Another Honor For Cris

20 Jan

295-869-_HES4041,9Cristiano went to Lisbon today where he was made a Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry. The Order of Prince Henry is Portuguese National Order of Knighthood which has multiple levels. Cris was already an Officer, but was moved up 2 levels to Grand Officer.

641-273-_HES4270Thumb,8FROM REALMADRID.COM

Cristiano Ronaldo made ‘Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry’
by Diego Jabalquinto (Lisboa)

The Real Madrid forward received this honour from the president of Portugal at a ceremony attended by Florentino Pérez

Cristiano Ronaldo has been made a ‘Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry’ in Lisbon’s National Palace of Belém by the president of the Republic of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva. The Real Madrid forward, who received the Ballon d’Or 2013 last Monday, received this honour for his contribution to the international profile of Portugal. Those present at the event held in the official residence of Portugal’s head of state included Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid; Emilio Butragueño, the club’s Director of Institutional Relations; Luis Marques Guedes, Portugal’s Minister for Presidential and Parliamentary Affairs; Eduardo Junco, Spain’s Ambassador to Portugal; and Fernando Gomes, the President of the Portuguese Football Federation.

The Real Madrid forward received one of his country’s greatest honours following “the President’s decision, which is intended to recognise an internationally renowned athlete, who is a symbol of Portugal around the world, who contributes to the country’s international profile and who is an example of tenacity for the younger generations”. The event, which was held this Monday, was to have been held on 7 January but was postponed because of the death of Eusébio.

The president of the Republic of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, received the Madrid forward after his arrival at the Palace, where he went with the Ballon d’Or 2013 trophy which he had won in Zurich. After this, the medal presentation ceremony started in the Sala das Bicas. The first to speak was Cavaco Silva: “After remembering Eusébio, today we are with another great sportsman who the world of football has chosen as the best player in the world for the second time. A Portuguese citizen who is known around the world more than any other and who brings honour to the name of Portugal”.

“Ronaldo’s victories are a source of great happiness for us and a thread joining the people of Portugal. He is the captain of the national team and a reference for everyone, especially the youngsters. I would like to mention his professionalism, his hard work and discipline, and his constant will to win. I would like to thank him for the part he played in promoting the name and culture of Portugal all around the world, as well as the support he has given many good causes in our country”, he said before presenting Ronaldo with the ribbon of the ‘Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry’.

Cristiano Ronaldo then expressed his gratitude for the honour: “I am very proud to receive this title from the President of the Republic. I will carry on working as hard as possible to carry on representing Portugal abroad. I am very happy. This is a very special moment for me and I hope that I can carry on winning major trophies, individually and as part of a team, as well as with the national team”.

Once the ceremony had finished Cristiano Ronaldo spoke to the media: “This is an important honour for me because I am Portuguese and representing Portugal abroad is a privilege and a source of pride. It motivates me even more. I will carry on working hard to win more trophies in my career. I am young and I will carry on playing to enjoy myself like I have up until now. Obviously, if I win titles and I manage to make a good entry in the history books in the world of football, all the better”.

When asked about Portugal’s chances of winning the World Cup in Brazil, he said: “It would be a dream-come-true. I don’t want to downplay the titles I have won up until now, like this honour or the Ballon d’Or, but it would be a dream-come-true. We know that it is very hard and that we have to keep our feet on the ground. We will try to do our best and take it one step at a time”.

I know a few watishistas who are going to be zaprudering film footage and pictures from the ceremony for some Dolorentino action. If you find some, pass it on! 🙂

Another well deserved honor for Cristiano. (Additional photos via GF Sports)

– Lozil

3 Responses to “Another Honor For Cris”

  1. futbolfan January 20, 2014 at 11:43 pm #

    Congrats! Looks darn gorgeous as well.

  2. Mehreh January 21, 2014 at 1:13 am #

    Dressed perfectly for the event. I’m glad someone convinced him not to Gucci rhinestone it up for such an occasion.

  3. jellyace January 21, 2014 at 6:18 am #

    Am liking understated Crispy, or shall I say, the newly dubbed Grand Sir CR7?

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