Hacking Away at the La Liga Gap

14 Jan


Ooooh would you look at that? We’re closing in on Atletico & Barca! They share the top spot with 50 points and thanks to Pepe’s maaaaaahvelous header, we’ve upped our position & we’re only three points behind. Rivals beware, we’re comin’ for ya!

Poor Xabi, the ear problems continue. I just got over an inner ear problem and it sucks major ass….especially if you’re a hypochondriac and you believe an ear infection is going to eat your brain rather than it just being a pressure problem…. Yep that’s me being cray and getting off topic.

The Iker vs. DLo fan section of the stadium

I would totally be that girl, sniffing the ripe training jersey. Smells like Madridista spirit.

The young’ns greeted Alex Fernadez, Nacho’s baby bro & RM alum, before the match and with a lot of back patting..




Espanyol’s mascot is a parakeet, not the toughest of birds, but at least they have a mascot. I kind of wish we had one. Someone could dance around dressed as a murse or a tube of hair gel!

Captain Serhio! I do love his hair slicked back like that and his serious captain face, and the way he licks them lips and you get the picture.

Liga BBVA (J19) RCD Espanyol vs Real Madrid


The moment our asses were saved – a free kick from Modric in the 55th minute, met by Pepe’s waiting forehead. Lucky enough for us, we only needed the one goal to win this one. Victory!

Not much longer and Pepe is going to have Marcelo sized hair!



Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com



Carlo Ancelotti spoke about Real Madrid’s important win at the Cornellá-El Prat Stadium. The Italian coach highlighted the job done by his players: “I am pleased with how the whole team played. We had balance, played good football and tried to score until the end. We cut the gap with those above, which was the aim, and everything went well. It was a good match. We started a little slow and suffered in the first 15 minutes but then we played well and looked for chances to score without losing confidence. It is an important win because we made up points on the two top teams, which there aren’t many chances to do because they are doing very well.”

The Real Madrid coach praised Pepe, who scored the winning goal: “He is having a very good season. At first he was hesitant about staying and I told him that he that he was important for us. We have two good centre-backs. We’ve got Varane too, who we hope to get back soon, and Nacho, who is doing well. It is no coincidence that the team has done better defensively in recent matches. The defenders have improved a lot.”

He was not the only player that the Italian praised. He also mentioned Modric: “He is doing a great job, both defensively and in attack. The team was well-balanced because of the job done by the midfielders. Xabi as well as Modric and Di María.” About the Argentinean, he said: “He played well, a little more on the left compared with the position of Isco in recent matches.”

Ancelotti also spoke of the Ballon d’Or gala and Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of winning: “We haven’t spoken about it. There is a lot to be said on the subject. The decision will be announced tomorrow and everyone associated with Real Madrid hope Ronaldo wins and that’s all.” Finally, when asked whether the La Liga winners will have to score around one hundred points, he said: “It isn’t that way everywhere, but that is how La Liga is in Spain, with very strong teams. To win you have to score 100 points and it will not be easy, but we have the desire and enthusiasm to as well as possible.”


Sergio Ramos praised the effort of the whole team in earning the three points: “It was a very hard fought win against Espanyol that made things very tough. The team responded again. We have gone three matches without conceding and that’s important. It was a well-deserved win despite the scoreline, which was not a good as it could have been, but it was enough to take the points and put us back up there. Overall, the first half of the league season has gone well.”

The Whites’ vice-captain also spoke about Real Madrid’s great defensive form, having not conceded a single goal in the three matches that they have played in 2014: “Three matches without conceding a goal is important because being tight defensively gives stability for the attack. It is an important factor to mention because it is always mentioned when we concede and now we have gone three matches without doing so. The defence are doing well. I think the important thing for the team is the group, not individuals. We will try to keep clean sheets in as many matches as possible.”

About the three-point gap between the team and the joint league leaders, he said: “Following this average of points we are talking about another season with 100 points. It can be improved by not dropping points like we did in the first half of the season and by winning the key matches. The dressing room is happy. We have to keep improving, learning to play as a team and keep competing.”

Finally, about Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of winning the Ballon d’Or, he said: “He’s a born winner and, despite the win, he doesn’t feel like he did everything that he could because he didn’t score. He knows that it was a very important win for the team. If I had my way, I would give it to him. There are a lot of people who think so around the world. The statistics are there to see, and he has broken almost every record out there. Maybe this year he deserves it more than others.”



Real Madrid won away against Espanyol in the final match of the first half of the season. Pepe, who scored the only goal, spoke about the importance of the win: “It was a goal that helped the team. The most important thing is the win. We knew the Espanyol are a tough team at home and that we’d have to fight for everything, and that’s what we did. We fought for every ball to get the win. It was important to win to get closer to the leaders.”

The Whites’ defender was asked about two of his teammates. About how well Modric had played, he said: “Luka is doing very well. He is helping us a lot, not only in this match. He’s playing very well.” And in reference to the Ballon d’Or gala and who the award should be given to, he was clear: “If I could vote it would be for Cristiano Ronaldo. What he is doing this year and did last year is amazing and I think he deserves it.”



Pics & Gifs via megustaelfutbol, finn-footballz, gfsports, football-hqs, & footballinmyvains.


3 Responses to “Hacking Away at the La Liga Gap”

  1. jellyace January 15, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    Thank you for this recap! We need to up our goal difference so if we catch up with Barca and Atleti on points, we can zoom ahead on goal difference. We need more manitas!

    • maisoun January 15, 2014 at 12:07 pm #

      Hopefully bringing home the Ballon d’Or will inspire all the boys to make things happen. Shiny objects can be addictive, we need them to bring in as many trophies as they can this season 🙂

      • jellyace January 16, 2014 at 3:23 pm #

        And we know how our boys love shiny things!

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