A Xabi Break, Aliens, Hello Santi Claus! & More

18 Dec

BbwgJRkIAAAAYbiIt’s nice to finally be home from work! Since I kinda blew it earlier and tomorrow’s Drool published inadvertently (since deleted), I’d like to make it up to you by giving you a little Xabi break. Just sit there and contemplate his perfection for a bit before heading into the rest of the post. (Photo via SocialRMadrid)

Now wasn’t that refreshing? I may just go back and stare at that picture next time I’m stressed which should be in 3…2…1.

The aliens are back and football will save the world! Well, at least according to Samsung. The new commercial is out and it’s long form – almost 4 minutes.
gun__1387366449_santis_helpersWatishista P sent me Arsenal holiday adorableness to wake up to this morning. Santi Claus (I mean, who else was going to play him? Per?) and his elves had a wrapping contest. The video is adorable, esp. Santi’s “Ho ho ho!” Poldi’s low voice always surprises me and it gave me giggle fits combined with an elf costume. He seems on the edge of hysteria for most of the wrapping paper challenge, which is kinda hilarious. Poldi as an elf seemed to captivate the Arsenal photog as well, because the pictures are mostly him. Woj’s ears are mesmerizing. Tomas looks rather fetching in his smock, doesn’t he?

The team also visited Whittington Hospital (I love the little boy who says meeting the team was better than going to Disneyland!), let loose the “Arsenal Reindeer” and made poor Mesut sing Christmas carols. (Well, he basically pretended to sing along).  The first few vids may require you to register for Arsenal’s website to watch, but it’s free. The video of Mesut comes via Nicklas Bendtner’s Instagram.

Also getting in the holiday spirit were Romina and baby Enzo. What I wouldn’t give to see Guti in a matching Santa suit!

bc1a98c267d111e3bec712d8453dd9ce_8El Pirata shared his Gustav Choos photo in support of National MS Day (if I’m translating correctly).
BbzL52gIUAA0V0U Ajax did something really lovely for a chronically ill young fan. Just go on over and watch the video – it’s very sweet and it will give you the warm fuzzies. Good on you, Ajax.  And in absolutely wonderful news, Real Madrid youth player Manuel Cedenilla is now cancer free. May you go from strength to strength, kiddo.

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while. You may remember that Angel & Jorgelina’s daughter Mia was born in April a couple of months pre-mature and there were complications. We haven’t really seen Mia since except for her toesies in a picture awhile back. Well, they’ve started to post pictures of their little one – both from when she was still in the hospital and now, when she’s just about 8 months old. Wow, it must have been so hard for them trying to juggle all the end of the season stuff and being concerned about the baby’s health. Real Madrid is always such a pressure cooker. (I think that fans and the media forget that these players are real people with lives & concerns outside of football – they find it so easy to criticize and vilify with no thought to the person’s feelings). And they’re young parents as well. When you see them holding and kissing that tiny baby covered in wires, it just breaks your heart. Angel is only 25 and Jorgelina is slightly older. That’s some tough stuff to deal with. I don’t think I’d be able to focus on anything but the woobins. It’s good to see her growing and thriving. I’m sure they are so relieved. This first set of pictures is from 4 days ago. She’s getting big! This is her first Christmas. Something tells me that she’s going to get lots and lots of prezzies. 🙂


Watishista IsraQM uncovered this rumor that says Napoli is looking to sign Eze Garay!  Higuaray reunited?  Fabulous for fans of that legendary bromance, but what will happen to Albiolita? The bromantic plot thickens!  Maria Rosaria, you’ll love Eze if you guys end up with him. He’s Pipita’s best friend and original boo. Seems like Napoli is doing everything to keep our Pipa happy. Smart! Wish we had done that.

And finally, looks like Pilar digs that denim on denim look just as much as her man does. Who influences who? I guess it doesn’t matter, since both their taste is shite.  #TeamTexasTuxedo

And on that note, g’night!

– Lozil

2 Responses to “A Xabi Break, Aliens, Hello Santi Claus! & More”

  1. Maria Rosaria Damiano December 19, 2013 at 7:17 am #

    uuuuuh, I love thick romantic plots…. anyhow did you have time to watch the full backstage vid? did you hear pipita saying that whoever thinks that Albiol is more elegant than him doesn’t understand a **** about fashion? (he says it in Itanish or Spalian, but you can guess it very easily). A very important moment is the one where he yells out ‘la concha de tu madre’ (your mum’s ****). Foul language: after lesson detention all the way. 😀

  2. Miss_F December 19, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

    Finally we’ll get to see Messi and Ronaldo together 🙂

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