, I have another year to go on my contract and then I will make the decision that I think is best. I am always thinking about returning to Real Madrid, and when I think I can offer something to the club without playing I will be delighted to return. I will need a period of transition and learning so I can find out if I can do something important and be useful”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_RaýlHe talked about the Whites’ next opponent, saying: “Last season we won the Qatari championship and we are excited about playing in the Asian Champions League, which we won a couple of years back. This team also played in the Club World Cup against Barcelona and is a club with a lot of prestige in the Arab world. It has talented players, although unfortunately some of them will not be here. It is a competitive team and my team-mates are excited to play against Real Madrid. That is what is in our minds despite the difference between the two clubs. I am happy to be here and because my team-mates will have the chance to play in the world’s best stadium, the most exciting in my opinion.”

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (5)The former Madrid player talked in the press room about Madrid’s basic pillars: “Madrid’s values are hard work, respect, humility, solidarity… When I first came here, they taught me to play well, to win and above all to respect your opponents. In the Real Madrid shirt there were friendly matches where you had to defend the shield as though it were the last match ever. As veterans we try to transmit this to the youngsters at the club”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (11)“Like all the Madrid fans, I am excited by what I have seen of the club in pre-season, they want the ball more and this takes time, but I think that this could be one of the best squads in the club’s history. A new project is starting where everyone has to be united and pull in the same direction”, he said on the subject of Madrid’s start to the season.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (6)The forward also mentioned the first team residence after his visit to the Real Madrid Football City: “They are magnificent facilities which make you feel like Real Madrid is also moving forward and that the players will have all the facilities they need. With these facilities, we will see a lot more football”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (10)On the subject of his leaving the Whites he said: “Three years ago I was here saying goodbye, I couldn’t say it to everyone how I wanted and so the Bernabéu Trophy will be a special day. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened in recent years and I am happy to experience this moment. I have tried in the past but it didn’t work out. The moment I took the decision to leave I thought that my time was over. A new atmosphere gave me back my motivation, and made me enjoy football and feel and feel more free, thinking about resting and playing. This is the greatest club, but on a day to day basis it is hard”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (7)He also gave his opinion on Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo. Talking about the goalkeeper he said: “Casillas will definitely go forward and keep working and will get his chance. He is at the best age and wants to be here. The season has just started and Iker will fulfil his duty as captain to help his team-mates and the club at all times”. He also praised the Portuguese player’s performances in white: “He is Real Madrid’s best investment in recent years. He is a player with a lot of hunger, who never gets tired of winning and gives everything in every match. All the Madrid players would be very happy for him to continue”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (8)When asked about Bale, Raúl gave his opinion on the Welshman: “I think he is an astonishing player, who has made the difference in recent seasons and that now, after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, seems to be in the best form. Everybody wants him in their team. Real Madrid seems to be pushing hard, because they think he could be an important player, and if the club makes an effort then I think everyone will enjoy watching him play”.

Rueda_de_prensa_de_Raýl (12)Butragueño accompanied Raúl to the press room. The director of Institutional Relations expressed his satisfaction with welcoming back the Spanish forward: “It is a pleasure to be before a footballing legend who has earned the respect and admiration of everyone thanks to his professionalism. He is an example for society and for youngsters, someone who youngsters who want to be footballers should look at and who personifies the values of this club”.

Here’s some video for the presser (in Spanish).

After the presser he did an interview with the mothership and spoke in more detail about what it feels like to be back home.

Entrevista_a_Raýl (1)FROM REALMADRID.COM

Raul: “I’m confident that this is going to be a successful year for Real Madrid”

“This is a club that knows how to transmit its values and these young recruits are going to grasp it”, said the top scorer in club history

He steps onto the pitch at the Bernabeu with the ease and confidence of someone who feels right at home. Sixteen years in Chamartin gave him the chance to write his own page in the Whites’ history book. However, and in spite all of his accomplishments and a track record that took him to the top, Raul Gonzalez still comes across as humble and grateful. But one thing is clear: the most natural thing in the world for the player would be to score in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy as one of the Whites. “It would be more normal if I scored wearing Real’s jersey. Scoring a goal against Real Madrid would be hard”.

