Hello Copa del Rey Final!

13 Feb


Peeps, can I get an OOH-WE?? To the freakin’ finals we go! It’ll be another Clasico final, just like in 2011…when we crushed Barca AND our trophy. Ba-dum-tish! We’ve got the goods, we know how to use ’em, we just gotta keep puttin’ our stuff to work. Show us the silverware, boys!

We were already 3-0 on aggregate, going into the second match, so we were in fine shape. I really was expecting more out of Atleti, not a comeback, but definitely some goals. That’s totally not a complaint though, with another clean sheet, Iker was making history AGAIN! San Iker became the only keeper in history to go the whole competition, to the finals, without conceding. 961 minutes of manning that goal, and manning it well.


Lesson #1 for Atleti: Cris is not known for missing penalties, so don’t take him down in the box! But that’s what happened in the 7th minute, he was taken down and then he put his first goal away.

Lesson #2 for Atleti: Learn from your past errors. But they didn’t do that and took G-Money down in the box, making it all too easy for Cris. It was the 16th minute and we were already 5-0 on aggregate. The thang was done and dusted.

There was some nasty business just before halftime, when Cristiano fouled Manquillo. Man, oh man, that was one nasty fall! I was so afraid that Manquillo had broken his neck, ick I don’t even like to think about it. If you can stomach it, the video of the foul is here. He’s one lucky man to have walked away with only whiplash.

Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Liga Copa del Rey. Jornada Semifinal. // Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Copa del Rey Leage. Round Semifinal.

Oh, the nastiness wasn’t over with. This time it was intentional.

Raul Garcia is getting physical and the ref is happily clicking his heels in the background

And Sergio to break it up?? That may be the most shocking part of it. If Sese can break two grown men apart, he’s ready for his son & the kiddie wrangling he’ll have to do :’)

Not wanting to be left out, the fans took the opportunity to get nasty. As Cristiano was coming off the pitch, an Atleti “fan” decided to beam a lighter at his head. You know that had to have hurt, look how the thing bounces off his head. Even if it didn’t hurt, it’s a shit thing to do. WTF are these asshole fans thinking when they pull shit like this??

Two goals and we were good to pack things up and head back to Madrid. How good did it feel knocking Atleti out? 😉


Kick your heels up, we’re in the final!

I’m so glad the classy one’s ours.

Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Liga Copa del Rey. Jornada Semifinal. // Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Copa del Rey Leage. Round Semifinal.

Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Liga Copa del Rey. Jornada Semifinal. // Atletico de Madrid - Real Madrid, Copa del Rey Leage. Round Semifinal.

Pics and Gifs via gfsports, johnyramos, & megustaelfutbol.


Post Match Comments

From Realmadrid.com



Carlo Ancelotti appeared in the press room after the Copa del Rey win at the Vicente Calderón. The Italian coach was pleased about going through to the final: “The tie overall was good for us. The advantage that we got in the first match was crucial, we also scored very soon tonight, which almost settled things. The team played well in both matches and we deserved to win. I think that we have played well in all of our cup matches, and kept clean sheets, and that is very good. Now we’re through to the final, which is important”.

When asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance, he said: “Cristiano is doing well. He scored two goals and played a key role at the start of the match. The three forwards did well at the start and were very dangerous”. He also spoke about the players that were a booking away from missing the final: “It was possible to avoid cards tonight. Ramos played the first half very carefully and I took him off at the break to avoid any problems”.

The Italian compared the cup competitions in the different countries where he has coached: “All teams see this as an important competition. It’s different in England where it might be more important than the league. Here, everyone has done their best to reach the final. We are trying to win all of the competitions that we are in. This is the least important one in our plan because we have La Liga and the Champions League to play for too, but reaching a final is always a good thing for the team”.

He also spoke about the fitness of Marcelo and Coentrão: “The two of them were not quite at 100% so I preferred to rest them for this match. They will be ready for Sunday”.


Casillas played in the win against Atlético Madrid at the Vicente Calderón and spoke about the match following the final whistle: “The first leg was key, winning 3-0 made the second leg more straightforward. We got two quick penalties and maybe that meant that the match wasn’t so exciting. We did our job well and deserve to be in the final”.

The goalkeeper spoke about having an impeccable record against Atlético Madrid throughout his career: “They are all great matches that we all like to play as players, especially those of us born in Madrid. I’m happy because things have always gone well”. He was also asked about the how hard these matches are played: “Things have to stay on the field and then people have to move on. It is a derby and the players from each team always want the best for their club”.

About their possible cup final opponents, he said : “The important thing right now is that we have reached the final. Real Sociedad will be really keen to make it to the final, after a long time without playing in one, and Barcelona will as well. But what I am bothered about is that we have done our job and now we have to think about the league and the Champions League”.

