FIFPro 2013 World XI Voting Day: Everyone Doesn’t Hate Cris

21 Nov

817-596-_1AM0077Thumb,8It’s that time of year! The team voted for the FIFPro 2013 World XI while Iker, the Mister & Isco gave their thoughts on Cristiano for the Ballon D’Or in interviews.
530-431-_1AM0144Thumb,22FROM REALMADRID.COM

Squad vote for FIFA FIFPro 2013 World XI

The winners will be announced at the Ballon d’Or ceremony to be held in Zurich on 13 January

Real Madrid’s players have cast their votes for the FIFA FIFPro 2013 World XI, which will be announced at the Ballon d’Or ceremony which is to be held on 13 January in Zurich. The eleven will include a goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards. More than 50,000 professional footballers from 65 countries will take part in the vote, which closes on Monday 25 November. Last year five Madrid players were honoured.

Since 2009 the worldwide professional footballers’ body has organized this vote in cooperation with FIFA. This is the ninth consecutive year that it is being held and last season Casillas, Ramos, Marcelo, Alonso and Cristiano Ronaldo were winners. Before the ceremony the five goalkeepers, 20 defenders, 15 midfielders and 15 forwards on the short-list will be announced.

Iker was at a Head & Shoulders event and spoke about Cristiano and rather unbelievably, someone asked about Mou. JFC, people, LET. IT. GO.


Casillas: “I voted for Ronaldo for the Ballon d’Or, it would surprise me if he doesn’t win it
by Diego Jabalquinto

“We’re going to Almeria to get the three points and close the gap on those above us”, said the Real Madrid captain

Iker Casillas took part in a publicity event on Thursday at which the Real Madrid captain spoke about the latest news at the club. The White’s goalkeeper revealed who his Ballon d’Or vote went to: “My first vote went to Cristiano. You’ll have to wait until January for the rest. It gets tiring being asked who you’ve voted for. I think he deserves it and that he is having a spectacular year. It would surprise me if he doesn’t win it. It is a vote and everyone has their own criteria: titles, how players play … I’ve gone for a player that scored more than 90 goals in 80 matches; it is an outrageous record”.

In reference to the change to the voting date and the prestige of the trophy, he said: “I voted the other day and the federation already sent it off. I will not change my vote. They were big matches to decide World Cup places inside and outside Europe. There were players who had a lot to play for. I don’t look at it as a bad thing. I think is prestigious and always has been. It can be more or less fair but it is a vote and you have to trust the results and the people involved”.

“In this case, the FIFA president was unfortunate. If that video had not been released it would have stayed as just an anecdote. But this is football. There’s no need to focus on the negatives. Everyone makes mistakes. People have to recognise when they make mistakes and I think he apologised. I think that is that. What Ronaldo did brilliantly was to do his talking on the field and when a player does his talking out on the field it brings its rewards and hopefully he will get his. We will all be happy because we, Real Madrid, will have contributed towards winning the Ballon d’Or”, he said about Blatter’s comments.

To close the subject of the Ballon d’Or, Casillas was asked if the Real Madrid forward will go to the gala in Zurich: “I have not spoken with Cristiano about whether or not he’ll be going. He is a great player and will make his own decision. I know what I would do. He is a great player and a great person and he knows what he ought to do. If they allow votes from some journalists in a vote amongst captains and coaches, who should be those that know the most about football in theory, then they have to allow all journalists to vote. If journalists get votes then it should be them all, not just a few”.

About his current situation at Real Madrid and the team’s first choice goalkeeper, he explained that “I am not thinking about the World Cup right now. I am thinking about doing things right with my club now and training more and working hard to be available for the coach when he needs me. We have done what we needed to do with Spain, we qualified for the World Cup and now I am working to keep doing well at Real Madrid, and if you do well the coach will see that and you’ll get named in the list of 23. I am fighting to be first choice. You can’t give up, you have to keeping fight. Make more sacrifices to get to play in every match. It is the coach’s decision and what I have to do is train and fight for that position, the same as my teammates do”.

“I don’t think that I gave an ultimatum. Every time I talk it is taken out of context. I’m delighted to be here. I want to stay here and finish my career here. If I do not play then I will say that I am sad because I am not playing. What I want is to help the team win as many titles as possible and be available for the coach”, he said about his future. About the similarity of what he is experiencing this season to what Caesar experienced last season, he said: “We have a schedule where the Champions League is the focus. There are four matches that I will be playing in before the end of the year and I’m delighted. The situation eleven years ago is not the same as now; I’m a more veteran player now. Every situation helps you in some way. Eleven years ago it helped me to mature and I am learning from this situation”.

The team plays against Almeria on Saturday in matchday 14, about which said: “It is not the first time that it has happened. Luckily, Real Madrid players play a key role for their countries, but it is something that gets in the way of the coaches’ plans for the next match. Almeria have one or two internationals players and have had two weeks to prepare for this important match. It is not an excuse. We are used to playing on Wednesday and Saturday and we are going there to get three points and close the gap with those above us”.

