Athletic Bilbuzzkill

4 Feb


Is it safe to say that this is was everyone’s reaction to all that went down during the Bilbao match? Minus the Isco smile of course. (I wonder who really is getting the bird from him though?) Some awful play acting from some of the Bilbuzzkill  men, a riDICK red card for Cristiano, the return of Varane (for a whole two minutes), and a stankin’ one point. Yep, this weekend wasn’t too hot. BOO!

Oh look! Happy, pre-red carded, Crissy. *Sigh* Sometimes the best moments are the pre-match moments.



These moments were probably my fave, why you ask? Our boys behind bars? In the Red Room of Pain?…how much better does it get?? Seriously, Madrid needs a Man-Zoo. And mouth guards….for the ladies….so they don’t break their teeth on the bars. WATISH!



Respect for Luis Aragones was shown throughout La Liga, this weekend. The San Mames observed a minute of silence and the players wore black armbands.

It took a while but we finally got down to scoring. The first to break through was Cristiano in the 49th minute, his goal was offside, but we were finally getting somewhere! Fifteen minutes later, Cristiano broke through again, this time letting Jese have the finish. Cris served our bootylicious young’n with the perfect cross in front of the goal and Jese popped the thang in!

Less than ten minutes later the Bilbuzzzzzzzkill got it’s start. Ibai Gomez got into the game and within a minute of being on the pitch, he freakin’ equalized that shit. Two minutes later, not only did we have to scramble for a winner but we had to scramble for a winner with only 10 men. Hair was pulled, dramatic falls were taken, personal space was invaded, heads were butted, hands were raised, and Cris was outta there while Iturraspe got a yellow. Mmmmmmk! According to MisterChip, it’s been four years since a reigning Ballon d’Or recipient was sent off in an official match. Who was it? Oh yeah, Cris, back in 2009. Clap for his consistency at least!

Meanwhile, Sergio was like…


“You best not point that card at me!”

Ancelotti still had all of his subs, so there were some late changes, most notable was Varane. Bebe Croissant made his very welcome return in the 90th minute.



Lady Edith goes tits first.


With some Sexio leg and back action, that was the all for us. We got one point out of Athletic Bilbuzzkill and we’re now tied with Barca. I think that deserves a mini woot.


Pics & Gifs via gfsports, tfortravis, & megustaelfutbol.


Post Match Comments




The Real Madrid coach also spoke about Cristiano Ronaldo’s unfair sending off: “It’s tough for me to say because I was not close to it, but the pictures show that it was a bit exaggerated”. And about the changes that he made after going a man down, he said: “It was difficult to try to win the match with 10 players, especially because some of them were tired. I made changes, but not because I wanted to try to win the match, more to put on fresher players to help the team at the end”.

In reference to the high level of intensity with which both teams played, he said: “It was a good match overall, especially the second half. In the first they pressed well, it was more difficult for us in possession and we had to play more on the counter. The second half was different. They didn’t press with as much intensity and we had more possession”.

To finish, he was asked what his team were lacking to get have picked up the three points: “After Jesé’s goal we had control of the match and did not suffer. The team was well-balanced, but Ibai’s goal was a fantastic strike. We did not make any mistakes, it was a great goal. We hardly let them have any chances. Just one in the first half and none in the second half”.


When asked about refereeing decisions, he said: “It is tough to lose a player unfairly. Cristiano’s sending off was unfair, but I am not going to talk about whether the referee had a good match or not”. About the fact that the referee blew the final whistle before a free-kick could be taken, he said: “These things happen, it was not in such a dangerous position that it would have made a difference”.


About the match, he said: “It was a fair result. It was a very good and intense match, the referee got some things wrong but that’s normal. It is a shame to draw after going ahead, which was the most difficult thing. Ibai scored a great goal. We struggled to control the ball and get out from the back easily in the first half. We were better in the second half and created more chances. It was tougher to get a second after they had scored, but we did well despite playing with one less”.

About how the La Liga table looks, he said: “We don’t have to look at other teams and have our fate in our own hands. There are a lot of points left to play for and it looks like that what happens between now and the end of the season will be very interesting”.

When asked about Luis Aragones’ death, he said: “It is very sad because he was a unique and endearing person, we liked him very much and had a lot of affection for him. We connected and did great things”. He was also asked about the recent death of a young footballer in Tolosa: “I heard about it before the match and it is not nice that these things happen. My thoughts are with the family”.


Now can we please kick some ass tomorrow??



3 Responses to “Athletic Bilbuzzkill”

  1. headbandsandheartbreak February 4, 2014 at 8:18 pm #

    As awful as that whole day was, you gotta give it up for Ibai Gomez, because that was a stonker of a goal. Not a damn thing DLo could have done about that.

    And Cris, unselfishly passing to Jese was such a lovely thing to watch.

  2. hopechaser February 4, 2014 at 9:34 pm #

    Agree and agree. It was scrappy, we didn’t get all 3 points but still had many good moments. I’m divided on the red. For the first action, no but coupled with the head butt, leaning to yes. Odd to me though, so many blatant actions which can cause serious injury are ignored but a raised hand to a player is cause for red and match bans. ( Can we get this applied to wider society too, domestic abusers beware.)

  3. Shan February 5, 2014 at 8:23 am #

    Madrid and Bilbao games are pretty much my least favorite since I’m a big fan of both. I was leaning towards a Madrid win so they would be ahead of Barca but a tie is pretty settling for me. And Ibai is on fire these days. I adore him. Such a solid player. But seriously, his 2nd touch on the ball and a golazo. Incredible. Bilbao is not messing around this season 🙂

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