How ya like that Champions League action?

22 Sep


Hey if we can start the CL competition with a bang like this, I hope we can go out in the same style! And by out, I mean winning the whole damn thing of course. The final bang better be someone dropping our trophy! *hint hint Sergio*

Check out Benzy warming up. I wonder if he, too, knew that he could do great things….by just shaving his head. 😛 Take the weight off (one of) your shoulders and the goals & fabulosity come!


G-money just happy to be here.

A little pre-game Zizou ain’t never hurt nobody! Actually, it probably helps. Our boys lurve the gawgeous and it pays to have this man impressed with ya.


Look at those eyes!!! If Butragueno is the King of Cats, Zizou is the King of Jungle Cats. RAWR.

Iker walks by, doesn’t receive pre-game beso. Foreshadowing?



Eleven minutes into the match – the moment when we all threw our hands up and yelled “WHYYYYY??” Poor Iker just has the most rotten luck, dude can’t catch a break. He was finally getting a start, we were finally getting to see him in action & in his Captain’s armband again, and it lasted for a measly 11 minutes. The worst part was seeing him try to finish out the match & then ultimately deciding he couldn’t. I couldn’t take that disheartened face. We feel for you, Capi! Thankfully, his injury isn’t serious. He’s got a bruised rib and Ancelotti says he should be ready next week.


Fortunately, if we had to lose Iker, the boys knew to step it up and bring us lots & lots goals. First up was magic kid Isco, who opened up the scoring in the 33rd minute. Muslera didn’t have a chance with that one!

Our newly buzzed Frenchie was the second to get on the goal scoring train, with help from Dobby Di Maria in the 54th minute.

Even Di Maria appreciates the buzz!

With no time to slow once they got things going, Cristiano up and scored his first goal of the night, nine minutes later. This goal had a piece of everyone in it, Di Maria cross, Isco header, & Cristiano’s power. Woot for teamwork! Di Maria’s game ended here, he came off & Bale came in getting his RM CL debut.

Another one-two-punch effort from Cristiano, three minutes later. Bale with the free kick, Sergio with the header, & Crissy with the rebound POW.

Another RM CL debut in the 72nd minute, when Illarramendi came on for Modric.

Our Croissant wasn’t ready to call it a night with just one goal scored, he needed to make it deux & he did. Teaming up with Crissy, Benz scored his brace in the 81st minute.

Our goal-scoring train came to a minor halt, when Galatasaray’s Umut Bulut (what a fun name) scored one for his side. Let ’em have it, I say, because we picked up right where we left off, with one more goal from Cristiano.
A hat trick for the Superhero in the 91st minute! CRISTIANOOOOOOOOO! Oh and way to get those baby rumors going, Crissy. The thumb-sucking celebration was in honor of Cristiano’s brand spankin’ new nephew that was born this week. Irina be like “whaaaat?”



6-1 Woot Woot!


Post Match Comments



Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after the 1-6 thrashing of Galatasaray. The Italian highlighted the performance of his forwards: “The match was good and the result is fantastic. After Isco’s goal the match was straightforward. We defended well and then with the counterattack when Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo have a good night, it is very easy. Winning at this ground is not easy, there is a lot of pressure, and it is good to improve our confidence, personality and character.”

The Italian said that the win against Galatasaray was not as easy as the scoreline indicates: “The result does not reflect the match. It was difficult and in my opinion, Galatasaray had a great first half. We struggled, but after Isco’s goal it was easier, we had more opportunities to counterattack. I think we started the match with a bit of a lack of confidence and did not show the right attitude to be able to control the play. We controlled things at the back and Galatasaray pressured well. But it is normal, it was the first Champions League match in a very tough stadium to play in. It was important to win the first match.”

Ancelotti pointed to Isco’s goal as the turning point: “After his goal the match changed completely. We had more space and we did everything well.” He also responded to questions about the last season’s Champions League meeting between the teams: “I don’t know, it is difficult to compare. It is one thing is to play the first group match here and another thing to play in a knock-out tie.”

The Real Madrid coach said spoke about his team’s progress and Casillas’ performance in the time that he was on the field: “We started the match looking a little bit afraid, but then everything went well. Casillas was unlucky and I hope that he will be better in three or four days. Inside very few minutes Iker made a great save and showed the good form he is in. It was just a knock, it is only pain, but he could not carry on. He is not worried about it and will make a quick recovery.”

