Make Way for the Group Leaders

13 Dec


I love this pic of our supa-stahs saluting each other with a mid-game fist bump. Our boys rocked it out in Copenhagen, they went into the match knowing they were group leaders and played to make sure they’d exit the group stages undefeated. Modric & Crissy rallied to bring us goals and a victory, while Iker guarded our goal and secured another clean sheet. Not only did Cris have a part in the victory, he broke another record, like it’s no big deal! With his goal, he became the first player to score 9 goals in the group stages of the CL, beating Crespo’s, Inzaghi’s, Van Nistelrooy’s, & Ibrahimovic’s records of 8 goals scored. Whoomp there it is.

S is for Sergio! S is for Suspension! Though he wasn’t with the team, he shared a pic to show he was at home supporting his boyz. A cap, a neck scarf, and colored jeans? Lawd knows I don’t look that put together when watching games at home… that a rooster on his cap?





What a rocket fired by Lady Edith in the 25th minute! Go Lady, go Lady.

In the 40th minute, Copenhagen would’ve equalized if not for Delaney’s foul on Iker. That shit got their goal disallowed. San Iker power, you knock him down, you’ll get knocked down a goal.

Pepe and Cristiano teamed up in the 48th minute, bringing us Cristiano’s record breaker & 2nd goal of the night.

A couple of changes were made towards the end of the game, Di Maria came on for Isco in the 67th minute and Illarra came on for Xabi in the 77th.

On Xabi’s way out, he demonstrated that he’s pretty, he’s perfect, he’s pretty perfect…..but the man can’t wink for shit!

We still love you Xabi, but here’s a man who knows how to wink and does it well!

Even his eye roll is delish.

The final change came in the 82nd minute. Modric was fouled and had to come off, he was replaced by Casemiro. Another foul resulted in us being awarded a penalty, Cris was taken down in the box by Delaney, but failed to convert the penalty.



Post Match Comments




Carlo Ancelotti appeared for the media after the 0-2 win against Copenhagen. The coach was pleased with the way his team had played and spoke about the match in Parken Stadium: “The match went well. We were focused, had a good attitude and were in control of the match. I’m happy because we had a good group stage and scored lots of goals. Modric is doing well and Xabi Alonso gives us balance defensively and in attack. All of the players did well, had a good attitude and controlled the play.”

Ronaldo broke the group stage goal-scoring record. When asked about the Portuguese and the differences between him and the players that he went ahead of, he said: “I think that Inzaghi will not be happy tonight because he has lost this record. He has gone ahead of a very strong player. Inzaghi was very strong in the area and Ibrahimovic is powerful and has a fantastic ability to score and assist. Cristiano Ronaldo is a complete forward who can score goals in every way possible. He’s a bit angry about the penalty, but he scored an important goal and played very well.”

The Whites’ coach also praised the work at the back: “At the moment, we are doing well defensively. Nacho played well and the team is doing better defensively. We’ve only conceded one goal in the last five matches and we have to keep that balance.” About how he motivated his players for a match in which they weren’t playing for qualification, he was clear: “The Real Madrid shirt motivates everyone to do their best in every match.

Ancelotti was also asked about other players by name. The Italian clarified how Modric, who had to be taken off, was doing: “He took a knock, but I do not think it’s serious. I think he’ll be alright soon.” Regarding Di María, who came on for Isco in the 67th minute, he said: “He came on in the position where Isco was playing and did very well. In the second half we had more space and more chances to score.”


“I feel good, useful and eager to help the team. Every match we show a more fluid football and we want to keep going like that because the season is long. I feel good and I want to enjoy this moment. I wanted to score today, as I always do. All goals are important for the team to win and it was special today because of breaking the record. But I am not thinking about the records. The main aim is to win trophies.”


“All of the matches are important, we are Real Madrid and we have to win at every stadium. We gave our all and we leave happy (…) Any team we play (in the next round of the Champions League) we are going to go to win. There is no revenge. Whichever team we get we will do all we can to pass to the next stage.”


Marcelo spoke following Real Madrid’s win in Copenhagen and highlighted the team’s recent good football: “We are doing well and working hard.” Furthermore, the wing-back is only thinking about Real Madrid and not about the teams that they might be drawn against: “Our aim was to win every possible match; we don’t have preferences about who we draw.”

The Real Madrid player said the team adapted to the state of the field of play: “The field was not one of the best but we did what we could. We are doing well, our aim was to win every possible match and put in a good performance.” When asked about his preferred playing system, Marcelo said: “The coach tells us how we have to play and we try to do that. For us, the system is not as important as playing well.” In addition, about the draw for the round of 16, the defender said: “There are no teams that we’d rather get drawn against. We are working hard and improving with each match.”

About Cristiano Ronaldo’s new record, the Brazilian said: “For me and for many people, he is the best. He missed a penalty but that is not a problem. He is the playing at same level as other years, scoring goals and making impressive plays.” About whether they are enjoying themselves more than other years, he said that “maybe we are, but you’d have to look at the records. We’re doing well.”

About how it feels to dominate matches, Marcelo highlighted the job done by the attacking players: “It is also partly because the forwards press hard up front and that gives us peace of mind at the back.” Finally, he referred to the fact of not having conceded a goal in the last three matches: “We are doing much better and we have to look at what we did wrong, but we are doing very well.”


Álvaro Arbeloa started the final match of the Champions League Group Stage and gave this analysis of the match in the Parken Stadium: “This is not an easy ground, particularly considering the state of the pitch. We had to make a real effort to win. The team has improved this as the season has gone on and is getting better all the time. We have had a great Group Stage but the important thing is to make it to the last match and that is our aim.”

On the subject of Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance he said: “We always try to find him, regardless of records. Today he managed one and I am sure that he will continue to break a lot more. Nobody likes missing, especially when it is a penalty, but the important thing is that we have won, he has scored and now we will wait for the draw.”


For his part, Nacho, who started and played the whole match, said: “We came here to win and for us it was important to do that. It was a difficult match. Now we have to rest after a long journey and tomorrow we can start thinking about Pamplona, which will be a tough match.”

As for their possible opponents in the last-16, the Madrid defender said: “I do not have any preference. Regardless of who we get, we have to try to win.” To finish off, he talked about his own performance: “I have played for two consecutive matches and I am very happy. The important thing for a defender is that we keep a clean sheet and we have managed that.”

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, concretar, & megustaelfutbol.


7 Responses to “Make Way for the Group Leaders”

  1. futbolfan December 13, 2013 at 10:22 pm #

    Ahahaha winking is like a second nature for Cris. I could swear he winks instinctively sometimes without even noticing himself.

    • jellyace December 14, 2013 at 9:23 am #

      LOL! Xabi wink– FAIL!

  2. Mehreh December 13, 2013 at 10:30 pm #

    Sergio has his own book on his bookshelf. In his home. Such a sweet, vain dear. I cherish him.

    • headbandsandheartbreak December 13, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

      Yeah, I was talking about this on Twitter last week. He cracks me up. It’s displayed like a commemorative plate from the Franklin Mint.

  3. headbandsandheartbreak December 14, 2013 at 12:13 am #

    Guess you didn’t see that I posted the wink thing yesterday. 😉

    • maisoun December 14, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      I did see it, but I had those gifs collected and set to be included in the recap before yours went up so I left it in there. 😉

  4. mygypsyspirit December 14, 2013 at 7:54 am #

    Whenever I see a sentence that starts with the phrase “Make Way For…” I immediately start singing the song from Aladdin.

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