A Very Close One in Pamplona

17 Dec

Well, at least he gave us this booty shot before getting sent off…

There are very few times where I’m happy I missed a match and I gotta say, Saturday was one of those times. I was sitting, waiting for my sister’s graduation to begin (woot woot educated bitches!) and everytime my phone buzzed it was to alert me that somethang was goin’ wrong! A big miss for us, a big chance for Osasuna, another big miss for us…then we were losing 2-0 and down to 10 men. Ay ay ay ay ayyyyyyy! I remember the exact moment when I decided to give up calculating the point difference between us, Barca, & Atleti if we were to lose, put my phone away, and put a smile back on my face, like a proper, supportive, younger sister should do in that type of situation. Thankfully, our boys rallied to get a point out of Osasuna and I didn’t get in trouble for pouting through the post-graduation family meal. 🙂




Methinks the boys need to work on their poses and positioning, because I can’t take my eyes off their third legs…..G-Money & Marcelo ehem.

Oriol Riera opened up the scoring in the 16th minute and followed up with his 2nd goal in the 39th minute. Approaching halftime, not only were we down two goals but also down to ten men. Sergio had received his first yellow in the 31st minute and his 2nd in the 44th. Buh-bye Pony.

Isco worked his goal magic to start turning things around, in the 45th minute. Cristiano with the assist magic.


In the 79th minute, the ref leveled the playing field, sending off Osasuna’s Silva. Our second goal came just after, with Isco serving up the assist and Pepe’s smashing his header in. This goal was Pepe’s first time scoring two goals in the same season. It’s the hair y’all. [stat via MGEF]

They cut it close, but the boys managed to turn things around and it was a good thing too, because Lady Edith had herself a fright…


“Can’t lose, can’t lose, can’t lose!”

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, concretar, & megustaelfutbol.

Onward to the CdR! …please kick ass and win.



4 Responses to “A Very Close One in Pamplona”

  1. hopechaser December 17, 2013 at 11:19 pm #

    Hahaha – if you hadn’t pointed it out I likely would not have noticed the ‘third legs’. Awesome! I also love the photo with Zidane et al – gotta wonder what Ancelotti was thinking about the hand holding.

    • maisoun December 18, 2013 at 12:25 am #

      It kinda looks like he’s about to insist that he and Zizou manicure it up when they get back to Madrid! 😛

      • Mehreh December 18, 2013 at 11:09 am #

        manicure and champagne with zizou is now officially on the bucket list. if he’s buying.

  2. Natalie December 18, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    Is Ramos in Guinness world record book for most bookings yet?

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