Into the Last 16!

20 Dec


Woot woot for advancing to the next round! Our boys turned around, left that 0-0 draw in Xativa behind them, and put away two goals to secure the win.




“I will do great things….and look adorable while pondering them.”

Illarra got things started in the 16th minute, scoring the opener and his first goal as a Real Madrid player! All made possible by Jese, who served his boy up with the assist.

I guess by “great things” Morata meant jump a hot boy. Hey, it’s great in my book.

In the 27th minute, RM was awarded a penalty after Alcazar’s handball. Di Maria stepped up to take the shot and converted that penalty like nobody’s business. *Snap Snap*


Our boys got their goal scoring job done early, scoring both goals before the 1st half was even over, but San Iker still had work to do! Capi guarded our goal and secured another clean sheet.

Poor Marcelo, his gestures of affection for his Capi were rejected. I guess Iker doesn’t like peeps touching that halo! 😉 I mean he does have an important job to do without the distraction of being fondled.


Xabi, is that you? Headers be hurtin’ the pretty.


Post Match Comments




Carlo Ancelotti was pleased about getting though their first Copa del Rey tie and spoke about the match in the press room: “We started the match very well, but after we went 2-0 up the second half was not as good, our pace dropped and our attitude was not as good. It was not easy to prepare for this match, the team had changes and players who do not play many minutes need a bit more time to be on top form.” When asked if he would put out the same team in the next round against Osasuna, he said: “It is not a competition for youngsters; we want to go all the way and will always put out the best team. Against Osasuna I might put out a different side.”

Ancelotti praised the job done by the younger players and downplayed the fact that Jesé and Morata did not score: “It is not a problem. Jesé didn’t score, but he set up Illarra unselfishly. The important thing for me is not whether a forward scores, but whether he plays well and works for the team. The first half was good, in the second we played individually against a well-organised team and it was tough.”

When asked about how Morata had played, he said: “In general, the younger players need work. Playing for Real Madrid is not easy. We need everyone throughout the season. One match might go well, and others might not. The important thing is to work hard and take your chance when you get.” He spoke along similar lines about Casemiro: “He is young and has a lot of quality. He needs to work to get to a high level and is doing well and improving. He did well in the first half, but not as well in the second.”

The coach praised how Di María had played: “He made an important contribution at the beginning. He scored the second goal and played well in the first half, but not as well in the second half, like the other players.” About whether the standing ovation for Xabi Alonso will help with his renewal, he was clear: “Yes, people have a lot of love for him.”

Pepe will not play in Valencia due to suspension and Ancelotti confirmed that “Pepe will rest as from today.” He denied that Modric’s absence from the team sheet was due to a physical problem: “I couldn’t put more than four on the bench, he trained well and has no problem.”

Finally, Ancelotti praised Olímpic Xàtiva efforts in the tie: “They are a very eager and enthusiastic team. They worked hard, and conducted themselves well in the two matches. They are a well-organised unit, that work hard and play compact.”



After an undefeated two-game streak and a spot in the round of 16 Casillas was obviously thrilled with the team’s situation when he spoke to the press after the Whites’ win against Olímpic de Xàtiva. The team captain, after explaining that he felt “good” about the encounter he had with Casemiro in the last minutes of the game, talked about the match against the Valencian side: “These matches are different from the rest because we were up against an opponent from a lower division and we drew goalless in the first leg. Everything points to you winning by a thrashing and that’s not how it is. We didn’t struggle, but the important thing is that we won a game in which there was little to gain and much to lose.” 

The Real Madrid captain also discussed their round of 16 rival: “It will be tough and even more so after the Liga match in which they made things complicated for us and we drew at two goals. The first leg will be important and we have to get a good result at home to go there with more confidence. It won’t be like this knockout round against Xátiva.”

On the other hand, regarding the last game of the season at Mestalla, the captain said: “With the loss the other day in Pamplona we’re five points below. It’s a tough pitch and they’ve changed coaches and are going to try to please him and make it to Christmas happy. We want to close the gap with the teams on top.”


