Juventus: Home & Away

8 Nov


One thing is for sure, victory always looks good on our boys. They moving through the Champions League nicely and we can only hope the victories keep comin’! Two legs with Juventus, 4 goals, and 4 points taken away….get ready for a big ol’ recap.

First Leg: Home

Pre-game BESOS!!!! If I could only look at one Gif for the rest of my life, it would be one of the Seriker besos Gifs. *sigh*

Cristiano knows how to please his home crowd, getting the ball rolling and scoring after just four minutes of play!

Llorente followed with a goal in the 22nd minute, but that would be all for his side. Cris followed up with a second goal seven minutes after that when RM was awarded a penalty.

The goal scoring action was wrapped up for both sides, with the first half not even over, but this is Real Madrid and there’s still pretty pretty to be seen. Behold the San Iker Section with some nekkie Sese to follow.



I feel like I should amend my earlier statement about Seriker besos Gifs…..Iker’s post match bromancing with Gigi is very close to trumping his pre-game bromancing with Sergio.

Second Leg: Away


Well, well, well, our captains aren’t the only ones tempted by the pre-game beso tradition.



The Juve homeboys opened up the scoring the 2nd time around, in the 41st minute with a penalty scored by Arturo Vidal. But just because they got that one doesn’t mean San Iker wasn’t bringing the fiyah, the man works during his 90 minutes.  Also…..what the hell is up with all the penalties we’ve been seeing lately?? I’ve lost count of how many there have been.

Cris popped his first goal in, in the 52nd minute, equalizing.

Eight minutes later, G-Money put us in the lead with his far shot to the low corner. Oooh-we!

Our lead lasted a whole five minutes before Llorente equalized. I tell ya, the match may have ended in a tie but we were the real winners after getting a glimpse at Cris & that thigh.

After those Gifs, I’m not sure if you’ll be able to comprehend the post match comments, but they’re there for when y’all are ready for them. 😉

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, fyeahreal, xiaoyao0620, tfortravis, imking666, gbales, j-u-v-e, sr4oldpics, lovefootballyeah, & megustaelfutbol.


Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com


Carlo Ancelotti analysed the game against Juventus for the media, a game in which the Whites earned a draw that leaves them as strong favourites to finish first in their qualifying group. Ancelotti focused on the difference between both halves of the game: “In the second half, we played very well and were confident going forward and I’m happy with that. In the first half, we played too deep and Pogba and Marchisio caused problems for our defenders. Our midfielders were worried about their position and we didn’t pressure them enough up front. We defended very deep in the first half, but in the second we pressured Juventus further up the field and had more possession and control of the match. We improved and the second half was very good.”

The Whites coach also talked about why he played Ramos at right back: “Carvajal and Arbeloa are available, but when Juventus came to Madrid they played a lot of balls to the far post and we had some problems with that. Ramos is good in the air and that’s why he played there. He has done well. He’s a central defender, but when the team need him he can play there too, although this is just provisional. That way, we are more comfortable dealing with corners.” As for Varane, he said: “We need to remember that he is just 20 years old and has an extraordinary talent. He will be one of the best defenders in the world but before that he will make these mistakes.”

When asked about the performance of Casillas, Ancelotti stated clearly: “He has played fantastically, keeping his position very well and staying calm. He had a very good game and was decisive in the first half because he made two great saves. We’re lucky to have two great goalkeepers and I understand that for him it’s not easy to not play so many games. He’s very professional and is always ready to play.”

Goals by Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale allowed Real to gain a point in the Juventus Stadium which keeps them firmly on top of their group. “Our forwards are incredibly fast and they give us so much more when the game is   open. We have to use this ability. We controlled the game well in the second half and we were agressive,” stated  Ancelotti.

Asked about how long we would stay in  Madrid  and his opinion of Juventus, he said: “I don’t know how long I’m going to be here. I want this team to play well. Juventus are a very solid team, very strong and with some great individual talent. I think that they will get through this group along with us.” As for the booing of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Juventus Stadium, he stated finally: “I’ve heard that in other grounds too but I don’t think that it has bothered him as he played so well.”


Casillas was the goalkeeper for the match against Juventus and spoke about where the result leaves the team straight after the match: “We are a small step away from qualifying and we are doing very well in the Champions League, with ten points from twelve. This match against Juventus was good for us too. Now we can focus on league a little more, to see if we can cut the gap to Atletico and Barcelona. We’ll see if we can get through as group winners in the next European match.”

The captain also spoke about the rotation in goal: “I’m happy, I don’t think that it is straight forward to get to be able to play now and whenever there’s a chance I have to be at my best for the coach to be confident in me. It is hard to stay focused playing every two weeks but with help from the whole team it is easier to do well.”

Finally, he spoke about his relationship with Buffon: “He congratulated me for the result and the match. We have played each other a lot and we wish each other luck and hopefully we’ll meet again soon.”


