Sunday Training & Checking Up On Sami!

30 Mar


Nothing like a 5-0 win to put everyone in the best of spirits, right? Let’s see some of that goal power against Dortmund! Yep, there’s no pause for these guys, they launched straight into preparations for the CL action this week. No rest for the wickedly talented.

Morata debuted his shaved do yesterday and the rumor going around was that he did it in support of cancer patients….which would’ve been very sweet, if it were TRUE! I don’t know who comes up with this stuff, but it’s a little creepy. In his comments after the match, Morata told reporters that he just wanted to change his look and in the end it gave him luck.

While three of our boys are out with injuries, today we get to check in with one of them, SAMI! Not only do we get a whole lot of training photos/awkward stretching sessions, but he also sat down for an interview about his recovery process up til now.



Sami Khedira in the final stretch of his recovery from injury after being successfully operated the anterior and medial collateral ligaments cross on his right knee last November 16. After working first between Augsburg and Ciudad Real Madrid , Real Madrid midfielder continues with its overhaul , now in southern Sicily. “Now I feel more like a football player, because I am here in a football field , it’s like being at home . I have the feeling that I ‘m nearing the end , I’m close to returning to the team and that gives me the motivation to keep fighting, “ he said.

” The beginning was very hard. I think the first four or five weeks were the hardest . I was on crutches and could not walk … I was very limited. In recent weeks I’ve been training more comfortable with the knee. I am very happy to step on the grass again , to be with the ball and running outdoors . Now I have more confidence in the knee, and I notice that I feel more secure. I feel good . “

His relationship with the staff and team goals
“I miss the team, my teammates, the coach It’s hard to train alone every day. For me, it is important to keep in touch with my teammates and the coach, that makes everything easier. It is a pleasure to have them as colleagues. They are all great with hearts equally as great. We have a chance to win three titles. Especially in the Champions League, all of the Madridistas want the win, and firstly ourselves, without a doubt. “

The vision of Dr. Olmo, Health Services Sanitas-Real Madrid
“We are very pleased with Sami. From the beginning he worked eight hours a day for recovery and the results achieved so far are for their daily work. The goal is to end his playing career without problems. We do not want to risk that by playing a little earlier or a little later. “

“We designed a recovery plan for him, we have followed very closely in four phases over a fifth which is with the team. He is finishing the fourth phase. When we are sure that he has 100% of his muscle strength and knee control we can decide that he can train with the team. “


One Response to “Sunday Training & Checking Up On Sami!”

  1. nad April 1, 2014 at 3:16 am #

    Now can barca and atletico pleeeease lose the next two matches and we keep on winning? (preferably with a clean sheet)?????????
    morata looks weird to me but hey, if he scores bald i dont mind
    and sami looks like he’s working hard. animo bb

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