Real Madrid & Juventus Champions League Pressers

22 Oct

tumblr_mv2lhvUBG91sbj3p3o1_500There’s a whole lot of Cristiano coming your way right now as he was representing the players at the press conference with Carlito.However, we’ll let the Mister have his say first, because he’s the boss of us.


Ancelotti: “Juventus are well-organised and dangerous on the counter”
by Alberto Navarro

“I am confident that the team is playing better and can repeat the performance against Malaga, with the same level of intensity”, said the Real Madrid coach in the press room

Carlo Ancelotti appeared for the media the day before the third round of the Champions League match against Juventus. The Italian spoke about the match that will be played at the Bernabeu: “We have an important match against a tough opponent. Juventus are very organised and dangerous on the counter because they use the wings a lot. They also have a player like Pirlo to organise the play. They are very strong and standout for how they perform as a team. We need to play with intensity and courage. That is our aim. The team is improving. We did well against Malaga and I am confident that the team is better and can repeat Saturday’s performance in terms of intensity. The team are focused”.

When asked about Juventus’ last match, against Fiorentina, and how to stop Pirlo, he said: “To prepare for a match you have to watch every minute of the other team’s matches. Fifteen minutes do not change anything . The four goals that they conceded at the end are hard to explain and it has happened to every team. We have to look at the whole match. It is true that Pirlo is a very important player, but we don’t have to do something special because of him. We are working on a system of play and we are not going to change it”.

973-208-_HES2397,9Vidal and Buffon were the other players that the coach was asked about: “Vidal is very important because he breaks it into the opposing area well. Juventus’ strength is the group as a whole; it is supportive and has good quality . The danger is from the team, not just the players. There are many players with great quality”. He was clearer about Buffon and whether he could be compared with Casillas: “Buffon has played every match and Casillas has played a little less. For goalkeepers it is normal to make mistakes and it does not change the current value of the goalkeeper. He is still a good player , as is Casillas”.

Ancelotti, who is happy at having the entire squad available, did not reveal the starting line-up: “We have all of the players available and so I’m happy. Xabi Alonso is not in the squad even though he started training with the team yesterday. He has to get back up to speed and I hope that he is ready to play in 15 days. I’m not going to say what the team will be. I have a lot of options because all of the players are available, which is great news for everyone. Ramos is fit and available. He can play. I have a lot of quality centre-backs and rotating occasionally is good for avoiding injuries”.

18-253-_HES2417Thumb,8In reference to the important role that young players are playing in his team, he said: “The aim is for them to be Real Madrid’s future. Real Madrid has a clear stance regarding them and they are a priority for the club and the coach. It is not easy to play here, but the experience they are having is a good one. They are helping the team. Morata scored against Levante and played well against Malaga. I am happy and so are they”.

Ancelotti also spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale: “Good players should play together and it is good for the team if they play together. There is debate no within Real Madrid. That is happening outside the club. They have no problems playing together, each one in their position. Ronaldo starts on the wing and then score goals down the middle, because it is difficult to score from out on the wing. I am not going to change the position of a player who scores more than 50 goals in a year”.

When asked about Di Maria, he said: “He’s doing very well. He has quality, confidence and enthusiasm. He likes playing for Real Madrid. He has a strong character and I am very happy with him. He can play in different positions and that is why he is very important”. And about the importance of wide defenders in the system, he said: “The job that they do is important for the team and that is why they work hard. I want a lot of things in attack and also look to have balance. Rotating is just to avoid injuries”.

907-83-_HES2410Thumb,8In reference to Saturday’s Clasico, he said: “It is the biggest match in Spain. It will be special because we will play with a strong team and it is always competitive between Barcelona and Real Madrid. We are not in bad form and we will try to do our best”. When asked if has spoken with Mourinho recently, he was clear: “It is a long time since I’ve spoken with him but our relationship is good”.

Finally, about the differences between the Ancelotti that coached Juventus and the one at Real Madrid, he said: “A lot of things have changed because at Juventus I had less experience. The club had a great structure and I grew as a person and as a coach. The results were not good, but I have great memories of those years in Turin”.