The Real Madrid captain also had words of praise another of his teammates: Casemiro. “In the pre-season, because of injuries to teammates, I think he made the most of his chances. In fact the press and his teammates saw that he was doing well. Then, with Illarra coming here and Xabi Alonso returning, he may have had fewer opportunities. He is an enthusiastic young lad who trains well. He has a good chance because of Sami’s misfortune and we all have to help him. I know that he will contribute and help the team over the coming months”.

About the players missing for this match, Casillas said: “We think about ourselves as a club. They are two important absences, especially Sami, which is a long-term injury. We all know that these matches can take their toll. There was a lot to play for in Coentrão’s case, but in a friendly like Germany were playing it does make you more annoyed. We have a good enough squad to make up for the losses and the coach will decide who plays where. We hope that they both recover as soon as possible”.

When asked by about the coach over the last three seasons, the Whites’ goalkeeper was clear. “Working with Mourinho was a pleasure for me. We had some very good results over those three years. We won a Copa del Rey, which we hadn’t done for a long time, and a La Liga title that we dominated. I’ll take away the good things and I said that three months ago. I have no problem with him. What we had to say, we said it face-to-face”.

Barcelona also have some players out of action following the international break, about which Casillas said that “they have great players and I don’t think that it will affect them”. In reference to how well Atlético are doing, he said: “They are doing very well. You have to keep them in mind because of how they are playing. They are where they are on merit and are playing well. They are doing great in the Champions League and in La Liga and can compete against both Barcelona and Real Madrid”.

The Mister was interviewed for Real Madrid TV and he raved about Cris.

754-280-_EEC0050Thumb,8FROM REALMADRID.COM

Ancelotti: “Everyone can see that Ronaldo is number one at the moment”

“In recent matches we have played better, the squad is very good and has a combination of experience, quality and enthusiasm; we could have a great season”, the Madrid coach said in an interview with Realmadrid TV

Carlo Ancelotti gave an interview to Realmadrid TV in which he referred to the Whites’ current campaign. The Italian, who is confident of completing a great season, analysed the potential of his players and showed his satisfaction with their recent performances: “In recent matches we have shown that the team has tried to be more balanced on the pitch and we have played better. The future will be better because the squad is good, the players are motivated, and the fans are behind us, which puts pressure on the team and motivates them”. He also enthusiastically praised Cristiano Ronaldo: “I saw the match against Sweden and I asked myself if it was true that this footballer plays for Real Madrid. It is hard to talk about him at the moment because every can see that he is number one at present”.

Ancelotti closely followed the World Cup play-off matches in which six Madrid players qualified. “This is very good because everyone wants to play in the World Cup and they come back very happy and hopefully without any problems”, said the Italian, who singled out Ronaldo’s performance: “I really like seeing him play because at the moment he is incredible and he is playing extraordinary football. I think that it would be a big decision not to give the Ballon d’Or to Cristiano Ronaldo. I hope he does win it because he deserves it”.

Before the international break, Real Madrid had a great run of matches. “The first half against Real Sociedad was very good. We have played very well in spells in a lot of matches but now we need consistency”, said Ancelotti, who mentioned Khedira’s injury: “It forces you decide whether to continue with this system and put in a player with the same characteristics or whether to change it. We have several solutions. There is no particular system you win or lose with. The squad is very good and it has a combination of experience, quality and the enthusiasm of the younger players. We could have a great season”.

He also talked about what has been his biggest surprise in his five months coaching Real Madrid: “Living in a club like Real Madrid is very different from how you think it will be from outside. I have always thought that it is a prestigious club with a lot of history and tradition, but experiencing it from inside is different. Everyone says that Real Madrid is the most prestigious club in the world and it is true because every time we go to a hotel or an airport, the fans are right behind the team and the club”.

The Madrid manager also answered other questions about his personal life, like how he has settled in Madrid: “It is a city with a very similar culture to what you see in Italian cities. I would compare it to Rome because of its history, not Milan which is an industrial city. It is very different to London or Paris. People here like to talk, share, greet each other and socialise more”. On the subject of the differences between the other clubs that has managed and Real Madrid, he said: “I had never seen nine European Cups together. There is one missing”.


344-211-_4AM1038Thumb,8Isco completed the trio giving Cristiano a love fest as he was interviewed for UEFA’s magazine.


Isco: “Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world and helps me in every training session because he always wants to win”

“There is no better place to grow than Real Madrid”, said the midfielder in an interview with the official UEFA magazine

Isco is featured in the latest issue of the official UEFA magazine, in which he speaks about his first few months at Real Madrid. “I haven’t been a professional for very long, so I would say my biggest challenge has been to come to Real Madrid, because I was part of a humble team like Malaga. To go to the biggest club in the world: that is a really big challenge…and a great one. It is great to play with Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the best player in the world and helps me in every training session because he always wants to win”, he said.