During your appearance at the press conference the word you used most was excitement. Actually, I don’t know if it’s you or everyone around you and all Real Madrid fans who are more excited.
I think it’s a shared excitement; the people are really looking forward to this game. A lot of people have come to see me in Germany over the past three years, people that have also travelled to Qatar for a match or two. I think that many people were waiting for me to play in the Bernabeu again, who wanted to see me put on Real’s jersey. That’s going to happen and that makes me really emotional, really excited and even a little bit nervous. Stepping onto the pitch in this packed stadium and receive the support of the fans, just like I did for so many years, is going to be something really special. I’m also going to be surrounded by my entire family, my friends; I think that it’s going to be a magical moment, so to speak.

When you know you’re going to play in this match and it sells out like it’s a Champions League game, people lining up in queues in 40º weather…What do you think? Because it’s clear that you have to think: “This is for me…”.
The truth is I’m very excited and appreciate the fans because they have always treated me so well and, although I’ve been away, I`ve felt the love of many people and I’ve seen that there are fans who still come to the Bernabeu wearing my jersey. Also, people have been waiting at the airport, at the hotel and even when we come to training…I hope to thank everyone and that it’s a great game and big celebration. I’m proud of being able to say that this is my home and that I could definitely return some day.

Are you aware of everything you did for Real Madrid over your 16 years with the club?
You start to see it a bit now because sometimes you turn on the television or put on a video and you see images, you look for a particular match, you see the goals you managed to score and you realise how great it was to experience that and have the honour of playing for Real Madrid for so many years, of having so many teammates, coaches, of fulfilling dreams I’d had since I was a child…the truth is that you see that and it makes you happy and proud. We hope that all of that translates on the pitch and I’m sure that it’s going to be a great day for everyone.

Entrevista_a_RaýlIn some earlier interviews during your time here you admitted that you hated to lose. Do you still have that hunger?
I’m the same, I still have that same hunger to win and if I don’t win or reach my objective I’ll keep fighting…I think that in life you always have to get back up, you have to try. The problem isn’t not reaching your goals, it’s when you stop trying. I think I’ll be this way the rest of my life.

When Real Madrid’s new recruits take their turn in that seat and are asked about their idols, they don’t hesitate…the name Raul comes up a lot. What can you tell these new, young players?
I think the club has signed some really great young players this year, players with that hunger to win big…also, I think there are really important people in the dressing room with these values rooted in the club who know how to transmit that. And there are also other people in the club that deliver that message. However, I’d tell them to not waste a second of everything great this club has to offer; to take advantage of every training session, every match, every look from every fan; I’d tell them to enjoy it as much as possible because it all goes by so quickly. This is a club that knows how to transmit its values and these young recruits that have joined the club will grasp what this club means and I’m confident that it’s going to be a successful year.

You say that everything goes by quickly even though you were here for 16 years. If you had to pick your best moment…
Without a doubt my debut is the best. It’s my childhood dream; when I was 7 or 8 years old I thought: “If I could one day play in a 1st Division match…”. I think that without the debut none of what came later would have happened. I was also lucky to spend so many years here and win big titles, score important goals…but I think that none of this would have ever existed without the debut.

When you played your first match did you think it was going to be 16 years?
You never think it’s going to be so long. Each year is tougher; new players are always incorporated. Also, I spent 12 or 14 years in my position as a striker and you always have to play well, be aware and pay attention to win that spot…I was lucky to be surrounded by the right people who helped me a lot and made it possible for me to be with the club for so long. When you’re here for such a long time you think that you’re going to retire here but, like I’ve already said, I wouldn’t change a thing about how things happened. I feel the love the people in this club have for me and I feel the same; when I return here I feel like I’m at home.

You’re going to play a half with each squad. Can you imagine scoring a goal against Real Madrid and a goal playing for Real Madrid again?
It would be more normal if I scored wearing Real’s jersey. Scoring a goal against Real Madrid would be hard…however, I think that it’s a day of celebration and even if I scored against Real Madrid people would celebrate it.

It’s going to be so wonderful to see him play in a Real Madrid shirt again, isn’t it?

– Lozil

4 Responses to “RAUL!”

  1. mygypsyspirit August 21, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    I’m so freaking giddy about this! I should have waited to go to Madrid for this match instead of last month!

  2. CinematiqueChic August 21, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    It’s going to be so amazing seeing him play for us! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

  3. Nooria August 22, 2013 at 1:30 am #

    I’m beyond excited about this!! I’ve been running around the house going “RAUL! RAUL! RAULLLL!” since this morning lol. Can we keep him? 😉

  4. Miss_F August 22, 2013 at 4:12 am #

    Still as beautiful as ever!

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