Finally, he spoke about Drogba having to leave the field of play: “Pepe went in hard but he did not want to hurt Drogba, who was unlucky and I hope he recovers soon. He is an important player for Galatasaray.”



Real Madrid had a great performance in their Champions League opener in a very tough stadium and Real Madrid’s vice-captain, Sergio Ramos, was pleased following the match: “It was a great win in a stadium that is always tricky to play in. The Champions League is different. I’m very happy with the result and how the team played. It is a well-deserved result for us and now we have to think about the league.”

Sergio Ramos spoke about the incident in which he injured Casillas: “It was a collision in which he didn’t know if Drogba was behind him, we lacked a bit of communication and I jumped and unluckily collided with Iker. It is something that stopped him from carrying on by it doesn’t look like anything serious. Hopefully he will be back with us as soon as possible. If he did say something to me, I did not hear it. The Galatasaray fans should be congratulated for how they encouraged their team. It was very difficult to communicate with the rest of the team.”

Ramos wanted to mention several players by name. Firstly, he spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m very happy for him and hopefully the streak will last. His renewal is great news for everyone associated with Real Madrid because he helps a lot.” About Isco and his great goal he said: “I’m not surprised. We know him perfectly well and we know that when he has to take responsibility, in whatever competition, he does. He is one of a kind and will be good for us.”

As for Bale, the Sevillian said that “he is adapting very well. That is what great players can do, that although the league had started they can settle in with no problem and become one of the team.” To conclude, he spoke about he himself is doing: “I’m good, working hard to get to my best.”

di mariaDi Maria:

Meanwhile, Di Maria highlighted the win and the team’s good run: “I’m happy because of how we played, because of getting the win, having not won here last year and because of the good start to the Champions League. We did well. I don’t think we had any luck against Villarreal. We went ahead, but then they scored a goal that we shouldn’t concede. We are very pleased with the result and that is the most important thing today.” He also congratulated his strike partners for their performances: “They had a great match and I’m very happy for them.”

The Argentine midfielder wanted to clarify his position at the club and his desire to succeed at Real Madrid: “I spoke with Ancelotti and told him that I want to stay and keep doing well here. He told me that he wants me involved and to keep working hard. When I get the chance I will play my best and when I am on the bench I will support my teammates. I also wanted to stay also because of the problem with my daughter. The important thing is that I’m earning a spot in the side and getting to play.” Finally, when asked about the first choice goalkeeper, Di Maria said: “The coach is the one who decides. It is the same in goal as for an outfield player.”



Cristiano Ronaldo played a starring role in the match against Galatasaray in scoring a hat-trick. The Whites’ forward spoke after the match: “To start off by scoring six goals gives us confidence. We started well, which was our job. Galatasaray were a tough opponent and made it hard for us in the first 20 minutes, even though later on we completely controlled the match. They started off creating the better chances, but we responded with a goal and the team played well.”

The Real Madrid player was very happy with his performance: “It was a very good match on a group and on an individual level because I scored three goals to help the team win. The last few days have been very nice for me. I am very happy. We did what we had to do, which was winning, and the other teams drew, so that’s even better. The next two matches are at home and if we win those the group will look very good for us.”

He also spoke about Bale’s arrival at the club: “We’re getting to know him and he is adapting to the team. He is getting up to speed and, seeing as he has been out of action for a while,  things are going well.” The Portuguese responded to questions about Casillas’ injury, having been substituted in the 13th minute of the first half: “Iker was unlucky and it happens in football. Something happened with his rib, he was a bit sad, but he will recover soon and will be back to help us.”


After Real Madrid’s forceful victory in Ali Sami Yen Stadium, Álvaro Arbeloa positively assessed the team’s great opener in Europe: “It is always important to win at a Champions League away match. What we have to do is continue adding three at a time because it is not an easy group. Juve could not beat us, and what we want is to win the next match. It has been a very good day for us. Hopefully we’ll win the next match and continue with this dynamic.”

The Real Madrid wing analysed how the match played out: “In the first half, they were good. They put a lot of pressure on us, but with the 0-2 they played more openly, and we took advantage of the counter attacks. We know how hard it is to win in Turkey. They came out very aggressively. The team made several adjustments, and from then on, we did quite well.” About Casillas’ injury, he said: “It seemed like he was complaining about a rib, and we will have to wait. We hope that it is just a blow and he’ll be back with us soon.”


