Lend Your Heart To La Roja

14 Apr

Cruzcampo has a new campaign called #PrestanosTuCorazon (Lend Your Heart) for the World Cup. The idea is to send in the crest from your national team uniform to create a giant flag that will go to every Spanish National Team game. Good god, do these people not realize how much kits cost?! Anyhow, more info here and you can watch Sese & several other members of La Roja in the ad. (Anyone care to translate the ad? If so, please do in the comments)

– Lozil

3 Responses to “Lend Your Heart To La Roja”

  1. Sarah April 15, 2014 at 1:48 am #

    Narrator: there they were, knowing that they needed, more than ever, their supporters’ heartbeats
    Sergio: Guys, look at this video our scouts sent
    Koke: madre mia . And to top it off this year nobody is gonna go see us
    Javi: my cousins aren’t going
    Victor: well if your cousins ain’t going, not even tato is going to Brazil
    Sergio: well, maybe they can’t travel to Brazil but they can still be there in a diferrent way.
    Sergio and Koke:May I borrow your heart?
    Fans: no
    Narrator:at cruzcampo, this year we’ve come up with a task as difficult as winning the world cup. We’re asking spaniards to lend us their hearts so we can sew everyone’s heart that will go with the team.
    Female fans: we’ll sew it
    Male fan:I won’t do it even if Busquets comes to ask for it
    fan: and what do we get in return?
    Javi: in return, we promise to give it back with two stars
    Victor: imagine. . .
    Older fan: I hope they know that with this heart I wooed her
    Narrator:this way we can all be with the team
    Airport employee: how many of you is there?
    Fan: 46 million
    Narrator: this time, we have to show the world that nobody beats us when it comes to passion

  2. Shan April 18, 2014 at 9:09 am #

    I loved this commercial. If Sergio came to my door and asked me for my corazon, there’s no question about it…

    But Cruzcampo will send you a jersey with 2 stars if (when) Spain wins the World Cup. so while you may be cutting up one, you are potentially getting a new one in return.

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