We’ve Got Our Spot in the Quarter Finals!

17 Jan


Another 2-0 score? Our boys must’ve thought it’d be cute to get matchy matchy with their first and second leg matches against Osasuna. Hey, it’s good for us, not so much for them. Another win and another clean sheet put us in the Quarter finals, but not without a little drama…Osasuna wasn’t bringing it so we had to go and provide some ourselves…



All that talk about his lack of scoring and Crissy shuts everybody up with another free kick goal, though most of the attention was focused on Andres Fernandez and the way he sent the ball right between his legs & into the goal…. Yeah, that was a rough one for the guy.

Bubble butt, I mean Jese set up our second goal in the 56th minute, delivering a long cross to Di Maria who fired that thang home.

Since we were 4-0 on aggregate, Ancelotti started swappin’ some boys in and out. First up was G-Money on for Cris.


Followed by Casemiro coming on for Xabi.


Lastly, Morata came on for Jese. In only three minutes of having been on the pitch, poor Morata took a knock to the face. As he came down from a jump, he planted his face into someone’s shoulder. OUCH! His shiner appeared almost instantly.


Remember the drama I mentioned? Mr. Coentrao, enjoying his first start and match back from injury, got himself sent off late in the game. He received his second yellow for kicking out at a player. Something tells me Di Maria could’ve warned everyone about Coentrao’s aggressive mood…..;)

We were down to ten men and then nine in the 87th minute, when Morata couldn’t carry on any longer after his hit. The kid took the whole thing like a champ, he later tweeted that his eye was fine and that what hurt him was coming off the field. Animo Morata!



Poor bebe, Iker shared this pic of “Rocky”.


Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com



Carlo Ancelotti was happy about reaching the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. The Italian coach spoke about the win against Osasuna: “They tried to start the match with intensity and pressing hard up front, but after Ronaldo’s goal made it difficult for them. We controlled the match well from the start and the team was focused on the field. The match was not that difficult, mainly because we did a good job defensively.”

The Real Madrid coach also spoke about the season as a whole and the rest of the competition: “The most difficult part is coming up and every match will be very important. We don’t always play fantastic football. We have a lot of matches coming up and to play well in every one of them is not easy, but the team is focused, working hard and keen to do well.”

About Morata and the knock that he took to his left eye that did not allow him to finish the match, he said: “He took a knock to the eye, but I do not think it is serious. He didn’t feel good and had a swollen eye, but nothing more.” Finally, about how Coentrão had played, he said: “It was an unlucky sending off. He played very well offensively and defensively. He is really focused and is important for us. He didn’t make mistakes after a long time without playing and we have to appreciate how he played.”


Jesé has demonstrated what excellent condition he’s in yet again this evening at Pamplona’s El Sadar stadium. The forward was in the starting line-up against Osasuna, and it was him who passed to Di María in the second goal. The academy player praised the state of his team, saying “we get better every time, this is a great moment for us and we can stretch ourselves even further; for sure we’re going to play better matches- we have to carry on like this.”  

Real Madrid convincingly overcame Osasuna in the round of sixteen, with Jesé continuing to assure that “we were good in both matches, despite Osasuna having had a home advantage in the second.” He went on to evaluate his contribution to the team, saying “I’m training well and trying to help the team as much as I can.”

Ancelotti’s squad will now pit themselves against Espanyol in the quarter-finals. “We’re playing the first match there, and that’s going to be difficult; but this is a good moment for us” said Jesé, before explaining the physical problems suffered by Morata after sustaining a blow to his left eye: “He was dizzy and has been sick. He really wants to show what a good player he is. I hope he’s better tomorrow.”


Illarramendi was on the starting 11 and played the full 90 minutes in the winning match against Osasuna, a game that secures Real Madrid a ticket to the Copa del Rey quarter-finals. The Basque midfielder discussed the evolution of the match in El Sadar: “We knew that it was important to start the match well, we scored early and it made the playoff an uphill struggle for them. We drew here in La Liga, we did a good job today and we’re going home happy.” The Whites move on to face Espanyol in the next round. “We just played them and it was a tough match”, said Illarra.

Real Madrid extended their winning streak in 2014 with a new victory in Pamplona. However, Illarra isn’t satisfied: “We have to keep working, winning matches and gaining confidence.” The Real Madrid midfielder was asked about the difficulty of earning a place for himself in the starting line-up when Modric is performing so well: “I try to do my best when I play. I always want more; I work every day to try to improve.” Illarra ended by commenting on Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick goal: “Cristiano’s shots are always hard to stop because of the effect they have.”


We’ll see some Quarter Final action on Tuesday, when we meet up with Espanyol..AGAIN!


Pics & Gifs via gfsports, travelerheart, football-hqs, megustaelfutbol, & infocasillas.


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