Pepe started in the win against Olímpic Xàtiva and was happy about going through to the next round of the Copa del Rey: “We tried to score more goals but did not manage to. We did a good job and respected our opponents. The players that get less time on the pitch have picked up a bit of match pace and now we have one just match left before the end of the year. The important thing is that the team are united and working hard.”

About the last match of the year, he said: “We are going to go out to win in Valencia, as we do for every match. I hope we are lucky enough to get that win.” He also answered questions about Xabi Alonso: “He is a great player. The whole squad are happy with him.”



Jesé, who was part of Real Madrid’s attack in the second leg of the Copa del Rey round of 32, summed up his performance in a post-match interview: “I think the team played well and we made it through. I end every game wanting to score a goal but the important thing is that the team won, I gave the assist to Illarra and I’m happy with that. I’ve always said that I wanted to play here and contribute to the team. You have to take advantage of every opportunity.”

When asked about Di María and his penalty kick Jesé explained that: “I also could have taken the penalty shot, but we all know that Di María always wants to play, he’s used to do it and there’s a lot of competition here. We did it to encourage him, so that he would take the shot, score the goal and be even more motivated. He’s also got seniority; he’s been with Real Madrid for many years and respects his teammates.”

The media spoke about his resemblance to Cristiano Ronaldo: “You learn a lot training with him. But there’s only one Cristiano. He deserves the Ballon d’Or and we all want him to win it”, said the forward.

When asked about the opportunities for the academy players this season, Jesé replied: “A lot of young players and people from Castilla are playing. It’s important to help the academy players work and know that the doors to the first team are always open.” To conclude, the forward discussed the upcoming clash in Valencia: “We have to win, we can’t lose more points in La Liga and we have to go there focused and win.”



Casemiro, meanwhile, said that the team reached the objective they had set: “In football there aren’t any inferior teams and all matches are difficult. The team played well and achieved the goal of qualifying for the round of 16.” Regarding the clash this Sunday in Valencia, he said: “We have an important match and we have to pick up the three points. Sunday’s match will be tough.”

To conclude, Casemiro was emphatic about his personal situation on the team: “I want to keep working like always to have upcoming chances. These matches are important to gain the coach’s confidence and to play as a starter. I’m surrounded by great players and the team is doing well.”


Illarra scored the first goal of the match against Olímpic Xàtiva from a move that he spoke about after the match: “I saw an opening, ran into it and was on my own. Then I wasn’t sure what to do but ended up putting the ball in the net and everyone was happy. We knew that we had to start strongly, because we struggled to find spaces in the first leg. We went for the match, we scored and it started to go our way. I think the whole team played well. I don’t get many chances like that and luckily it ended up in the back of the net.”

he midfielder highlighted Olímpic Xàtiva’s attitude: “They showed that they are a strong team at the back in the first leg. Every team that plays against Real Madrid are highly motivated and give more than one hundred percent.” About the Whites’ aspirations in the competition and Osasuna, their next opponents, he said: “The aim is always to win the cup at Real Madrid and that is what we’re going for. In the last match we made things difficult. Playing the first match at home means that we have to get a good result because their ground is a tough place to visit.”

Illarra also spoke about his relationship with Xabi Alonso and competition in his position: “He has always been a player I look up to and now I play with him and it is a pleasure. We have shown that we can play together and the coach has another option there. When you come to Real Madrid with all the competition that there is, it is difficult to get to play, but I’m happy.” About his relationship with the Bernabéu crowd,  he said: “They show me a lot of affection and I am very grateful. I have no complaints.”

The Whites’ player also discussed the upcoming match against Valencia and last Saturday’s refereeing in the El Sadar Stadium: “We cannot slip up any more in the league, so we have to win in Valencia. Sometimes decisions go for you and sometimes against you. We have to be happy with the job that we did. Sergio Ramos did not deserve the first yellow because he did not touch the player.”


Pics & Gifs via gfsports, tfortravis, & megustaelfutbol.



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  1. jellyace December 21, 2013 at 4:29 am #

    Thank you for this, Maisougio, as I missed the match. LOL on Iker shoving off Marcelo’s on-pitch advances! Xativa is such an engaging team that I would have wanted to see them go thru to the next round — but not at the expense of Real Madrid!

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