Commander Cristiano Leads Troops to Victory

2 Nov

Attention Troop Real Madrid, Commander Cristiano is on the pitch! I’m sure Sepp Blabber didn’t know what he was setting in motion when he made his comments, but he should think about sending an apology to Sevilla! Don’t piss off our Crissy, nuh uh. Aside from the drama, how amaaaaze was it watching an RM goal-fest again?? I love it! Can’t we use fury of a trophy-less season and the Spanish media circus to push us to bring the ass kicking to EVERY match?? Let’s do it Los Blancos.

Oh, did I say don’t piss off Cris? That goes for Madridistas too. The fans stood behind Cris and brought their signs with messages to Mr. Blabber.

It wasn’t long before the boys got the ball rolling (literally) and in the 14th minute, it was Bale who opened up the scoring. Look at G-Money doing what he was brought here to do. Oooh-We!

Thirteen minutes later and he was at it again. Bale tried his hand  foot at a Cristiano free kick goal and it worked! His shot took a deflection off of Moreno, but hey, a goal’s a goal.

No time to slow down, RM was awarded a penalty in the 32nd minute. Isco was taken down by Moreno in the area and Commander Cris stepped up, like always, to take the penalty. With this goal, not only was he nearing Puskas’ goal scoring record but his goal celebration will go down in RM history!

He would look amaze in uniform though, wouldn’t he?


And for a minor break in our fabulosity, Sevilla scored two goals within two minutes. The first, in the 38th minute, was a penalty awarded after Sergio’s challenge on Figueiras and the second was a goal from Bacca. Returning from halftime, it was the RM show once again. It was Bale with the assist, serving Benz up with a lovely shot. Get it Croissant! Benzy’s celebration was all about the French Connection, running his bootay to the bench & Zizou for a hugsy. Awwwwww….but no besos? Pourquoi?

Here’s a cute moment that happened between goals, we were up for a free kick and instead of Cristiano taking it, it looks like he gave Sergio a little lesson. The smiles. *___*

Real Madrid CF v Sevilla FC - La Liga

Annnnnnd back to the goal-fest. Cristiano’s number two came in the 60th minute, again set up by Bale!

A minor note, Sevilla scored another goal in the 63rd minute, giving them a total of three….but I say let them have three, we were on our way to scoring seven! Now a major note, the 64th minute was all about…THE RETURN OF XABI!


Cristiano wrapped up his night in the 71st minute, scoring his third and final goal of the match. HALA HAT TRICKS! With his goal, Cristiano became the 5th highest scorer for Real Madrid, passing Puskas. With 6 more goals, he’ll be in 4th place, passing up Hugo Sanchez.


It was the 80th minute and we were finishing off on a much higher note than Sevilla. We had one more goal in us and they had just finished missing a penalty and seeing one of their players get sent off. Wah wah wah. Benz finished off the match with an AWESOME header. Thank God he shaved that thing off his head or the ball may have gone in the wrong direction….

Woot Woot for our boys, hat tricks, beating records, & goal-fests!

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, sr4oldpics, tfortravis, football-hqs, gbales, & megustaelfutbol.


Post Match Comments



Carlo Ancelotti was happy with his team’s big win against Sevilla in a match that showed off the Whites’ attacking potential. The Whites’ coach said the following about the match: “We played well, faster and more vertically, but we need more balance. The attacking play was fantastic tonight. Today’s match shows that this team can play good football.” He also praised the scorers on the night: “All three played an important role and were very dangerous; they combined very well.”

Ancelotti offered his analysis of the 7-3 win against Sevilla in the press room: “It was a bit of a strange and crazy match. We started very well but lost our concentration a little after our third and the match was in the balance again. But after that, we played very well, we scored a lot of goals. We were missing a bit of balance because when you are winning 3-0 you have to be a little bit more careful to avoid problems.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema shared goal-scoring duties. Ancelotti was asked about the Frenchman: “He played well, the three of them combined very well, Bale scored and made assists. The combination plays by the three of them were very good and Karim scored two goals. They all played an important and were very dangerous.” About Bale, who scored a brace, he said: “He had a fantastic match and showed his fitness. He had no problems and is confident. He will be very important for us. Bale played very well throughout the match and also scored two goals and combined well with Cristiano and Benzema.”

Another positive was the return of Xabi Alonso, who replaced Illarra in the second half. Ancelotti spoke about  the importance of player from Tolosa: “After a long time out it is very important to get his quality and experience back. We have to give him pitch time, he has the desire and enthusiasm to play. He is ready to start a match and is training very well. He has done what he needs to do to be physically fit. For him, physical condition is not as important as for others because he has such quality that he can play without being at 100%.”

About whether he has considered playing with Bale on the right with Di Maria more central, he said: “Di Maria can play in the centre, on the left or on the right. Now we have the whole squad available because Xabi Alonso is also back. We are close to having a compact and dangerous team. Physically they are doing well and today’s match shows that this team can play good football.”

When asked about the job done by the three forwards and potential defensive problems, he said: “The top three have worked very well pressing , but lacked balance. We pressed in the middle, but left the flanks open. And the wide defenders had some difficulty. We have to find balance with the other seven, not just the three up front.” Finally, when asked about the difference between referees in different leagues he has coached in, he said: “I like to talk about the difficulties that referees face and I think it’s easier in England than in other countries because they have less pressure.”


At the end of the game, Álvaro Arbeloa referred to what Blatter said about Cristiano Ronaldo: “You have to have a little more respect when you have a position like he has. Ronaldo is a reference point in the world of football. Whoever likes football has to like Cristiano Ronaldo.” He also emphasized that Benzema is a great player you can depend on: “He’s one of the best forwards in the world and Real Madrid is lucky to have him.”