First impressions of life at Real Madrid?
I didn’t expect it to go so well, I arrived and I started playing very well in the league, scoring goals, giving assists, helping the team. I hope I can continue that way.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?
I haven’t been a professional for very long, so I would say my biggest challenge has been to come to Real Madrid, because I was part of a humble team like Malaga. To go to the biggest club in the world: that is a really big challenge…and a great one.

What are the virtues of this Madrid side?
Real Madrid have a historic standing, perhaps our opponents are a little bit scared just at the prospect of facing us. We also have a great team, with the best in the world: with Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso…

Is this team capable of winning the club’s tenth European Cup?
I think it is a challenge for everyone and we are really excited by it. It should not become an obsession, because that can hinder the team, but we are playing very well, and we are keen to get to the final.

What is it like to play alongside players such as Cristiano Ronaldo?
It’s great to play with the best player in the world, and he also helps me in every training session because he always wants to win, always wants to be the best.

How has Zidane helped you since you arrived in Madrid?
Well, Zidane, we all know about him, he is a Real Madrid icon. In every training session, even just by playing with us, he is already teaching us things.

Which player has had the most influence on your career?
Well, Zidane himself, by scoring that goal when the team won its ninth European Cup. With the class that he’s always shown, he has always been a player that I have looked up to. And as a young boy, since I grew up in Valencia’s youth team, I’ve always admired Silva. I trained with him a few times and liked the quality he had and still has.

How have you improved your scoring rate so dramatically in such a short time?
Well, those are things that coaches tell you that you need to improve in order to become a more complete player – and I train to do that. It is also mental, if you set yourself a challenge you can do it.

How do different tactical set-ups influence your game?
At Real Madrid I play in a different position to where I played at Malaga, but I am adapting all the time. I feel good wherever the coach positions me and I’m happy with the way we’re playing.

You arrived in Madrid after winning the 2013 Under-21 championship in Israel. What did that success mean to you?
It was a great tournament. I had never won anything with youth national teams. It was an unforgettable moment because we had a great team, we played very well, we were having fun on the pitch and the greatest thing was actually winning it.

Three seasons ago you were playing in the Spanish third division. Did you expect to come so far in such a short time?
No, not really. I didn’t expect such a sudden change. I’m very happy with everything that has happened, but I don’t want it to end here, I want to keep on winning titles…and to do that at Real Madrid.

What are your expectations now?
I want to keep on growing, keep on improving to be one of the best. There is no better place to grow than Real Madrid.

IscoApologies for all the drive bys lately. Work is nuts and I’m hoping to do some proper bits & bobs catch up posts next week when we have a holiday. I’ll be working from home through out, but at least I can condone a little leisure time posting.- Lozil

10 Responses to “FIFPro 2013 World XI Voting Day: Everyone Doesn’t Hate Cris”

  1. Mehreh November 21, 2013 at 7:42 pm #

    Did they do this at 6am? Everyone looks like they just rolled out of bed. And I LOVE IT.

  2. futbolfan November 21, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

    Omg I love seeing them in the desks looking like their taking tests like little school boys. Adorable.

  3. mygypsyspirit November 21, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

    I absolutely love the smile on DLo’s face in that first picture.

    My first thought when I heard they reopened Ballon D’or voting (and I may have tweeted it….) was that they were reopening it because not enough people voted for Messi and someone “mistakenly” voted for Ibrahimovic. These things need to be corrected, you may now change your vote.

    • CinematiqueChic November 21, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

      Funny, I figured they reopened voting because at this point if Messi wins it will really make FIFA look like a joke. I feel like Cris has a really good chance now. And it pisses me off because he deserves it completely, but if he gets it there’s going to be a * next to it that FIFA changed the rules.

      • mygypsyspirit November 21, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

        I think that * will only be there for the people that want to hate on him. Earlier today I sent Lozil an email with something that Taylor Twellman said during the commentary of the Portugal v Sweden match. For anyone who doesn’t know, Taylor Twellman is a former US international, and while I don’t always like him, I often agree with his assessments of players. This is what I wrote to Lozil:

        I watched the Portugal v Sweden game today when I got home from work. I had to share what Taylor was saying about Cris when he scored the third goal. I felt like it kind of was what all of us want to scream at the world.

        “And to think there is a discussion about the world player of the year right now. To think there is a discussion about who is the best player in the world?! Take a bow Cristiano Ronaldo. Please!

        He has put Portugal on his shoulders and delivered with four goals”

  4. Lizzie November 21, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

    Sergio looks like he is really concentrating, he probably manage to get his answers wrong loll

    • jellyace November 22, 2013 at 10:05 am #

      I wonder if they cheated and compared answers — oh votes!

  5. realmadridlookbook November 22, 2013 at 7:13 pm #

    This is random- but have you guys heard about the rumors going around that Karim’s gf Chloe is pregnant? Not sure how true it is, but I would find it hard imagining him as a father. lol.

  6. abduraman jibril January 3, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    iwante to fifapro 2013

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