Only Football Can Save The Planet

5 Dec


The other day San Iker was working to prevent bullying, today he’s trying to help save the planet. He’s been selected to be a part of the Galaxy 11, as part of Samsung’s new Aliens vs. Footballers campaign for their Galaxy products. While the campaign is over the top, it’s super fun too. They’ve really committed to the fan experience they wanted to create from filming multiple campaign trailers, to having groups of aliens attend football matches. Is my nerd showing too much? Can you tell I’m way too excited about this?

The alien mystery started about a month ago, when this message from Franz Beckenbauer was put up on YouTube.

Lawd knows I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with aliens! Samsung took the coo coo one step further when they released a series of videos showing these “Mysterious Circles” appearing around the world. Check out the aliens leaving their mark on Times Square.

Here are the videos of the Mysterious Circles appearing in Brazil and the UK.

My favorite part of this whole campaign, aside from Iker of course, are these “Mysterious Guys” that are showing up at various football matches around Europe. I wish they would’ve paid a visit to the Bernabeu, but here they are at Allianz Arena in Munich.

Mysterious Guys at Juventus Stadium/Torino and Stamford Bridge/London.


Valdes, is that you? I always thought he had alien-like features…

This is where Iker comes in, he’s the latest player named to join the Galaxy 11. Previously, Messi, Gotze, Oscar, Wu Lei, El Shaarawy, Moses, Falcao, and Lee Chung-Yong were selected. You can watch all of their selection videos here.

All of the clips are just a few seconds, except for Messi’s, as he was named the captain of the Galaxy 11 in his video.

But even with just a few seconds of video, the other clips are just as entertaining…especially when we get to see the magic & precision behind El Shaarawy’s haircuts.


There are a few more players to be selected for the Galaxy 11 and then we’ll see what’s to become of this Aliens vs. Footballers match…

Pics via infocasillas &


2 Responses to “Only Football Can Save The Planet”

  1. Katie Ann December 5, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    Cue nerdy glee here, too! This might be the most amazing thing ever.

    • maisoun December 5, 2013 at 9:04 pm #

      Thank you! I was beginning to think I was alone in geeking out over this. I’ve seen a lot of people call this dumb today -__- BOO to them!

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