Tishies Division III Voting Now Open!

5 Mar

whip1Voting continues! Division III: Actual Football Stuff is up next.  Division III voting will remain open until Wednesday, March 12 at midnight, Eastern.

Here are the categories.

First up:  Most Entertaining Pitchside Coach ( I’d personally never call an avowed facist “entertaining” but someone liked his antics enough to nominate him in not one, but two categories).

This category, Most Mercurial Manager/Coach, has several potential winners.

Everyone has their favorite and this category will be hotly contested: Best Goalkeeper

Remember, we’re voting for Best Defender, not best tattoos or abs – if it came down to that, this would be a cage fight! 😉

How do you prefer your midfielders? Crafty & calculating? Nimble and visionary? Powerful and driven? All of the above? Let us know in Best Midfielder

So many forwards – all so good and so different – who will win Best Forward?

The Transfer Heard Around The World was supposed to be only for 2013, but so many people nominated Juan Mata for this and it was just in January so I’ve included it.

For this category, you were asked to give us a link to the celebration you were referencing. If you didn’t, we weren’t able to include the nomination. Sorry. It’s hard to know what you mean if for instance you say “That celebration Cris did when he scored that really awesome goal” As you can imagine, that doesn’t give us anything to go on.

Here are the celebrations for you to view before voting:

Pontilcelli vs. Riolo Terme – player headbutts the dugout in celebration & gets a red card

Daniel Sturridge dances

Cristiano commander salute

Kelyn Rowe and his N.E. Revolution teammates “Roweing” 

Cristiano Ronaldo & Mesut Ozil

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hattrick against Sweden 

Best Celebration Antics

Happy voting!

– Lozil

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