Another Night, Another Win

25 Sep


It really is a tough job deciding which pic I’ll open my posts with. *sigh* G-money’s thigh or Cristiano’s…below the waistband sitch. Oh the dilemmas I’m faced with!! 😉 As you can see, Crissy beat out our newbie. We do love a good thigh flash, but come on now, Cris has got seniority!

Warm ups are supposed to prevent injury, not cause them! This was not the case for Mr. Bale, while warming up he felt some discomfort in his leg and sat out as a precaution. He had some test done afterwards and they showed there was fatigue in his left thigh muscle. Tests were not needed to confirm that the boy has got some legsss on him.

Is his jersey cape the source of his woman charming powers?….

The team came out in support of two individuals before the match, Fernando Hierro’s father & El Pirata. Black armbands worn in honor of Antonio Ruiz Jimenez, who died Monday at the age of 88 and the boys also wore shirts in support of Esteban Granero who tore his ACL & will be out for 6 months. Animo Pirata! Pilar Pena, member of Spain’s Water Polo team, honored her team’s accomplishments by kicking off the match. She along with the rest of the Women’s Water Polo team won the World Championship this summer.

Now we can get to the goals. The first, unfortunately, was not scored by one of our own…Angel Lafita opened up the scoring in the 5th minute, with a shot that deflected off of Pepe & found itself in the back of the net.  So early to be down a goal and ditching our clean sheet. *Sigh* Pepe saw more and better action in the 19th minute when he equalized and scored our first goal. With a pop up from Cris, Pepe got on that ball with a jump kick, looking like he finished off with a click of his heels!

Following a superhero free kick that hit Michel’s hand, Cristiano was up to take the penalty awarded to RM. Straight to the lower left corner, Cristiano put us in the lead.

Our magic kic, Isco, followed up with our third goal of the night in the 59th minute. His goal made him La Liga’s top scoring midfielder!! Who loves Isco? We do! *clap clap*

Late in the 2nd half Ancelotti started making his changes. Modric came on for Illarramendi in the 77th minute, Morata came on for Benz in the 80th, and Jese came on for Isco in the 84th.

Our final goal of the night came from none other than CRISTIANOOOOOO in the 93rd minute. With his second goal, he passed Hugo Sanchez’s record of 208 goals. Cristiano reached his record of 209 goals in 205 games, while Sanchez reached his 208 goals in 282 games. Cristiano is now the 5th top goal scorer in Real Madrid history and by the end of the season could end up passing Puskas’ record of 242 goals. Woot Woot!


So many hair stripes….methinks there’s a tiger with hair clippers for claws on the loose in Madrid…


Poor Benz didn’t have his way during the match….got 50 shades of frustrated with the other players. *spank spank*

“Yes, Benzema can get 50 shades of frustrated with me anytime.”


Post Match Comments




Carlo Ancelotti was very pleased with his team’s win against Getafe. The Real Madrid coach spoke about the match and highlighted the performance of his players to the media: “Overall, the team played well for 90 minutes. We were unlucky with Pepe’s deflection putting us behind, but the reaction was very good. In the first half we did not play very quickly, but in the second, with more space, the match was easier and we had lots of chances.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, with two, Pepe and Isco scored the goals in Real Madrid’s win in the fifth match day of the season. The Whites are still unbeaten since Ancelotti’s arrival and he is confident that the team will continue to improve with more matches: “We have to improve the movements off of the ball, especially on the wings, and play with more variety. Sometimes we played the ball back when it would have been better to involve the midfielders. But things are gradually improving.”

The Italian coach referred to some players by name. About Isco, he said: “Everyone can talk about Isco’s talent, but the strange thing is that he came here with a lot of personality. He shows a lot of personality for a 21-year-old, which is the most difficult thing here in a stadium with a big history and where young people can feel the pressure. Isco, besides talent, shows a lot of personality.” He also praised Di Maria: “He has quality, fantastic dynamism, works hard for the team, helps attackers, defends well and is very important for the team.”

When asked about Benzema, he said: “He did a good job. In the first half, he did not have many chances to score but in the second half, his movement was good and he had two opportunities, but did not score and so I changed him. He did a good job and the crowd applauded him when he left the field and the reaction of the fans was good.”.As to whether he could have felt pressure from the crowd, that were asking for Morata to come on, he was clear: “I do not think so, Benzema is a player with character. To motivate a player, applause and whistling is good and that is it. Talking about Morata puts pressure on Morata himself and I think that they are normal things on the field.”

In reference to the discomfort that prevented Bale’s participation the Whites’ coach said: “He had a small problem during the warm-up and we cannot say that it is an injury. Talking with doctors, I don’t think that it is a big problem, but we have to wait for the tests. He will have a scan. He was not comfortable and I preferred to avoid problems and wait. He is not happy at the moment because he was looking forward to playing his first match in the Bernabeu, but he will have many chances to play here. It is unlikely that he will recover in three days but I’m sure he will be ready for Saturday. He did the preseason on his own, not only on the physical side, but also the mental side. He played 60 minutes against Villarreal and 30 in the Champions League. We are working to improve his physical condition.”

