Training & Movistar Clinic

12 Mar
Holy tamoley, those legs!

Holy tamoley, those legs!

Woof! Cristiano has certainly got some fine hamhocks, doesn’t he? The team had their second training of the week today. Benzema ,  Varane and Carvajal returned to the pitch along with Castilla’s Pacheco, Derik, Casado & Quini.  Fabio & Sergio stayed inside. The latter had some back discomfort. Arbeloa & Sami continue their recovery.

The Movistar  Real Challenge clinic that we saw all those promo videos for finally happened.  40 lucky clients and employees from 12 different countries got to train with Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Diego López, Jesé, Isco, Varane and Morata.

Dude! Me Hipnotizo Bailando is totes my ringtone!

“Dude! Me Hipnotizo Bailando is totes my ringtone!”


Eight Real Madrid players take part in the ‘Movistar Real Challenge’

Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Diego López, Jesé, Isco, Varane and Morata trained in the Santiago Bernabéu for this Movistar initiative alongside 40 clients and employees from 12 different countries.

Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Pepe, Diego López, Jesé, Isco, Varane and Morata were the stars of the ‘Movistar Real Challenge’, which took place in the Santiago Bernabéu. The eight Real Madrid first team players enjoyed a training session on the pitch for the Movistar initiative along with 40 clients and employees from 12 different countries. “It is a unique opportunity for us to show fans what it is like for us playing in the Bernabéu. They are very lucky and we’re sure they will have fond memories of today. It was a pleasure [to do this]. For them spending time with us is unforgettable, and we love to make them happy”, the players stated.

The players got the event started with a group photo with all the participants before completing different group exercises which were conducted by various coaches from the Whites’ youth academy. Some of the facets of play that worked on in the stadium were passing, controlling the ball, dribbling past an opponent and shooting on goal. The players were delighted with the different drills and were happy to sign autographs for the participants, who closed out the event by playing a match.

The importance of El Clásico for Diego López

“There are three very important points to play for. We are up against a direct rival and have a chance of widening the gap. There is another La Liga match to go before that which is also very important. We want to win on Saturday in Málaga in order to head into that game with a four-point lead, which we’ll be looking to increase to seven. After that we are going to continue with what we’ve been doing. Taking each match as it comes in all three of the competitions is working very well for us and we hope to continue like that”.

“Atlético are very strong. They were excellent again against Milan. And Barcelona, whatever people say about them, will be there until the end because they have great players and are a great team. It will very difficult for us. This is going to be a fight until the end, until the last match of the season. We are prepared to fight in all three competitions”.

Isco spoke about the team’s great form of late

“We have played a lot of matches this season and we are all full of confidence. The results are going really well for us. And we are going through a very good spell at the moment. We are in with a chance, more than a chance, in the three competitions and hope to finish out the year like that. Zidane was a role model when he played, it’s good to have him with us during our training sessions because he is always helping and advising us. It means a lot”.

Schalke 04

“We have a good advantage over Schalke 04, but we have to respect the opposition on the pitch. It is a match in which we want to give our fans something else to smile about, that’s what we’ll be looking to do. We are representing a huge club and dealing with the pressure of winning is part of that”, Pepe pointed out.

Xabi Alonso’s fondest memory with Real Madrid

“For me winning La Liga two years ago in San Mamés was really special. It was a very happy occasion and very satisfying because we did it after a fantastic season in which we broke records for the number of goals scored and the number of points accumulated. Hopefully an even greater moment is still to come”

Jesé and Varane’s debuts

“I will treasure the memory of playing in this beautiful stadium and in front of these great fans. It is something to commend that the youth academy is used so well. We all dream of breaking into the first team. There are quite a few of us [from the youth academy in the team now], Carvajal, Nacho, Morata, Iker and Diego. I wish all those still looking to break into the team the best”, the Canary Islander declared. “It was very special. I had to focus on the match and not think about the people in the stands”, admitted Varane. “We give team mates who are making their debuts all our support and fill them with confidence”, Marcelo stated.

It looks like everyone had a blast! (And wants their picture taken with Marcelo. Who can blame them?) Morata tweeted a piccie of his carpooling partner Isco. This is going to make watishista jellyace very happy!

tumblr_n2abc9WQl71rt74gwo1_500Cute boys are cute. Here’s hoping Morata isn’t inspired to go the early fatherhood route now that Isco is heading for DILF-dom. I’m unable to keep up with the bits and bobs as it is!

(Additional clinic pictures via GF Sports)

– Lozil

4 Responses to “Training & Movistar Clinic”

  1. jellyace March 13, 2014 at 4:42 am #

    OMG! My favorite bebe boos! Thank you, Lozil and Alvaro, for making sure I get to see this piccie of Isco and Morata!!!

    The next time they room together, Isco will be showing him the sonogram of his baby to be! Follow Iker’s path, and no babies until you’re 30!

  2. Maria March 13, 2014 at 8:02 pm #

    Does Castilla mean 2nd team or something?

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