Training, Year Of The Horse, 10 Years Of The Pony & More

30 Jan

117-482-_VCM7239Thumb,8Sergio showed that he count on both hands how many years he’s been active in La Liga. Isn’t his first decade coinciding with the Year of  the Horse a delicious coincidence? BTW, there is video of the boys doing their Chinese New Year greeting but it’s hideous quality. I’m liking it here, but hopefully a better version will be available soon and I’ll post that one.

The team got back to training in preparation for Sunday’s match vs. Athletic Bilbao.

Here’s some more Pony decade shots via GF Sports. I love how there’s an ab shot right at the center of the photo montage.

tumblr_n07v1seOyy1s75af7o1_r1_500tumblr_n07x5xkBs61qftb6ko1_500Marcelo got the Movistar treatment and took front & center in the most recent ad.

Gareth was being a very good boy and studying his Spanish (which I should be doing right now…) His caption: “Just had another Spanish lesson. Getting there #soymadrileño

garethAnd there was some Copa Del Rey drama today. Racing Santander refused to play their match against Real Sociedad due to months of unpaid wages. As a result, it looks La Real will move on to face Barcelona. El Pirata tweeted his solidarity with the Santander players.

– Lozil

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