I love it, they have almost identical “WTF?” expressions on their faces. Wonder what the question was?
584-536-_HES2275Thumb,22FROM REAL MADRID.COM

Cristiano Ronaldo: “We expect Juventus to be strong but if we win, we will be halfway there”
by Alberto Navarro

“We are improving and doing a very good job, that is the only way we will succeed”, said the Real Madrid forward

Real Madrid Training And Press ConferenceCristiano Ronaldo accompanied Carlo Ancelotti in the press room at Real Madrid City. The forward spoke about his team’s objective in this competition and the match against Juventus: “We only have six points and teams with six points do not qualify. It is a big match that all players want to play in. We are focused on it because it is the most important thing. We’re at home and we have to win. We expect a strong Juventus team, despite having lost to Fiorentina, they are a great team and very experienced. We have to play with intensity and concentration because that is the only way to win. They are a very strong and compact team. It is difficult to beat them and it would be unfair to choose one single player. I feel more towards Tevez because he has played with me”.

36-837-_HES2260Thumb,8The forward also spoke about the improvement in how his team are playing: “We are improving. We started a little weakly, but we’re better now. We are training well and have to keep doing so because the season is long. We have to improve gradually. We are doing a very good job and we will only be successful by improving. We have to keep going and play like we did against Malaga, because it is a very difficult competition that will be decided on small details. We are a top team. We are not at our best yet, but we have to keep working and we’ll be there for the end of the season. Personally, I will try to do my best until the end of the season”.

135-1003-_HES2292,9When asked about what the team needs to be able to play the way that the coach wants, he said: “We have to improve in all aspects, as much in defence as in attack. A team has to work as one. There are still a lot of matches to go and so this week will be important, but not decisive. We want to win and gain confidence. We know that tomorrow and Saturday will be two tough matches, but we are just thinking about Juventus”.

870-968-_HES2284Thumb,8Cristiano Ronaldo only had words of praise when asked about Ancelotti’s working methods: “It is an honour to work with him. He has won titles with every club that he has been at. I am delighted to be working with him. He is very professional and good person. I cannot say anything else and just want to win titles with him”.

393-38-_HES2254Thumb,8 (1)About Bale and his first few months as a Real Madrid player, he said: “He’s doing well. It has been tough for him since he arrived because he didn’t do the preseason. It is not easy for him. He is excited and we have to leave him be and not put any pressure on him. I’m sure he will do well. He is a great guy and a fantastic player who always wants to learn. All good players have to come together because that is how you will make a better team. I want to play with him because he’s a great player”. About the way that the Welshman takes free-kicks, he said: “Everyone has their own way of taking them”.

424-493-_HES2341Thumb,8About the excitement that winning the Champions League creates, he was clear: “I am excited about winning any competition. The Champions League is the biggest competition for the fans, but when I play in any competition, I play to win it. We have to think one match at a time and we have to win tomorrow”. When asked why he made the gesture that he made after scoring against Malaga and about the position he is playing, he said: “What happened stays on the field. I don’t have to talk about it anymore. The people that are clever know what I meant. I am playing in the same position as always. Nothing has changed. The coach gives me the freedom to play where I’m comfortable”.

774-404-_HES2251Thumb,8Regarding Benzema, he said: “We all have good and bad spells. Maybe he’s going through a difficult patch, but he is still important to us. We must always be ready for criticism. He is a great professional and he seems calm about things. Sooner than later he will be scoring goals”. When asked about who he would choose between the Frenchman and Morata, he was blunt: “It would not be good for me to choose one. I respect the coach’s decisions and if he thinks that Benzema is best for the team, that is how it is. I’ll try to do my best. Obviously I prefer one to the other, but I will not go into that”.

Real Madrid Training And Press ConferenceHe went on to underline Casillas’ importance to the club: “Everyone has their opinion. I will not say what mine is because I do not want to get into trouble. The coach said that Iker is important to the club and I’ll stand by that”. And regarding the Ballon d’Or, he said: “I’ve always respected people’s opinions. I always try to improve, be on top form and do the best for my club. I have to maintain this high level and FIFA will decide. If I win, perfect and if I don’t, I will keep working and my life will carry on. I’m happy playing football”.

Real Madrid Training And Press ConferenceIn reference to the possibility that he was very close to signing for Juventus when he was 18, he said: “I was close to going to a lot of teams. I only signed for Manchester United though. When I was 18 I was wanted by a lot of clubs and Juventus were one of them, but the club that gave me the most assurances about growing as a player and as a person was Manchester United”. There, with the English side, he played with Tevez, who will be on the opposing team tomorrow: “I have played with him a lot. We won a lot of things together and we have to be careful of him because he is dangerous. I hope that the Juventus lose and that he does not play well tomorrow”.

Real Madrid Training And Press ConferenceFinally, he denied that there is a hatred towards the Portuguese in Spain: “I don’t want to go into that, but I think that it started because of me. I do not see it as something racist. They chant things to annoy me and to try to make me play badly. You have to get used to it and give your best on the field. The fans show me affection and I cannot say anything else. I love Spain and the people here”.

