Monday Training, An Award, Blanco Legends & An Anniversary

23 Sep

612-809-_HES8024Thumb,8Ugh. This is going to be a super quick update. I got home super late from work. The team got right back to training as we have a match with Elche on Wednesday. Iker and Sergio were back. The Baby looks almost ready. Whooo hooo! Benz & Angel trained inside. Gareth had tests which determined that his left thigh muscle was fatigued. He and Xabi worked on their recoveries.

Sami got himself a nice little award today.

421-311-_HES8003Thumb,8FROM REALMADRID.COM

Khedira, chosen as 2013 ambassador for German football
by Alberto Navarro

“It’s an honour to win this award that is chosen by the fans in Germany. It means I’ve done a good job in Madrid for the last three years”, said the Whites’ midfielder

Sami Khedira was chosen as the 2013 ambassador for German football for his positive contribution to the image of his country throughout the world. The Whites’ midfielder, who was voted for by German fans for the award organised by the Deutscher Fussball Botschafter, beat Miroslav Klose (Lazio) and Per Mertesacker (Arsenal). “It is an honour to win this award that is chosen by the fans. It means I’ve done a good job in Madrid for the past three years. I’m happy and want to play at Real Madrid for many years”, he said. Roland Bischof, creator of the awards, made the presentation to the Whites’ player, who donated it entirely to the Realmadrid Foundation: “It does a great job and I want to help them”. Holger Obermann and Dettmar Cramer were also recognised.

164-717-_HES7991Thumb,8The German also spoke about yesterday’s win against Getafe in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium: “We played a great match and got a good result, even though the first 15 minutes were not good. After that we turned the score around and we are very happy. Cristiano Ronaldo and Isco scored two great goals”.

13-454-_HES7989Thumb,36Finally, with reference to the quality of the squad that he is a part of, he said: “It is very important to for us to have a team in which anyone can play because we have many high-level and high-intensity matches. We have a quality squad and we are all happy”.

Some of Real Madrid’s legends were honored today at the launch of the new book ‘Corazones Blancos. Ronaldo, Butragueño, Amancio, Gento’


The Realmadrid Foundation has presented the book ‘Corazones Blancos. Ronaldo, Butragueño, Amancio, Gento’ (‘White Hearts: Ronaldo, Butragueño, Amancio
by Diego Jabalquinto

“These players are living symbols of the Bernabéu model and embody that historic headline which I once read in ‘L’Equipe’: ‘Real Madrid is eternal’”, Florentino Pérez said at a ceremony attended by the legends who feature in the book

The Realmadrid Foundation presented in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium’s directors’ box the book Corazones Blancos. Ronaldo, Butragueño, Amancio, Gento, written by the journalist Enrique Ortego and published by Everest. A ceremony which, amongst others, featured the presence of these four Madrid legends as well as: the president Florentino Pérez; Enrique Sánchez, the executive vice-president of the Realmadrid Foundation; José Antonio López Martínez, president of the Everest Group; and the book’s author. The Real Madrid president said during the ceremony: “These are four great players from Real Madrid’s history who have given their talent and who have helped to feed the legend of our club. They embody that historic headline which I once read in the prestigious newspaper ‘L’Equipe’: ‘Real Madrid is eternal’. Whatever happens, Real Madrid is always there”.

The Real Madrid president was the first to speak, saying: “As for any fan, this day for me is an immense privilege. I am here in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, with four great players from Real Madrid’s history who have given their talent and who have helped to feed the legend of our club. This is a homage to the club but it is also to all the Madrid fans who are so well aware of what these four incredible players have meant”.

Florentino Perez spoke about the four protagonists, looked back over their careers and achievements with Real Madrid and praised them: “Gento: an unstoppable storm on the left flank. The world of football recognised him as the Cantabrian Storm. He is the only player in history with six European Cups. He arrived with Alfredo Di Stéfano and changed the history of Real Madrid. Amancio: the vital leader of a complex transition which enabled us to make the Madrid legend even greater. His magic was enjoyed by everyone in a Bernabéu which bowed down to that Wizard from Galicia. His personality was decisive in the sixth European Cup. Butragueño: the symbol of a Real Madrid which found glory from its youth team. He was the representative of that generation and the represented values which are unmistakeable for Madrid fans and which he still displays with his service for Real Madrid. Ronaldo: his acceleration, his strength, his immense class and his unique goals are in the hearts and memories of everyone who loves football”.

