A Derby Done Right

7 Feb


Tell me, can you really have a bad week when your boys kick Atleti ass in the middle of it? No, I don’t think so! Everytime I look through these match pics, I still get the urge to pump my fist in the air in honor of our victory….and then I think of Diego Costa and those first pumps turn into jabs and hooks. Aside from the bouts of hostility from both sides (Arbie, please refrain from foot stomping), our boys left us with a performance we can be proud of and Atleti is going to have a hard time trying to outdo us in the 2nd leg!

Ahead of the Derby, another moment of silence was held for Luis Aragones, as he played for both teams and coached Atleti at four different times in his career.

Pepe and his rocket launcher of a foot opened up the scoring in the 17th minute. It took a small deflection off of Insua, but that thing was all Pepe and he damn well should get all of the credit!


Probably my favorite pic in the bunch…maybe from the whole match.

The Drama Section – [enter bad behavior here.]



“See you this summer, Xabi.”

Straight through Courtois, is what Jese went for! Di Maria with the smooth assist, he set Jese up with the perfect goal opportunity. In the 57th minute, we were still pushing forward and beating Atleti by two.

Iker was handling his own in goal, but I’m sure he more than welcomed Modric’s goal line save in the 72nd minute! I couldn’t help but be reminded of Albiol’s magical save from back in 2011 😦 With Lady Edith’s help, Iker has become the only keeper in CdR history to go more than 800 minutes without conceding (MGEF). How ya like them apples?

After serving up some badass assists, you deserve a goal of your own and that’s what Di Maria got in the 73rd minute. He scored our third and final goal of the night, a long distance whoppa!

“Don’t cry for me Bernabeu.”

Thank you boys, for being a team whose good looks equal their footy talent and skill. Bless the Sex Beards.

Bless our wonderful synchronicity as well.

In a time where we were all riding the highs of the post derby victory, the good spirits were certainly shot down after it was reported that Marcelo was the victim of a racial attack..AGAIN. Graham Hunter who was in the press box at the Bernabeu when it all went down, tweeted about the shocking incident.





Reading these accounts and Marcelo’s statement that Lozil posted, I’m left with no words. I’m just shocked that this sort of thing continues to happen, shocked that a child was witness to this disgusting act of hate, and shocked that these  low life “fans” continue to find ways to be even shittier human beings. MGEF linked to an El Pais article that claimed Diego Costa was also the recipient of racist chants during the match.

Pics & Gifs via gfsports, tfortravis, cristianosronaldo, cheekybackheel, c-rooonaldos, & megustaelfutbol.


Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com


Everything went well in the derby against Atlético Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti said as much in the press room. The Italian coach was pleased with the win and praised his team’s performance: “I am completely satisfied with the match, everyone did fantastically. We did everything right; we recovered the ball well and were very aggressive and compact. My wish would be to have a team like tonight all of the time. We won the match by playing well. Our team showed that we can play matches like this and we have to do that as consistently as possible because now every match is important”.

Goals from Pepe, Di María and Jesé gave Real Madrid a great advantage in the cup semi-final. Ancelotti does not believe that the tie is decided however: “The result is very good and the match was too, but we have to be careful. We have to do the same in the second leg, but it will not be easy because Atlético Madrid will do their best to turn things around. We have to prepare well for the match, like we did for tonight’s”. About whether it was their best match of the season, he said: “I ​​think so, especially since our opponents are a good team. They are well-organised, strong and aggressive and that is what makes it a very good match”.

The Italian mentioned several players by name. “Everyone knows that Jesé is very important to us. He scores goals in big matches”, he said about the former academy player. About Bale, who was not involved in the match, he said: “He hasn’t taken a turn for the worse or anything, he is fine and I preferred to rest him because Cristiano can’t play on Saturday and having Gareth fresh will be good. He’ll be there on Saturday”.

The Whites’ coach talked about the differences between the La Liga derby and tonight’s: “A lot has changed, we are playing more naturally, the team is more compact and playing together better. The players have been working very hard and today they had a good match. The loss in La Liga hurt us and we had the awareness to do things better this time”.

When asked about how Pepe had defended against Diego Costa, he said: “The task was to be careful with him because he is very dangerous. It was an intense match and there were words between them, but everything went well. There was some aggression in the match and that is why there was the odd foul”. He also praised job done in defence: “There is no need for any more words, it was perfect. The back four had a perfect match”.

The coach was asked about the system and the midfield with Modric, Alonso and Di María: “I see what they do in training and the characteristics of the players. We are more balanced with this system. It is more difficult for some players in this system. Modric and Alonso are doing well and we also have Illarra and Isco. The time will come for everyone to play, although some of them are not playing much right now”.

Regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension, Ancelotti said: “No one is happy about it. Not being able to play for three matches is not normal. That is why we appealed. It would be normal for him to have the suspension reduced because three matches for what he did is not normal”.


