Training, Chatty Dani, & Shadow Puppets?

31 Mar

Zi-zou bisou bisou!

It looks like somebody is wanting, nay needing, to get a closer look at the pretty that is Zizou! We saw what the extra friendly behavior did for the boys against Rayo, if Benz needs the extra lurve from his mentor to make things happen against Dortmund, then so be it! Do it for the goals!

Ten of the eleven starters against Rayo trained on the pitch today, while Xabi worked out indoors.

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Thank you for bringing headbands back, Marcelo!

This guy brought his big smile and overall awesomeness to his sit down interview with Mahou, he reminisced about the day he signed with RM & talked about life in Madrid.



Marcelo talking about his footballing career during an interview with Mahou. If there is one thing he’ll never forget it is the day he signed for Real Madrid: “That was an unforgettable moment in my life. I couldn’t believe it until I actually signed [the contract]”. Now, at 26 years of age, he is the team’s third captain. The defender is well aware of the responsibilities that come with the position: “As well as being an honour and very satisfying, it is a big responsibility because you are a role model to children all over the world”.

“People in Madrid are very friendly. When you’re out on the street or with your family in a restaurant, people show you their affection. My wife, my brother-in-law and I have been here for a long time and now feel like real Madrid natives”.

“The person who did more than anyone else for me to become a football player was my granddad. He took me to futsal training because it was closer to home. When I was 4 and 5 years old I was always playing on the street, and I played futsal until I was 14 years of age”.

“We didn’t have enough money for me to go training and one day I asked my granddad for one real (60 cent) to use in a slot machine, where I selected the symbol for the Croatian team and won 25 reales. I was incredibly lucky and was able to go training”.

His hobbies
“Playing table tennis, although I have many. My dogs are my biggest weakness. When I come home they go crazy and make me really happy. I choose to become a football player, but as I’m a happy and open guy I’m sure I would have done well as something else as well”.


Carvajal also had some chatting to do, giving an interview to UEFA.


Dani Carvajal gave an interview to UEFA in which he spoke about his return to Real Madrid, his first impressions of playing in the Champions League and his experiences of being in a youth academy of such high quality as that of the Whites. “It was like a dream. On top of that, it ended be a match we scored six in. I’ll never forget it”, the Real Madrid defender said of his Champions League debut against Galatasaray.

How would you rate your return season to the club so far?

I have always been ambitious and have wanted to train and play more, but I am very happy with things at the moment. Especially because of the amount of trust the manager has placed in me from day one. The rotation with Arbeloa has been really good for both of us and the team, because we are both fresher. Now, with Álvaro injured, it looks as though I’ll play more minutes, I hope to earn my place in the team, enjoy it and help the team achieve its goals.

What do you remember about your first Champions League match against Galatasaray?

It was like a dream, to think you are competing in the Champions League. When you’re side-to-side with your team mates, listening to the Champions League anthem, it gives you goose bumps. On top of that, it was a great game, we scored six and I’ll never forget it.

Over the course of your career, who have you linked up with best?

Because of the amount of years I’ve spent playing with them, perhaps it would be Morata and Jesé. I also link up well with Arbeloa, we can understand each other with just a look.

Is there any football player you would have liked to play with?

As a Real Madrid fan I’d say Michel Salgado. I really liked his playing style, he was full of intensity. I always watched him and loved [the way he played].

What was it like growing up in the Real Madrid youth set up?

It is like a dream made reality. In Spain, and even more so in Madrid, every boy wants to play for Real. Being part of this club’s youth academy is a big deal and making your debut in this jersey is a thing of great pride and emotion. Growing up in this club is a beautiful thing.

How helpful is it that a lot of Real Madrid players have come up through the academy, for example Raúl and Casillas?

It is a mirror for us and now Casillas is the captain. For us, breaking into the first team is not the be all and end all. Players like Arbeloa and myself had to leave the club before coming back. Others like Jesé and Morata broke straight into the first team.

How do you think you improved as a player in Germany?

I improved a lot defensively, because there was almost no transitional play in the Bundesliga and I had to close things down a lot. As well as that, we were a team that always had to take the initiative in every game and as a wide player I had to cover a lot of ground. That helped me develop physically in order to remain fresh in the final few minutes of matches.

This season Real Madrid is competing in the UEFA Youth League, how important are these games for the development of a player?

It looks like an incredible opportunity for these young players, being able to travel around Europe and compete in an international tournament. It is very important for them, it will allow them to enjoy and experience what it is like to travel and adapt to other countries.

Do you have any advice for the players at the Final Four in Nyon?

They’ve got there after a good Group Stage and playing good games against Napoli and PSG. I think they have a good team and can do something special. Ramis is a great coach, I could also enjoy him, and he knows how to run a side. They’ll get to the final and fight for the cup.

What do you think has been the most important thing in you development as a footballer?

It’s the training. It’s a marathon that starts at a young age and sacrifice is the base of it. You have to arrive home with the sensation of having given your all at training or in the game and having done the best you can. Also I think genetics help.



I’m surprising the hell out of myself by being able to actually look and stomach this pic of Jese’s knee! I’m avoiding the open stitch on the bottom right, but still, it’s progress. Jese shared this shot on twitter, saying that his knee is progressing well and that he’s had his stitches removed. I’m just thankful, he doesn’t have any more graphic shots. :/

Bj_bSBFIMAAQgNF.jpg large

Sergio got a whole lot of birthday love on Twitter yesterday and Arbeloa proved what a true friend he is….loving the pony in good hair and bad. Thank you Arbie, for choosing a bleached horror pic where we can barely see the disaster do. What we really want to know is why you call Sergio, Peter Pan….. Is it a green jeans/green tights connection? Did you dub him  leader of The Lost Boys of Fashion?


Peter Pan also took to Twitter to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and love, he also took the opportunity to debut a new hand gesture. Not quite the shocker…not quite anything really, unless he was going for some kind of shadow dog…

Bj_RtqUIgAA0bcc.jpg large



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  1. Katie Ann April 2, 2014 at 7:39 pm #

    “Shadow puppets son el bomb” Bwahahaha. Nice.

    I’ve had all manner of athletic injuries, but I still got to Jese’s knee and cringed. Eesh.

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