We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

13 Apr
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Goals and points, baby, goals and points. These guys went up against Almeria knowing that Barca had just slipped up and we had the opportunity to skip right past them….which we did! We’ve one upped them by one point, but hey we’re nearing the end and one point can mean all the difference. Now we just need Atleti to slip up. The more times the better!


“Did you hear we’re treating every match as a final?”

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Yep, that’s the face of someone watching a competition final. Scurrrrrry Ancelotti. I was getting scurred when most of the first half went by and we were still goalless, but Dobby fired up those scrawny little legs and scored the opener. Watch that thing sail up and over Almeria’s defense!


G-Money followed up with our second goal in the 53rd minute, with Almeria’s Esteban nudging the shot right into the back of the net. Ouch.

Things were going well for us, but not so much for Esteban. Three minutes after G-Money’s net swisher, Isco got one of his own.

In the 85th minute, Morata finished the thing off with a super Daniel-san style of a goal.

The Mister & Co. felt the support from the Bernabeu, so a few fans received a personal thank you from Ancelotti, Morata, and Nacho after the match.


Pics & Gifs via gfsports & concretar.


Post Match Comments:

From Realmadrid.com


Carlo Ancelotti analysed the rout of Almería in the Santiago Bernabéu press room: “The team played good football, it was a good game. The goal is to win all the remaining matches. It is a very dangerous league and at this point of the season, all the matches are tough. We are in the fight for every competition. It isn’t easy and we have to give everything in all our matches”.

The coach spoke of his gesture after the match, when he went to greet the fans: “It was to thank a group that has really helped the team. The atmosphere in the stadium was great and that is important because it helps us give our all. Having fans that help us in all our games is very important for us”.

Barcelona’s defeat in the title race
“Barcelona still believe they can win the league. There are a lot of surprises this season and they will fight until the end. It will not change the dynamic of Wednesday’s match. It was a surprise that they lost but every team has its goals, above all, those who are fighting for salvation are very dangerous. We have an incredibly important match on Wednesday and we don’t have time to think about anything else”.

“Di María didn’t have a great match against Dortmund and he has responded well because he had a great game today. Nobody can play where Cristiano does. We have to use an alternative solution. The team is more balanced playing with Di María on the right”.

Fitness of the players for Wednesday
“Ramos, Alonso and Carvajal will certainly be back. Cristiano is progressing and still receiving treatment. Marcelo is doing some good individual work and I don’t think he’s ready for Wednesday. A break in the league could help us to prepare for our Champions League semi-final against Bayern Munich”.

Di Maria:

Real Madrid beat Almería in the Santiago Bernabéu and Di María, one of the stars of the match, was happy with the win: “We know there are a lot of twists in the La Liga. We started down the table, then we took the lead… We’re still thinking about ourselves, about the fact that there are several ‘finals’ left and we have to play them as such”.

“We want to play well. The match against Dortmund was just a misstep and we don’t want to repeat it. I think that the people who are playing are demonstrating that they want to be there and that they want to fight for a place in the starting eleven, to play in the cup final, to play in the Champions League and that is the best thing for the team”.

“I feel just as comfortable in both positions. Up front I’m closer to the opposition’s goal and I have more chances of scoring. Today I scored, I was really keen to do so. When I play in the middle I try to help the defence more”.

His fitness
“I had the odd niggle. I just had a couple of days where I didn’t feel well and I lost a few kilos, but the minutes the gaffer has been giving me make me feel increasingly better. I’m happy with the team’s work and because of the way we played”.

The Copa del Rey final
“It has nothing to do with La Liga or the Champions League and hopefully we’ll play well. It’s a final and they will come out and do their best. We’re on track. We have to keep doing our work and continue in that way. We’re fine as we are. Finals are different games”.




3 Responses to “We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!”

  1. nad April 14, 2014 at 1:57 am #

    those are some lucky fans.

  2. mygypsyspirit April 14, 2014 at 3:09 am #

    Those are some nice Basque thighs

    • maisoun April 14, 2014 at 8:37 am #

      A “Hells yeah they are!” to both of y’all’s comments.

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