The Real Madrid wing underlined the team’s attitude at the start of the game: “We had good control during the first half hour and due to the penalty and the 3-2 score, it’s true it was a little crazy.” In regards to the fans, Arbeloa explained that he has nothing but gratitude for them: “I’m very grateful to the people who clapped for me for their support and to those who booed for their demands and for expecting the most. I thank the fans for caring.”

The Real Madrid player also referred to what Blatter said about Cristiano Ronaldo: “You have to have a little more respect when you have a position like Blatter has. The things he’s said in public and hearing what he says in private attracts attention. Everybody’s noticed. I don’t know if it explains a lot of things, but it can explain some. They’re things that nobody understands.” The capped Spanish player praised Cristiano Ronaldo: “He’s a point of reference in the world of football. Whoever likes football has to like Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a great personality and he’s gotten where he is because of his valour and personality. It’s extra motivation for him.”

Arbeloa also emphasized Bale and Benzema’s performances: “Gareth is a great player. He still needs to get into the rhythm of things and adapt, but he’s really doing great for the time he’s been in.” In reference to the French forward, Arbeloa said that “Those of us who work with him aren’t surprised. We’ve always had confidence in him. He’s one of the best forwards in the world and Real Madrid is lucky to have him.”



Xabi Alonso made his Bernabeu return following his injury. The midfielder spoke about the ovation that the crowd gave him when he went on to the field in the 63rd minute: “I am grateful for the affection and respect from the crowd. I’m very happy. I have no problems and I hope to slowly get there to be able to help the team. I feel like the team is taking shape but there are still things to polish. By reinforcing what we do well and correcting what we can do better we hope to go as far as we want to.”

The Basque player also commented on Bale’s performance: “He needs a period of adjustment to La Liga because it is very different to the Premier League. We also need time to get used to him and vice-versa. His quality can be seen and when he settles with the team he will improve more.” About Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration after Blatter’s comments, he said: “He is right to take it with humour.”


Illarra started in the win against Sevilla and was very happy with the team’s attitude: “It was important to win this match. We spoke about going out there at full pace in the dressing room, which we tried to do and we played pretty well. We pressed up front and stole the ball. After the break we went back out there strongly. We have to keep going along the same lines. In the middle and at the back we have to play quickly with two touches because we have people that can change things up front. We were lucky enough to get three early goals and we are very happy. The worse thing for us is that the match was going well and we conceded two goals straight after each other. After the break, the team responded well.”

About how he felt personally, he said: “I’m getting better every match and have keep going in that direction.” He also spoke about Xabi Alonso’s return: “He is important for us, he has been here for a long time and has always been important. There will be more competition and that is good for the team and helps us all to improve. We have a match every three days and we will have to rotate to get rest. The important thing is carry on as we are, whoever plays.” Finally, he spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo: “We have to support him in everything, FIFA made a mistake, have apologised, and that is the end of it.”


Gareth Bale appeared before the media after the win against Sevilla and expressed his satisfaction over his progress: “I felt good and I played the whole match. I have to keep getting better and work hard to be one hundred percent as soon as possible. It’s been a great night and was important for my fitness level. We played very well and hopefully we’ll have more matches like this in the future. Right now I have to keep getting better and work hard and I’ll try to be one hundred percent as soon as possible.”

Bale gave his best performance yet with Real Madrid and enjoyed the goal-fest: “It was a great match with great atmosphere. We played very well and we got a lot of goals. But most importantly we earned three points and we scored a lot of goals, which is really positive for us. On the down side, we conceded several goals, but we’re focusing on the positive as it boosts our confidence.”

The Welsh footballer was in the opening line-up and played the 90 minutes. Speaking of his level of fitness, he stressed: “I felt good and I played the whole match. After not having a normal pre-season, it’s important for me to pace myself so I can give my best. It’s been a great night. I obviously needed time to improve physically, but I’m very pleased to have played 90 minutes. It’s been important for my fitness level. We played very well tonight and hopefully we’ll have more matches like this in the future. Right now I have to keep getting better and work hard and I’ll try to be one hundred percent as soon as possible.”

Asked about Xabi Alonso’s return to the team, Bale said: “He’s a great player. He’s been very consistent in recent seasons and it’s fantastic to have him back. His experience is going to serve us all out on the field because he’s capable of leading the match really well. It’s fantastic that he’s returned.”

Rayo Vallecano and Juventus are the Whites’ next rivals and Bale can’t wait to face them. “It’s a very exciting time. We have big matches ahead and everyone’s looking forward to them. We’re feeling very confident and hopefully we can keep winning and giving performances like tonight’s,” he explained. Lastly, he referred to the play where he fell inside Sevilla’s goal area: “I felt contact. I’m not a player that looks for contact and that’s why I fell.”




4 Responses to “Commander Cristiano Leads Troops to Victory”

  1. Christine November 2, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    That’s right…don’t mess with our boys! Si senor …mess with the bull, you get the horns! Did I just say that??? Yup sure did! P.S. I’ve turned into my mother with that one.

  2. M November 2, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    Thank you so much for this post. I enjoyed every bit of it.

  3. Tatiana November 2, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    Great post, thank you! Pictures of Cris, Sergio and Alvaro, aww… And return of The Xabi, nice!

  4. futbolfan November 2, 2013 at 5:22 pm #

    Those front three though… joke.
    Also, Cris in uniform? Woooweeee!
    Benz to Zizou also totally warmed my heart.
    Great match.

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