Finally, he spoke about the differences between the press in different countries : “I need time to talk about this, I think the press is different depending on the culture of the countries. I think the Italian and Spanish press are similar. The English press is different, it has more interest in private issues. My job is to respect how the press works. In Spain and Italy there are specialist sports newspapers, unlike in England. So it is not so easy to prepare a newspaper every day talking about football. It is more difficult for a journalist to work here than in England. My opinion is that the people who work need respect and so I like to be respected and respect the work of others.”

di mariaDi Maria:

Ángel di María was very pleased with the win against a Getafe team that went ahead in the opening minutes of the game: “We were able to control the game and we went for them from the start.” In addition, the Real Madrid wide man talked about his personal situation: “I am pleased because things are going well for me and the team is playing really well. I have always wanted to stay at Real Madrid.”

After the comfortable victory against Getafe, the Argentine player was pleased about the way the team played and his own personal performance: “I am happy because things are going well for me. I am getting game time and I am feeling very confident.” Di María again reiterated that his sole intention has always been to play for Real Madrid: “I wanted to stay from the start, because being here is the best possible thing that could have happened to me. It’s true that it was a difficult summer in which a lot was said and many lies were told.”

About the game itself, Di María remarked that it was a fair result and a well-deserved victory. “The manager said so the other day in the press conference. He wanted us to go for the kill from the start. We were able to control the game and we went for them from the start.” Finally, he showed his support for Benzema, who he believes is a great striker: “I didn’t speak to him after the game, but he had a great match and he showed he is good enough for Real Madrid.”


Nacho spoke following the Whites’ win against Getafe and highlighted how well he is doing with the team: “Ancelotti is giving me a lot of confidence. It’s a very exciting season for the ex-academy players because the coach has no problem putting home-grown youngsters in the team.” The defender also referred to his relationship with the Real Madrid fans:  “As an ex-academy player, it is great for the Santiago Bernabeu crowd to applaud you.”

The Real Madrid player spoke about his development within the team: “I have a lot of confidence. Last year I played several matches in a row and now the coach and the team are giving me a lot of confidence. I think I’m paying that back. It’s a very exciting season for the ex-academy players and it is very important. There is almost always a few of us in the starting eleven. Ancelotti has no problem putting home-grown youngsters in the team and that should make us work even harder.”



Asier Illarramendi started in Real Madrid’s winning clash against Getafe and gave his impressions of the match just after the final whistle: “It was an uphill battle at the start but then we came back from behind and played better. We scored four goals and we keep racking up points. We created chances and we didn’t cede in the back, which is also important.”

The midfielder also spoke about his first matches playing for Real Madrid: “They’ve really welcomed me and it was a shame that I got injured my first week here. But I’m constantly improving and we’ll see if little by little I can get into top form.” Regarding teammate Benzema, Illarramendi said: “He had a few shots today but it wasn’t meant to be. The main thing is to work and he’s doing well; the goals will come another day.” When asked about Bale’s discomfort during the pre-game warm-up he replied: “I don’t really know what happened but I hope it’s not serious.”

The team has an extensive range of options and is performing at a very high level despite changes in the line-ups. “The season is long and there will be games for everyone. I have to enjoy the game and the minutes I have”, admitted Illarramendi, who concluded by noting that at home the squad has to “win every match. The team has the confidence to come back from behind and that’s what happened. Up front we have the best players in the world who can score at any time. Now we have to think about the next match.”


Pics & Gifs via gfsports, iscoalarcons, concretar, tfortravis, & fyeahreal.


11 Responses to “Another Night, Another Win”

  1. Laura Witrak September 25, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    Okay – Nacho looks like he was designed by 13 year old fangirls. He is too cute. Also – do the players shave or wax their legs? Random, I know. I watched the game – SO FUN!

    • maisoun September 25, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

      I mean, they must right? I can’t think of one player with leg hair…..maybe all the rubbing of their shorts while running, buffed their hams to smooth perfection!

      • headbandsandheartbreak September 25, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

        Most of them wax or shave. Pirata’s got some hairy legs (and a chest). Xabi’s got a hairy chest too. But most of them are go for the smooth look.

        • Mehreh September 26, 2013 at 9:52 am #

          i volunteer to be their waxer. i am so giving..

          • Laura Witrak September 26, 2013 at 4:03 pm #

            Me too. Just think: perhaps there is a ONE waxer for the WHOLE TEAM. Oh man.

            • Laura Witrak September 26, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

              Perhaps La Ramos gets his chest shaved too? Is it possible to be able to grow that much awesome beard and be hairless on the chest? I have yet to see this naturally…not that it matters.

              • Mehreh September 26, 2013 at 5:17 pm #

                my theory was that most of them get lasered the minute they get a little money. all my persian and middle eastern girlfriends do. my friend and i were trying to find a picture of cris before he started getting rid of the body hair and had to go back QUITE a while.

  2. Gillian Rosh September 25, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    Read the title of this, and it made me think of this song:

    • maisoun September 26, 2013 at 12:04 am #

      Haha I knew what you were linking to before I even clicked!

    • Laura Witrak September 26, 2013 at 4:02 pm #

      HAHAHAHA! Now I can’t get this out of my head. Is it bad that I still like some of those songs? If they have an awesome season (which they will!) someone should edit the highlights to this song!

      • Gillian Rosh September 26, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

        It’s not bad at all 🙂 And I had the same thought about the highlights!

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