A great opening match for Real Madrid in the continent’s showcase competition in a match in which the entire team played at a very high level. On the attacking front, Benzema was one of the key players in scoring two goals. “I felt very good but the most important thing today was winning away from home. We had a great match to start off the Champions League with a win. It is very important for us to win away from home. I work hard to be able to play matches like this and we are happy with the three points”, said the Frenchman.

The forward was also asked about being on the bench for France and the home crowd’s support in the Bernabeu. “I’m good. It was a difficult moment but I will try to change that quickly. Everything is  fine, I am very happy at the club, and I work hard to be able to play matches like this”, he concluded.


Diego López, who came out onto the pitch after Casillas’ injury, seemed happy with the outcome against the Turks: “The match was complicated until 0-2 because they had several opportunities. Later we gained more confidence.” About his being in good shape now, he stated: “I try to make the most of every opportunity and enjoy every match. I hope to keep up this level at every match. The coach is the one in charge, and we have to be prepared to play whenever necessary.” And regarding Casillas’ injury, he said: “Right now, we don’t know the extent of the injury. We have to wait for the tests.”



Isco opened the scoring against Galatasaray and he shared his views with the media after the match: “I’m happy with the goal and with the win more than anything. It was a difficult ground to play at and we won well. I think they started the match with intensity and their fans really made it tough. However, following the goal we woke up and you saw a better Real Madrid take the three points.”


Carvajal also started against Galatasaray and discussed the results from the first match day in Real Madrid’s group: “You cannot ask for more. A resounding win and Juventus’ draw doesn’t really come into it anyway, we have to win every match in the same way. It could not have been a better start, and away from home too. We showed what we can do.”

The wing-back spoke about what they had to cope with in the Ali Sami Yen: “Because of the atmosphere and being at home, that put a lot of pressure on us. After the first goal we figured out what we were doing and everything went well.” He also mentioned his relationship with Ancelotti: “I want to thank coach for showing faith in me. I try to do my best in every match.”


Pics & Gifs via gfsports, OguzYoruk, xiaoyao0620, sr4oldpics, concretar, realbale, idratherbehome, alinnyderis, johnyramos, swirlytops, & tfortravis.


6 Responses to “How ya like that Champions League action?”

  1. Anonymous September 22, 2013 at 3:19 pm #

    The hat with his initials on… I’d say only Cris but doesn’t Sese have one? I swear he’s getting prettier that Ramos.

    • maisoun September 22, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

      Sergio does have one..or a few..just his initials are smaller and not so front and center. How about they tie for first? 😉

    • Mehreh September 22, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

      That hat, I died. I’m really shocked we haven’t seen him use the Rockies’ logo before.

  2. Mimi September 23, 2013 at 1:49 am #

    1: That Cris’ hat, is it his own twisted way of saying ‘Anything Ramos can do, I can do better?’
    2: Why am I all of a sudden noticing Benz more than I should?
    3: Iker’s abs, yaaay.
    4: When Iker was showing us his abs and Sese asking what happened. My heart melted right there. Somebody should have hugged before telling him that he did that.

  3. MissLadya September 23, 2013 at 9:36 am #

    1. “The final bang better be someone dropping our trophy! *hint hint Sergio*” <- Well, there's the "hysterical laugh for the day" quota filled.
    2. Oh, Iker … Also felt bad for Sergio. Loved how he marched over, DEMANDING who DARED touch the capi … only for Pepe to point out that it was HIS pointy elbow that did the damage. You could just see the guilt dawning on Sergio. But they did post that hilarious post-match pic, so all's well. Also, that guy who was bandaging Iker's ribs/middle? I want his job. Seriously, what school do you have to go to to specialize in feeling-up sexy athletes? If I just practice my groping skills on passers-by, will that gain me enough experience to qualify as official team touchy-feeler?
    3. I don't care if it happened yesterweek: shaved Benz is STILL a welcomed sight!
    4. Am not sure if Cris emblazoned his cap to remind everyone that it's his, or to remind them that HE is, indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo. Back in elementary school my mom always attached a tag to my backpack with my name, our address and phone number on it, in the event that either it or I (if still wearing it) went missing. Maybe Cris' loved ones fear he too might get lost/be abducted one day and BOY won't that cap come in handy, so let's not mock it! (Besides, it could have been worse: the CR could have been composed of rhinestones.)

  4. mygypsyspirit September 24, 2013 at 2:53 am #

    Pardon me… Swooning over Arbeloa’s post-game, disheveled hair glance over the shoulder

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