That’s a whole lotta extreme close up Cris right there. You can count his pores if you’re so inclined.

Here’s a recap of the pressers in English and the full press conference in Spanish for your viewing pleasure.

Cris gives this presser a big thumbs up.

Cris gives this presser a big thumbs up.

Next up for Juventus were Drool alums coach Antonio Conte and center back Giorgio Chiellini.


Conte: “Real Madrid represent the highest point you can reach nowadays on a footballing level”

“They have so many champions that everyone is a danger” Chiellini said in the press room

726-977-_VCM7867Thumb,36Antonio Conte, the Juventus coach, and the player Giorgio Chiellini appeared in the Santiago Bernabéu press room to talk about tomorrow’s match between Juventus and Madrid at Madrid’s ground. The Italian team’s coach, who said that Real Madrid “represent the highest point you can reach nowadays at a footballing level”, admitted that they know “it will be a tough match. We are not afraid of them, but we do respect them because this team could potentially win the Champions League”. For his part, the defender emphasised Madrid’s strength: “Talking about Cristiano and Bale is hard when you talk about Real Madrid. They have so many champions that everyone is a danger”.

497-607-_VCM7796Thumb,22On the subject of his opponents form coming into the match, Conte said: “We are okay. No one is injured. We have come here after a rather unfortunate match but this is a very important fixture and they are a very strong team. It is very exciting for us. We are not afraid of them, but we do respect them because this team could potentially win the Champions League”. He also explained their stumble last weekend against Fiorentina where they lost 4-2 after leading 2-0: “This happens in football; it happened in the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool and in the match between Manchester United against Bayern Munich. It happened to us against Sampdoria, where we took the lead and lost 2-1”.

599-728-_VCM7989Thumb,8The Juventus coach predicted a close-fought competitive match: “We are in the Bernabéu and we will try to play our own style. We know that we will be facing a very strong rival. It is an incentive to be able to do what Real Madrid do. They are very strong and have very strong players, like Bayern and Monaco do. Tomorrow will be a good match, with a lot of action and excitement. We know that it will be difficult and we will have to work hard. It will be a match that will let us see how far we can go technically and tactically”. However, Conte is aware of the opposition’s strength: “We are playing away, against Real Madrid, a team of champions, who have scored ten goals in two matches. For our part we are very keen to play a good match and show that we can compete at this sort of level with these champions”.

_VCM7892ThumbThe Juventus coach also talked about Fernando Llorente’s position: “We have played eight matches and Fernando has played in three of them. He arrived after a year of inactivity in Bilbao and where he was under a lot of pressure, it is not unusual for him to need a bit of time to get back to normal. For him this season is about getting used to Italian football. He is fit and he will be available to play”. Asked about one of his key players, the Chilean Arturo Vidal, he underlined that “he is important for Juventus, as are the other players. We always think as a team”.

535-352-_VCM7967Thumb,22He also carried on praising his opponent, which he believes is a great team: “It is the most famous team in the world. Everyone says that you are strong like Real Madrid. They are used as an example. They have a structure based around winning everything you can win. They have very strong players. They want to win every year and if you come here you know you will have to give everything. I don’t see any difference from last year. They are very strong”. Conte had a great deal of praise for Ancelotti, with whom he worked at Juventus: “I am a little bit envious of the career he has had with so much success, but I am happy with mine and I think I have had a lot of good moments with Juventus. Everything he has done he has deserved. I had the chance to train with him here and we had two very good years. Real Madrid represent the highest point you can reach nowadays at a footballing level. I wish him luck”.

185-568-_VCM7936Thumb,8Giorgio Chiellini also gave his opinion on the Ronaldo-Bale pair, which he could face in the match: “Talking about Cristiano and Bale is difficult when you talk about Real Madrid. They have so many champions that everyone is a danger. At this level it will be very competitive. They are players who we all respect a lot. We will be facing a very strong team and the best players and we know that we can play at that level. We are very keen to play well but we know that teams are under a lot of pressure here”.

535-479-_VCM7846Thumb,8The Italian defender mentioned the most recent meeting between the two teams in the Champions League: “Regarding the match from five years ago, the team which has grown the most is us because they were already very strong with Raúl, Sneijder and Van Nistelrooy. After that win, we went on an eleven-match winning streak. This is a different time. A match like this one brings out everything you have within you and you know you have to give everything, as well as having a bit of luck. We are very excited; this is a very important match”.

(Additional shots via GF Sports, football-hqs and realmadridtv)

– Lozil

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