Training, G-Money For Adidas, Bad News, Good News, Fashion!

13 Mar

Satellite (9)The team had their third training session of the week in preparation for their away match on Saturday with Malaga. Fabio & Sergio returned to the group.

Arbeloa & Sami continue their recovery. And sadly, Alvaro’s is going to be out much longer than expected. While it was originally said that his cracked right knee cap would have him out for 3 weeks, it was confirmed today that the injury was much more serious than was thought. He’ll be out for 2 months! So that’s basically the rest of the season and this obviously puts his chances for being chosen for the World Cup squad as pretty fucking slim. Animo Arbie! That’s the bad news.

But there’s good news:  Cristiano is doing a very good deed. This little woobins, 10 month old Erik Ortiz Cruz, has been diagnosed with cortical dysplasia, which can cause 30 seizures a day.  The family was trying to raise money for his care and had asked CR7 (through a friend) to donate a shirt and boots to auction. He did.

tumblr_n29w8pANsl1qbiysso2_400But he also decided to pay Erik’s hospital bill.  Each of the bebe’s medical tests costs €6,000 and the surgery is €60,000. Cris is taking care of it all. And they say he’s selfish. Pfffft! As a father and a human being,  how could he not help but be moved by tiny Erik’s plight. He could, so he did. Good for him.

tumblr_n29w8pANsl1qbiysso1_1280You can read more about it at MGEF. I read it there a few days ago and meant to post but spaced.  Special thanks to watishista Rhi for reminding me! Cristiano doesn’t get enough credit for all the good things he does.

Cristiano’s dear friend ::cough:: fanboy::cough:: G-Money presented his new Adidas Adizero F50 boots today at the Bernabeu. Surprising absolutely no one, he gushed about Cristiano’s awesomeness (and rightfully so).


“Hell YEAH, his leg muscles are epic! Oh wait, what are we talking about?”


Bale: “We can win all three competitions”
by Barbara Jimenez

“I have worked hard to match the level of my teammates. I am really on form and happy with my performances”, added the Whites player.

Bale attended an event in the Bernabéu Store where he presented his new Adidas Adizero F50 boots. The Welshman took the opportunity to talk about the team’s current situation and explain his current run of form: “We are still in all three competitions and we have a chance to win all three, but you have to take it a match at a time to try and achieve it”.

“We are in a good position in La Liga. We are first and we have a lead, but there are still 11 matches to play and we have to focus and keep winning so that we don’t have to worry about what the other teams are doing. In the Champions League there are obviously strong teams left, there are no favourites. The goal is to win the European Cup, but we have to take it a match at a time. We hope we can get that coveted Décima. Winning the title is always difficult, but these are great matches and we are looking forward to playing them”.

Next match
“At the moment, the next match is against Málaga in La Liga and we are concentrated on playing well and getting the three points. Afterwards we will be focused on the Clásico against Barcelona. It is important to win those matches against Barcelona. It is important to play our best football in those matches”.

“It has taken me a while to get used to the city and the team, but now I am enjoying myself.”

“Any transfer means a series of changes, in this case it is a new kind of football in a new country and it is not easy to adapt to. I hope to continue to do so and improve my performances. I knew Modric because we were teammates at Tottenham and he has really helped me and given me advice. He is a great, world-class teammate, I am very happy with his game in the middle of the pitch”.

How he feels
“The pre-season is very important for a player, but I have worked and trained really hard to reach the level of my teammates. I am playing well and I hope to be able to keep it up for the rest of the season”.

“I am quite happy with my performances so far. I have improved quite a lot, I feel good and everything takes its time. I have a lot of years left in this career and I hope to be able to be able to give the team more each year”.

Football in Spain
“In the six months I’ve been here I have been surprised by the importance of tactics in La Liga. Not so many long balls are played, you try to keep more of the ball and pass it around. That makes it interesting to play in this league, where the standard is so high.

His position
“Last year I was playing in the midfield or on the right wing for Tottenham, so this is not a strange position for me. I enjoy playing in that position because I think I perform really well there”

Ancelotti and Cristiano Ronaldo
“He has helped me a lot. As a coach he has given us the idea of trusting our chances and having faith in our potential and that has helped us to keep improving in the areas we’re working on. Cristiano Ronaldo is simply the best player in the world, he is completely extraordinary and it really helps me being part of a strikeforce that includes him”.

(Subtext: Cristiano is the super dreamiest. Totes.)

Let’s see, what else? Oh, Sergio Ramos wore a dishtowel around his neck. So, business as usual. (Gotta say, he’s looking rather tame overall)

But Samuel Eto’o gave our Sese a run for his money (and Alex Song & Dani Alves) with this outfit that Oscar posted on his Instagram after training yesterday.

Samuel Eto'oYes, that is a leather shirt with a neck zipper and some sort of molded fox/bear/dog head on his hat. There’s also a leather or rubber jacket (I really hope it’s rubber because AWESOME!) The only thing I hate about this picture is that I can’t see what trousers and shoes he paired this with. I mean, you really need to see the complete ensemble to get the proper effect, right?

He’s not the only one in Chelsea that’s having issues with fashion. Demba Ba got his Pharrell on. (In re: Pharrell’s hat, that shiz be Vivienne Westwood, so mad props. )

I’m sincerely hoping that Sergio doesn’t get on the Buffalo Hat bandwagon. Or maybe I do. That would be kind of amazing.

Showing all the guys how it’s really done,  Zizou watched his son Enzo and the rest of the Real Madrid Juvenil A team beat PSG to make the final four of the UEFA Youth League championship. Mazel tov to our babies!

article-2578552-1C33431700000578-200_634x422Though that scarf may be potentially suspect, everything else he is wearing is plain and classic enough that it’s an accent, not an issue.  Delicious.

And on that palate cleansing note, I bid you adieu.

– Lozil

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  1. Dr. Heidi March 13, 2014 at 6:01 pm #

    That is just awesome generosity from Cris….bravo! I know it’s a drop in the bucket to him money wise, but he changed this family’s life….how amazing is that? At least he didn’t waste it on hookers and other such foolishness… leather shirts, caps that look like felines, ‘the Pharell’, frankencoats and other such silly business.

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