The Tishies Division III: Actual Football Stuff Nominations Open!

12 Feb

whip1We went from having almost no categories about actual football stuff to having a ton! So I’ve divided them into two divisions – regular and national team. This is the regular division. PLEASE NOTE: This is for 2013, so keep that in mind when nominating. Also, I combined a couple of categories into one (For example, Transfer Heard Around The World & Biggest Transfer WTF Moment, because they’re essentially the same thing). Nominations for this category are open until Wednesday, February 19 at midnight Eastern. Remember all players/teams/leagues are eligible!

DIVISION III: Actual Football Stuff contains the following categories:

Most Entertaining Pitchside Coach
Most mercurial manager/coach
Best Goalkeeper
Best Defender
Best Midfielder
Best Forward
The Transfer Heard Around The World
Best Celebration Antics (goal or otherwise) IMPORTANT NOTE: If it’s a goal celebration, please make sure to include picture/video link with your nomination. I love you all to pieces but I don’t have time to track down video of that time that Cris did that cute thing after he scored that goal. Because you know exactly what you’re talking about and I may not, so please, include a link to a picture or video or the nomination won’t be valid.

To make things easier this year, I’ve set up a nomination survey. You can make multiple nominations.


Have fun!

– Lozil

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