Ramos was one of the top players in Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey derby against Atlético and explained his satisfaction to the press: “I’m thrilled with the match and the result. The team did a great job. The tie isn’t sealed but we’re going home with an advantage that, while it’s not comfortable, is rather good. With games like that you go home proud of having giving your all and performing at your peak level. Atlético Madrid are having a great season and this was a much-anticipated clash. We’re going home proud of the work we’ve done today”. 

The defender discussed the intensity of these matches and how he manages cards: “Derbies mean nerves and tension and there’s a title on the line. Everyone defends their own interests on the pitch and nothing else. Given that I had a card and could possibly not play the second leg you take it a bit more calmly. You have to learn from your mistakes in football and we’ve got experience in that. You also have to bring a bit of peace and order because there are many people watching these matches”.

When asked about Jése, Ramos replied: “He’s an academy player with a great future and he’s already proving it. If he continues to contribute to the team he’ll have a very special place on the squad”. He also discussed Cristiano Ronaldo and his ban: “You don’t always have to evaluate a player’s work on goals and he did a good job today. The club will appeal and hopefully the sanctioned will be reduced by a game or two. Our opinion stays in the dressing room. It’s not good to say things about the committees and the referees; we have to wait and see what they decide and we hope that it’s the best for Real Madrid”.


Di Maria:

Di María played in the cup win against Atlético Madrid and following the match spoke about the team’s attitude: “We did a great job. We did what we’ve been working on in training; pressing up front and giving one hundred percent. We are happy because we got the result that we wanted. We knew that their game is all about intensity and running, and we had to do the same or more than them. We did a great job and we still have to do a good job in their stadium”.

The Argentine spoke about the affection shown towards him by the fans: “I am very happy with the ovation that the crowd gave me and I keep showing them I’m giving my all for this shirt. The goal was a bit lucky but the important thing is that things keep going well”. About Jesé, he said: “He is scoring goals, working hard and if he keeps going, he’ll be a great player”.

Finally, he answered questions about Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension: “These things are decided by those that have to decide them. We know that he did nothing, he was provoked, and the important thing was that he played against Atlético Madrid today and played well”.


Modric started in the first leg of the cup semi-final against Atlético Madrid and was pleased about how the team had played: “We had lost the last two matches against Atlético Madrid. We were very focused from the start and fought together, which was important to get the win. When we play like we did tonight, we are very strong. It is always something important to beat the bigger, stronger teams like Atlético Madrid”.

When asked about his great relationship with the fans, he said: “I am grateful to the fans. But the important thing for me is that the team are playing very well right now”. He also spoke about how Bale is doing: “He trained normally over the last two or three days. The coach did not want him to force anything today because we have another important match on Saturday and Cristiano cannot play in it. It is important for him to rest because there is no rush”.

About Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence against Villarreal, he said: “It is not fair, because he didn’t do anything wrong, but we can’t do anything about that. We all have to do more when Cristiano it is not playing because he is a very important player for us”.


Jesé Rodriguez chatted to Realmadrid TV at the end of the match, measuring up the important victory against Atlético, which brings Ancelotti’s squad one step closer to the Copa de Rey final: “We’ve played hard in a match against a good team. We’re in a good place and we have to carry on like this. It’s hard to keep constant, but it’s what we’ve got to do.”

The academy player once again took centre stage with goal number two against Atlético. “It was a beautiful goal” he said, “I can see that it might be possible to achieve my 10-goal-objective, and if there end up being more- even better. I’ve been lucky so far to score against great teams in great grounds.”

He went on to show appreciation for Ancelotti’s confidence in his technique: “I’m thrilled about the opportunities and I hope they continue. This victory is going to give us confidence for the upcoming matches” concluded Canarian Jesé, rounding up his hope that this evening’s triumph will serve as a confidence booster at this decisive moment in the season.




3 Responses to “A Derby Done Right”

  1. Tistiano February 8, 2014 at 12:15 am #

    I’m soooooo proud of these boy , they really put on a show and showed Atletico de Madrid who the kings of Spainnnnn are !!!!!

    I’m not too fond of Carlo (still love and miss Mou ) , but this Victory made me look at him in a different light , and forget about Mou , even if it was for a minute !
    A por la decima and hala madrid

  2. Miss_F February 8, 2014 at 4:16 am #

    We used to have an animated series here in England called ‘Angry Kid’… Diego Costa reminds me of him, just minus the orange hair!

  3. Tatiana February 8, 2014 at 5:07 am #

    I enjoyed so much the bad behavior of Pepe, Arbeloa and Ramos. Diego Costa tried to turn the match into comedy of constant diving and irritating of our players, but Arbie and Pepe gave him a good amount of his own medicine. I like also that Ancelotti approved that too, and said in interview that he has not spoken about the subject with those players, because those things happen in derby games.

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