Father’s Day in Madrid!

19 Mar


The best father/son duo in Madrid? I think that’s a title Marcelo & Enzo could easily nab. As it was Father’s Day in Spain today, many of our boys took to social media to express some major squee-inducing, heartfelt, papa & kiddo action. Some of the Papas were celebrating Father’s Day for the first time and some were celebrating as soon to be papas, but all of them equally adorable!

First up, San Iker & Martin! Iker sent out one of his CasillasWorld newsletters today, which read more like a letter home from summer camp, and of course he dished about his first Father’s Day! Did you think he wouldn’t? Actually, I was expecting some kind of awkward Sears portrait with matching sweater vests…but I guess chunky little baby feet are just as endearing.


Sergio went for a throwback, one with his padre and back when he had pretty hair…sorta.


“Happy fathers day to all of the fathers in the world and specially mine. ILY old man. There’s no one like you..!!”

Nagore posted three lovely pics of Xabi with each of his bebes, with a cute little message on each.


“Thanks for making me feel great in your arms.”


“With you I touch the sky and stars.”


“…and devoting your free time to me.”

Arbeloa got his collage on, posting some family shots in honor of his father. I’m going to be nice and say that it’s probably the lighting that makes his father look like a serial killer, in the bottom left pic….yeah, the lighting…


“Happy Father’s Day! Especially to us for, of course, you’re the best!”

Carlota also got in on the collage making fun, posting some cute shots of her adorable Benjamin Button bebes.


Technically, these next Father’s Day celebrations happened in Napoli…but who cares about specifics? They’ll always be our boys! Callejon posted a shot of him & his father, but also a little preview of Bebe Callejon!


“Congratulations twice! Thanks for always being on the ball!! I owe you everything!!”


From the Albiol clan, Alicia shared a note from her kids to their papa.


And because we never turn away extra cuteness, here are Alicia and her bebes, yesterday, celebrating the Fallas.




3 Responses to “Father’s Day in Madrid!”

  1. jellyace March 20, 2014 at 12:41 am #

    Aw those family pics are so precious! March 19 is a special day in our family because it is the feast of St. Joseph, patron of families. It makes sense to make it father’s day as well! Happy Father’s day!

  2. tashasila March 20, 2014 at 1:17 am #

    You should really follow @andreiasantoscoentrao on instagram! She postes so many cute photos of Fabio and their little princess! 😀

  3. Dr. Heidi March 20, 2014 at 12:53 pm #

    and kudos Maisougio for very capably filling in for Lozil which she’s on her epic voyage…..bravo!

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