La Roja in Equatorial Guinea

15 Nov


Oh look, cuties on a plane! I’m going to forgive Javi’s thumbs up/point to ya homie combination, because I realize it could have been a lot worse…. He could’ve went all wangsta on us & posed with his chin resting between his thumb and index finger. Yeah, you know the pose. *sigh*

Today was travel day for La Roja. They made their way to Malabo, a five hour plane ride from Madrid, where they’ll play the break’s first friendly against Equatorial Guinea.





Before we get into the rest of today’s La Roja goodies, here are some training leftovers from yesterday.



I think Sergio is sending the message loud and clear to Fernando…..if I cant’ have you….I’ll take your boo and by literally sweeping him off his feet!

Nice Sergio, push the little guy down in order to help yourself up!

When not picking on the little guys, Sergio went for those his size as well. Two lovebirds, one stone kick.

Sergio, let’s not hurt our teammates, alright?!

While on the subject of leftovers, I found this Seriker gif from the kit launch and had, had, had to share.

EEEEEEEEE they’re freaking adorable.

VdB, Sexy Care Bear, and hand gesture challenged Javi Martinez, sat down for a chat with the press today.



“I can confirm that I have signed with the Spanish national team up until 2016,” Del Bosque said, without giving any further details.

Del Bosque also did not talk about the controversy around Saturday’s game, but was polite to his hosts.

“We have been very well received here and we have a responsibility for what we represent,” he said. “The two games [this week] are equally important for us. Guinea are a well organized team, who like to play on the wings. They will want to make it difficult for us, for sure.”

“We are looking for all the players to get a chance to play,” Del Bosque said. “We have a lot of players for each position. We hope to be fair in our choices. I believe we are well covered. Javi Martinez has some niggles, but we hope that will not stop him taking part.”






Regularity – “Whenever I come to play, it feels like the first time. Yes, I’m much better, but I try to do my best regardless, my goal is to play many more games and minutes better and better.”

Reception in Malabo – “There has been a lot of affection, since we’ve gotten off the plane to the hotel.”

Opponent – “For them will be a very important game and they will give everything. In the end, there are players that are going to make it difficult. ”

Image – “We try to give the best image for our shirt wherever it is, we want to look good, and that the Guineans have a good time.”




Reception – “Whenever we come to Africa it has been very special, yet much more here because there are people with Spanish roots, we have had a lot of affection.”

“They’re going to make it difficult for us. For the Guineans, it’s the game of their lives. It’s a celebration for them and for the fans. They’ll be tough, but we’ll be trying to win.”

“We make a lot of journeys, covering many kilometres, but the enthusiasm to come always overcomes everything. Many times we say it doesn’t matter where we’re playing, because coming with the national team is the most important thing.”

“After achieving a World Cup and two European Championships in the last six years, we’re one of the favorites, but there are many powerful teams, such as Germany, who have a fantastic squad.”


The La Roja promos (my fingers want to write pornos) keep comin’ at us. Here’s a new clip from Adidas, showing off our boys and their new kits. The vid shows guys shaving their heads, getting tattoos, all for Spain, and Adidas wants to know what we’re willing to do for Spain. Question……do they words without actions, because what most of us are willing to do, will get us all in a hell of a lot of trouble! 😉



The two Martinezes, Javi & Inigo, posted the gorgeous views they have from their rooms in Malabo….




BZIz7FdIQAAIaaE.jpg large

….and Iker posted this pornstache shot of him thanking everyone for the support on his new website.


Pics, Gifs, & Videos via gfsports, lafurriaroja, sr4oldpics, infocasillas, momoiromomoiro, & sefutbol.

Game day tomorrow, vamos La Roja!


5 Responses to “La Roja in Equatorial Guinea”

  1. Rosa November 15, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Love the pictures and the videos. It’s so great to see them. Have you noticed how big watches are these days? I’m still crushed about the news about Sergito.

  2. Allison November 16, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    Those red track suits are so ugly.

    • Mehreh November 17, 2013 at 12:36 am #

      The kits make them look like bayern. Not bad, just a little familiar already.

      • Lara November 17, 2013 at 8:49 am #

        My thoughts exactly.

  3. Christine November 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm #

    Watching the match now, gotta say the EQ squad has some real hotties.

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