Rackin’ Em Up Against Real Sociedad

7 Apr


Look at us doing what we have to do to keep that La Liga dream alive? I like it, boys, I like it. With four goals and a clean sheet, the weekend was definitely good to us. Let’s take a look at the GOL, GOL, GOL, GOLLLLLLLS!


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Illarra opened up the scoring at the start of the second half, which was probably not an easy thing for him. Scoring against his former team and being the first to score, doesn’t put him in the most comfortable position…especially when there were assholes chanting for him to “Go die!” We ❤ you, Illarra.

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In the 66th minute, G-Money blast Bravo with a shot so powerful, that MC Hammer would proudly respond with “U CAN’T TOUCH THIS!” Yes, that was corny, but would you not make fun of me if I said I wasn’t feeling well? *cough* *cough*

A goal dedicated to the bay-bays, Papa Pepe scored in the 85th minute.

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In the 88th minute, Morata finishing things off with the 4th and final goal, but also made the sweet gesture of dedicating his goal to Jese.

Go on with your adorable self!



Gif via concretar.


Post Match Comments

From realmadrid.com

Carlo Ancelotti expressed his pride at his team’s performance in their thrashing of Real Sociedad: “We played very well, intelligently. We started at a very high pace and had more intensity in the second half. Everyone had a good game and I’m pleased because it wasn’t easy. I’m very proud to manage this team. I have players who like to fight and we’re going to fight until the last match”.

“It’s not easy to recover well from Wednesday’s match and the players had very good intensity levels in the second half. They all worked well defensively. We avoided Real Sociedad’s biggest quality, which is depth. We did very well at the back and we were very focused”.
“With Bale’s position on the left wing we have more open field to attack in and he feels comfortable. He often switches positions with Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s not a problem. We’re fortunate to have the two of them and it’s very good”.

Illara and his goal in Anoeta
“What was happening off the field didn’t bother him. He focussed on the match, he played very well and he scored the first goal. His defensive game was very good”.


Illara played a leading role in Anoeta as one of the starting eleven and scoring the first goal of the match. The midfielder summed up the encounter: “We had to earn the victory. In the first half they pressed us quite a lot. After the second goal the match broke up, there was more space and we took advantage of it”.

“Going home is always special. I expected the crowd to whistle, because they don’t like what I did, it’s what happens. I was focused on the match, which is what I had to do. I’m happy with the victory. There aren’t many games left now and our job is to win and hope that Barcelona and Atlético slip up”.

Past at Real Sociedad
“At Real I gave everything I had, the opportunity came up to go to Real Madrid and I took it. Now I’m trying to enjoy myself. San Sebastián has always been my home, Real Sociedad gave me everything”.



Here’s to hoping we kick some major booty tomorrow, we want that semifinalist status!


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  1. mygypsyspirit April 14, 2014 at 4:40 am #

    So… Where are the gifs of Xabi stripping in the tunnel after the match? 😉

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