Sergio Ramos played at right-back against Juventus. The Spanish international said that he was happy with the second half: “It’s true that we could have worked harder to pressure them as a block and try to win the ball back in their half. The first half was much more even, but in the second half we were more comfortable and made Juventus drop back more. For me, the most positive aspect of the game was the second half as we dominated the game more than in the first.”

As for his position he played in, he said: “To be honest, there was no time to practice it. Over the last few years, I’ve played more as a central defender, but I’m ready to help out wherever I’m needed. The important thing is to be picked for the team. It’s nothing new for me playing as a full-back because I played there for many years and I have to help the team. The coach told me that it was just a temporary decision and I’m always ready to give my all in any position.”

Ramos also spoke about Gareth Bale’s performance: “I’m not surprised. Little by little he will start to feel better and that will show in games.” As for the question of the goalkeeper, he said: “For Real Madrid it’s an advantage to have two great goalkeepers and it’s up to the coach to decide.”


Left-back Marcelo was on the starting 11 in Turin and discussed the efforts of the Whites’ defence in the last half of the match: “Although we haven’t qualified mathematically we’re really close. It was a tough pitch, we managed to play a good game and defend well. The first half wasn’t so good, but we defended better in the second. The coach gave us a lot of confidence and I think the team is playing much better. Every match is important and the next one, right before the break, is also complicated.”

The Brazilian commented on the right-back position of Ramos: “I’m not surprised; we have a lot of skilled players that can play in different positions. Ancelotti gives us confidence and we return the feeling.” He also discussed the rotation under the goalpost: “We have two amazing goalkeepers who are focused in every game they play and both are playing well. When they play they’re phenomenal.”

When asked about the impressive form of Cristiano Ronaldo the defender replied: “He’s always good, training hard. Of course he deserves to win the Ballon d’Or but he’s focused on the team, not the individual award. By winning with the team he’s sure to win it.” Regarding the team’s evolution, Marcelo said: “We’ve played much better in recent matches and our goal is to improve in every game. We know that our second half against Rayo wasn’t good, but we learn from our errors and have shown that we can play better on both offence and defence.”


Eight goals in four Champions League matches. Cristiano Ronaldo sets the pace for Real Madrid and, despite not having mathematically sealed qualification for the next round, he knows that it is almost a given and is happy about that: “I am happy with my eight goals but will try to score more. We are almost through, we need another point but it is almost done and we are happy.”

Ronaldo said the team’s improvement in the second half was the key to coming back from 1-0 down at halftime: “In the first we didn’t play very well, we were very defensive. Then the coach told us we had to attack, we had to use the flanks and that is what we did and it worked. That is when we scored the two goals.”

The draw against Juve almost assures passage to the Champions League round of 16: “We are practically through, we need one point, but it is almost done and we are happy.” When asked how he feels about his goal scoring record in the group stage, the forward said: “I’m happy with my eight goals. It is very good, but I’ll try to score more.”

Cristiano’s hunger has been added to by Gareth Bale’s and according to his teammate he is starting to deliver what was hoped of him: “He is a very important player for us and I think he will help us a lot. Things are going well.”


Jesé, who Ancelotti brought on in the second half, discussed his participation in the match and praised the skill of the rival’s forwards: “It was a nice match to play with a great atmosphere. I like playing these games. There’s a lot of skill up front, they’re great players on an international level. It’s about learning from them, playing with them, because it’s clear that they’re better.”

The home-grown forward also had words of praise for his teammates, particularly Cristiano Ronaldo:The number of goals that Cristiano has scored in the Champions League is impressive. He’s better than ever this year. He scores so many goals you lose count. We were just joking about it a little while ago. He’s happy with his performance.” Regarding Casillas, Jesé said: “He’s a fantastic goalkeeper and he proves it every time he plays. We’re really lucky because we have two great goalkeepers.”

On a personal level, Jesé continues to gain first-tier experience in his first season on the squad: “The coach keeps relying on me. It’s not easy to play in Real Madrid and you have to train hard. I have to keep working so that he keeps giving me minutes, it’s important to me. You can’t settle. Now we have to focus and think about the next match. We have to win and keep adding points.”




2 Responses to “Juventus: Home & Away”

  1. Laura Witrak November 8, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Oh San Iker – I was only able to watch the first half and I was SO happy for and proud of him. He is amazing. And I do love seeing him and Gigi play against each other and then share some love.

  2. futbolfan November 8, 2013 at 8:28 pm #

    Iker really is something else though. I do miss seeing our Capi play more.
    And CRIS! Put that away! Actually maybe don’t 🙂

    Varane: I swear it was a commentator’s curse. Every two seconds they were heaping hyperbolic praise on him, whether he was on or off the ball. And then…2 goals. Haha it’s ok bebe, BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT IS UP WITH THE PENALTIES??

    And G-Money….hmmmm…..you’re doing preeetty darn good buddy. Keep it up!

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