Top of the League Looks So Good On Us

11 Mar


Yayuh, we’re still sitting pretty at the top of the table! We’ve got eleven Liga matches left, can you believe it? Maybe it’s a little too early to be counting down to the end of the season, but I need to know these things! I need to visualize the end of the competition and visualize our victory…it’s never too early to be visualizing a victory. We’re on our way. Make it happen, boys!

Happy boys everywhere!

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I feel like that Ramosista should’ve included a footnote on her sign, something like – “Sergio, you’re the best1!….*So dress like it, damn it!…or just try harder. That’s being reasonable, right? Now, about the new hair……first off, I will say that it doesn’t look that bad from the front or a 3/4 view. It becomes a problem when you get to the back, then it looks like an unfinished job of laying turf on a lawn. Sese, you poor little lawn head!



Here’s a panoramic view of the new do, courtesy of GFSports.

Hot.                                                     Not.                                                                  Not.

You know when you’ve got a new look going on, you just want to show everyone. The Pony trotted his turf over to Joaquin Caparros, his coach at Sevilla, for a hello before the match.

It almost looks like he’s saying “It will grow back” doesn’t it?

Now here are our goals. Cris opened up the scoring in the 11th minute, with a header after getting some major air. Check that jump!


In thee 49th minute, we got our second goal via MARCELO! Not something you see everyday, but always welcome when it happens.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images 9

Lady Edith is all up in that fro enjoying the hell out of it. Go Edith, go Edith!

With still a ways to go in the match, Levante found themselves down to ten men in the 64th minute. Navarro saw a straight red for his challenge on Cris.

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Things got even worse for Levante in the 81st minute…when Nikos Karabelas attempted to clear a shot by Marcelo and ended up scoring an own goal. Ouch.

That’d be a goal and an assist for this guy!

In the last moments of the match, Carvajal had to be stretchered off due to a leg injury but after the match he assured everyone that it wasn’t serious.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images


Obviously, this guy’s legs are fine…and FOINE.


“Oh my…well that was money well spent.”

If GMoney’s legs aren’t your thing, (you must be cray if that applies to you!) here is some half nekkid Sergio. Feast your eyes and enjoy some slowwww motionnnn running.

If thinking naughty thoughts while watching Sergio run, (again, if this applies to you, YOU CRAY!) here is some innocent and adorable Marcelo rolling his eyes.

We’re in a good place right now, three points ahead of Atleti and 4 points ahead of Barca!

Pics & Gifs via megustaelfutbol, gfsports, sr4oldpics, concretar, blogfootballs, & sheikhyabooty.


Post Match Comments



Real Madrid downed Levante to return to the top of the league. Carlo Ancelotti was satisfied with his side’s win, and analysed the match in the press room at the Santiago Bernabéu: “We had the same intensity and concentration in the last few games. We played well from the first minute til the last; very efficient and with security at the back. The match was very good”.

“We’re in a good position in all competitions. That was the objective and we’re getting there with by working. We are in an important moment of the season. There’s a good atmosphere in the squad and we have to carry on as such. It is important not to think about a lot of things because the risk is to think too much. We have to be alert in every game because each match can be the most important of the season. We are on top but the season is long and the objective is to end the season up there”.

“We have a small advantage but we don’t think about it. We just look at the next game and try to win it. We trailed for a while and now it’s our good moment, and we have to carry on that way”.

Varane and Carvajal “Varane took a knock to his tibia, it’s nothing to do with his knee and it’s fine. The change was only precautionary. With Carvajal we were worried, but now it seems as if he’ll be back in two or three days”. Small scoreline “We had a lot of opportunities, Keylor Navas had a top game, I’m happy with the match we played. The important thing is to win the league, it doesn’t matter how you do it. I think it will go right down until the wire because there are two teams very close to us. For Real Madrid it’s clear that the objectives are the three competitions”. Emilio Butragueño’s opinion “We’re on a fantastic trajectory. The side is showing very good signs and dominated from the first minute. They are solid at the back and rarely give chances away. We deserved more goals, but between Navas and the woodwork it wasn’t possible. We were superior and the result was a little flattering”. “We are showing great capacity. We are doing what we must, and that’s the most important, and it helps us that our rivals slip up and drop points. Also the change to 4-3-3 gives us more tranquillity and calm. Modric and Xabi Alonso are very secure in play and Di María has taken on the role of a central midfielder and is helping us a lot”. Embed from Getty Images Marcelo: “Given how much we were attacking you felt it was a matter of time before the goals came. The result was just and we go home happy. The first half didn’t go as we’d have liked but in the second we worked better”, said Marcelo. The situation in the league The fullback was on the scoresheet for Madrid today: “We couldn’t slip up today, so we focused more on the job at hand. We can’t count out Barcelona as they’re a top side and we respect our rivals always. Now we have a week to rest a little bit and to continue trying to win every game”.

Embed from Getty Images


The defender explained post-game how he was: “It was an isolated incident, I felt a pull in my left leg. The doctor told me it would be best to go to the changing room. I hope it’s nothing and I have a good feeling about it. I want anyone who is worried to relax, in two or three days I’ll be fine”.

“Levante play to their strengths, very together and counterattacking. The played well and it took a big effort to open the scoring.”




2 Responses to “Top of the League Looks So Good On Us”

  1. jellyace March 12, 2014 at 2:03 am #

    I fast-forwarded and looked up the matches on the last day, Day 38:
    Real Madrid v Espanyol (always a tricky opponent) at the Bernabeu (home advantage!)
    Barcelona v Atletico Madrid (clasico junior) at Camp Nou. (tough, tough tough)

    Hopefully, we will be celebrating that night!

  2. CinematiqueChic March 12, 2014 at 6:06 pm #

    I’m so happy for Marcelo! And such a lovely goal! Now, let’s win the league! (And the Copa and Champions League while we’re at it).

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