About a lighter being thrown from the stands and hitting Cristiano Ronaldo, he said: “There is always someone that tries to smear the image of a club like Atlético Madrid and it doesn’t reflect how the majority of their fans are. I think the consequences could be serious because it could have hurt a player”.


Sergio Ramos was in the starting line-up for the second-leg Cup semi-final and expressed his happiness about making it into the finals: “I’m very happy. Real Madrid has played a great game against a rival who’s having a great season. Athletic Bilbao is always a difficult rival and playing at Calderón isn’t easy. We had to come in forgetting about the results of the first leg, because in football, anything can happen.  We kept control of the game and the outcome is fair. The best team has gone on to the finals.”

The defender talked about the risk of losing the finals if he received a yellow card: “Fortunately, experience tells you to be a little more aware of what can happen if you’re carded. Today I went out there more carefully and with all my senses activated. The coach decided to put me in and save Pepe. I haven’t been out of line at any time to be sanctioned. We’ve got results and at half-time Ancelotti decided to replace me.”

He also commented on the team’s current condition: “We can talk about the great strength there is on the defence and the good teamwork. We’ve been doing well, with a lot of stability. Now comes the most important part, and that’s when we’ve got to show it.”

About Cristiano Ronaldo being hit with a lighter, he said: “Calderón is a stadium that shows its affection for their team. Things like that taint and damage a game like football. That’s why there are cameras, and if they detect it, the person should be prohibited from coming in during a good long time.” In response to questions about rivalries in the derbies, he answered: “Nobody likes there to be squabbling. There’s a title in play and a lot of tension, but things should stay on the field. I agree with Diego Costa’s style, because he puts a lot of character out on the field.”

Finally, in response to the question of which team he prefers to face in the Cup finals, Ramos said: “It’s all the same to me who the rival is. I want the best to be there, because I love football. We did what we had to do, which is classify.”


Varane was the main news in Ancelotti’s starting eleven at the Vicente Calderón. The defender was very pleased about his return to the team for the decisive part of the season: “I felt great. It is great to be back out on the field after so long”. About the win against Atlético Madrid and getting through to the final, he said: “We played well, we won and got through to the cup final. It was a perfect night. I do not care who our opponents are in the final, the important thing is to win”.

Real Madrid made it through to the cup final and kept another clean sheet. Varane spoke about how strong they are at the back: “The team played compact and worked well to get the result. We have to keep going as we are”. When asked how Cristiano Ronaldo was after being hit by a lighter thrown from the stands, he said: “I didn’t see it, but it is nothing serious”.

When asked about his fitness, he said: “We’re going to see how the knee responds over the next few days, to see if it swells. I haven’t had any problems during the match and I have trained hard to get to this point. So far I have played one match and we’ll see if I can play two in a row. The team needs all of the players and we have to be ready if we want to win titles. Everyone is thinking about that”.


Gareth Bale played the full 90 minutes in the match at the Vicente Calderón. The Welsh international spoke following the match against Atlético Madrid: “We deserve to be in the Copa del Rey final, we played a great match and we’re doing well”.

The Whites’ player said that Real Madrid were superior throughout the semi-final: “We played a great match. We did very well in the tie overall and deserve to be in the cup final”. Bale also spoke about the team’s defensive form: “We are doing very well in attack, but we have improved a lot in defence. We are playing very well. It is great to see that what we work on in training comes off when we use it in matches and gets us the results”.

Finally, he said he was happy about Varane’s return: “He is an incredible player and played very well. It is great to have him back to help us to be stronger for what remains of the season”.




4 Responses to “Hello Copa del Rey Final!”

  1. CinematiqueChic February 13, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

    It feels good to have triumphed over Atleti so decisively! I’m not looking forward to a clasico final (my liver really doesn’t like them!) but winning will be even sweeter for defeating Barca.

  2. jellyace February 13, 2014 at 11:35 pm #

    I just noticed the back of Jese’s head: he’s got speed stripes!

    I heard the lighter thrower was caught and faces a banning, and that Atletico will be fined.

    Clasico, here we come! arrrggghhhh!

    • Lunacy February 14, 2014 at 3:06 am #

      I heard that too … and then I heard that he couldn’t be found … idk I hope he got found …

  3. Lunacy February 13, 2014 at 11:43 pm #

    April 19th here I come !!!! I always figured it’d be us and Barcelona in the end … I do love clasico finals , thought we would’ve got one in the final of the UCL last season . I was obviously very very wrong … nonetheless the final will be epic , they always are !!!

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