To the Quarter Finals We Go!

20 Mar
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With Cristiano and Morata’s combined efforts to bring us three goals, we found ourselves through to the next round of the Champions League! It was a bittersweet victory, due to Jese’s injury, but also a record breaking one; the 9-2 aggregate score set a club record in European competition. (MGEF)


“Have you googled yourself lately?”


“I’ll show you HB&HB…”

“….I’ll show you.”




“Hmmm..bowl cut…bowl cut…”


“Dear Lord, please help me step up my hair game.”


2014 UEFA Champions League Real Madrid v Schalke Mar 18th

Something we haven’t seen in a while! Pre-game besos FTW!

In the third minute of play, Jese’s match and season came to an end after a hard challenge from Kolasinac, which resulted in a complete tear of his ACL. Ugh, it’s so hard to look at the pics of the challenge….animo Jese!

G-Money came on for Jese and it was he who teamed up with Cris to deliver the first goal, scored in the 21st minute.

Ten minutes later, Schalke hit back for the first and final time, with a shot from Tim Hoogland…and assist from Sergio since the shot deflected off of him.

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That’s one pissed off booty tooch from San Iker.

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Rounding off the match, we got to see two fab goals a minute apart. First up was Cristiano’s 2nd goal of the night, a nice strike slipped right into the bottom corner in the 74th minute.

75th minute pinball action! It was Cris who sent the ball to the crossbar, G-Money who collected the ball after it pinged away from the goal and sent it Morata’s way, who finished the thing off. Woot for Morata who got to celebrate his first Champions League goal!

Pics & Gifs via megustaelfutbol, sr4oldpics, gfsports, blogfootballs, fuckyeahsernando, & iaminlovewithramos.


Post Match Comments



Real Madrid sealed another victory in the Santiago Bernabéu, this time against Schalke 04 on its way to the quarter finals of the Champions League. After the match Carlo Ancelotti stated: “I think it has been confirmed that Jesé has torn his cruciate ligament. He was unlucky. I think that the whole of Real Madrid has been unlucky. We are going to lose a very important player, a young man who has done very well this season and surprised everyone. That is football. Injuries come in a player’s career and we will be close to him and support him and we’ll be waiting for him next season”.

“We hope to have him ready soon and we would like to send him our support. We are waiting for him and we wish him luck. He will certainly be an important player for Real Madrid after his injury. We are sad. We are very sorry about this, but these things happen in football. It could be an important time for him, to enjoy this time of difficulty and build his character. I had the same problem at the same age. The period of downtime is not good, but it is not so bad. We have to stay positive”.

The best wishes of the whole team
“The squad is a bit down about it. It is normal when that happens to a player, like when it happened to Khedira. It is another problem for everyone and we will respond well because the team has character. We have to do more because Jesé has helped the team a lot this season, above all when Cristiano Ronaldo was not available. It’s not a problem”.

“It’s good for Spanish football to have three teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. It is a sign that football is in good health. But I really don’t know. The best teams reach the quarters. There could be an upset tomorrow, from Olympiacos who take on Manchester United. The others are the best teams in Europe and I think that they will be very difficult and tough quarter-finals for everyone”.

The match against Barcelona
“We are in good form and really looking forward to the match. We know it is difficult against a great team. Since the match I think that this team has improved a lot. We have to play our best football because to beat Barcelona you have to play at 100%. Yes, of course I have decided on the eleven. I don’t think it is difficult. I am not going to complicate things. I’ll make it easy for everyone”.

“I think it is a personal feeling if you feel better than the other team. I think that, in general, we are very excited about this team. We have improved a lot. The atmosphere is good and healthy. We are very excited and motivated. We are in all the competitions. The match is very complicated but we are confident. It will be an open game and I do not think it will decide La Liga because Atlético are there too. I think this league will be decided in the last match”.




“Jese’s injury overshadows advancing into the quarterfinals.  We were hoping that the injury was as mild as possible but we are just told now that it could be very serious, which is a shame because he was bringing a lot of good things to the team.”

“The beauty of the Champions League is being able to play against the best teams in the world, so we won’t count out any opponent.”

Ramos then added that the win today would n0t have any affect on the team’s form going into this weekend’s ‘El Clasico’ against Barcelona, as they are the types of games, like derbies, where form goes out the window.

“‘El Clasico’ is a completly different game and it doesn’t matter what form either side are in.  We’re going to put all our eggs in one basket to try and crack the league wide open.”




“The coach told us in his team talk earlier in the afternoon that he wanted a serious game, one where we showed personality and tried to win playing well. We tried to do that, although the game was a little strange in the first half. After the break, we switched on and improved a lot. We began to play well. We finish the night in good spirits and this game will give us confidence ahead of our [Liga] encounter with FC Barcelona on Sunday.”

“We have to take things step by step. We had a very good group stage, scoring a lot of goals while accumulating points. After that, we eliminated Schalke. Let’s see who we get next but I see the team doing well at the moment and, one step at a time, we will try to achieve our objective of winning three competitions. We know that will be difficult but at Madrid, we have to aim high. With that attitude, anything is possible.”

“I always want to play. I feel good and the coach – who makes these decisions – decided it was good for me to play. Things worked out well; I scored two goals and helped my team achieve a very important win to keep our good run going. We must continue on this path. Let’s see what happens in the next few games.”

“Jesé’s [knee] injury is very bad news. He is going to be sidelined for a long time. He is a player who was helping us a lot. When he played he carried out his work very well and scored goals. That’s why it’s such sad news for us; it represents an important loss.”


Gareth Bale spoke to the press about the qualification for the quarter-finals, Sunday’s Clásico and the team’s current form: “We’re playing well, with a lot of confidence and we’re on a good run. Now we have to prepare really well for the next match against Barcelona”.

“Barcelona is a direct rival and we are going to try and put in a good performance and take the three points. They have very good players, but we are focused on our game and on our team because we also have very good players”.



“We are very saddened by what happened to Jese. Hopefully he will recover soon.”

“I go home with the feeling that I could’ve scored more goals.  The important thing is that we won a difficult game on the score we brought back with us from Germany.”

Morata went on to add that he doesn’t care who they draw in the next round, as they are all difficult and is now focused on ‘El Clasico’ with Barcelona this Sunday.

“We’re now in the quarterfinals, among the best of Europe.  They’re all really good teams. I have no preference.  We need to prepare for our upcoming matches.”

“‘El Clasico’ is a game in which there are no favourites, it’s the best match in the world and there’s a lot at stake.  If we play like we know we can, but nothing with be decisive, but yes it will be an important step in deciding what happens in La Liga.”




“We played a good game tonight. We have to continue fighting in order to end the campaign as champions. We have been through a lot and have learned. We now have a lot more experience and are looking to win a title. Cristiano [Ronaldo] is the best player in the world; he is really something to see and is an example for the younger players. We hope that Jesé will recover as soon as possible and be back playing with us soon.”


The quarter finals draw will take place tomorrow and the following teams will be in the pot: Atleti, Barca, Bayern, Chelsea, Dortmund, Manchester United, & PSG. I’m just putting this out there….PLEASE NO GERMAN TEAMS!! Not right away at least, save that shit for the finals!



3 Responses to “To the Quarter Finals We Go!”

  1. Charliechaz March 20, 2014 at 8:23 pm #

    I am beyond bummed I missed Morata starting….but whoohoo quarterfinals!

  2. Sweet March 20, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    “Bowl cut, bowl cut!” I love it!

    • jellyace March 21, 2014 at 2:13 am #

      Yes, back to the boyhood haircut, Sergio!

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