The stars of the book spoke next. Gento said: “It is an honour to have spent so long with Real Madrid. It is the best thing that has happened to me in my life. The greatest excitement for me is to have been part of Real Madrid. We hope that we achieve a lot of victories and that we win as many European Cups again, which is something I think we deserve, and Florentino does too”. Amancio told a story at the event. “I would like to thank the president for the honour he has paid me of allowing me to share this new book with these team-mates. These events make me relive my 14 years serving this marvellous club. It is enough to come to this event and to the one three days ago at the dinner with the 100 Club. Some people said how good I was, some said how much they enjoyed watching me and some others said how much I would be worth now. Hearing this I feel I have to say to the president that we should have these ceremonies once a month”, he said, making the people at the ceremony laugh.

The club’s director of institutional relations, Emilio Butragueño, was also extremely satisfied to be part of the Whites: “Today is a very special day for me. I was lucky enough to join the club in 1981 and I have been connected to the club for these 24 years, 15 as a player and nine as a director. So you will understand what this club means to me. There are two main foundations in my life. Real Madrid, where I came aged 19 and they taught me a lot, and the other part is my family. Between the two they have shaped my personality and both have helped me a lot. That Madrid has decided to include me in a book alongside these three phenomena is an honour that I am not sure I deserve, but which makes me very happy”.

The Brazilian forward Ronaldo was the last of the four to speak: “I would like to thank Ortego for how he has described my years with Real Madrid and thank him for his enthusiasm. I am very proud to be here, in this book alongside these three great champions. For me, being part of the history of Real Madrid is the best thing in football. I would like to thank the president who signed me for bringing me to the club and for enabling me to make history with it”.

For his part, the president of the publishers Editorial Everest, José Antonio López, summed up the book’s content: “It was the right time to pay homage to the players who have made this club the best in history, who have made it into a myth. The four have made us believe that dreams can come true. These four are the creators of a legend which moves fans from all around the world. Without them Real Madrid would not be how it is”.

To close the ceremony, Enrique Ortego said: “We have decided to leave the present which wears us down to dip into the past which makes us young again. On this occasion we are with four Real Madrid legends, each one in his time. Four myths of the footballing universe are here, and it is breath-taking reading the lists of honours of all of them. For me it is a great source of pride to have written this book about four legends of world football”. The presentation ended with a large group photo of the people taking part in the event.

And while we’re on the subject of legends, today is 60th anniversary of Don Alfredo’s debut as a Blanco!

653-57-di-stefano02Thumb,8FROM REALMADRID.COM

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Di Stéfano’s début for Real Madrid

The Argentinian scored with a header in his first game, a friendly against Nancy at the Santiago Bernabéu

58-64-di-stefano-vestuarioThumb,8On the 23rd of September 1953, Alfredo Di Stéfano made his début for Real Madrid in a friendly against Nancy. The Argentinian had arrived in the Spanish capital that same day and just hours later, he put on his kit to be presented to the fans. Di Stéfano was in the starting line up in the team that lost 2-4 to the French side. He did not let the supporters who had turned up to see him down, scoring his first goal as a Real Madrid player. He scored the last goal of the game with a header.

504-522-diStefanoDebutThumb,17Di Stéfano wore the white shirt of Real Madrid from 1953 to 1964. His 11 years at the club were full of titles and Real Madrid became the best side in the world. They won eight Spanish championships, one Spanish cup, five European cups, one Intercontinental cup, and two Latin cups. His full début for the club was on September 27, 1953 in the third league fixture of that season, against Racing de Santander. In that game, the fans once again glimpsed his goalscoring instinct as he scored one of the goals in a 4-2 victory. Throughout his career with Real Madrid, he scored 308 goals in 396 appearances.

Awesome! It’s so cool seeing pictures of Di Stefano in his prime, isn’t it?  Okay, I’ve got to finish this up and hit the hay.

Hala Madrid!

– Lozil

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