Recovery Session & Corazon Classic Presentation

24 Apr

7The team held a recovery session today. The keepers trained outside while the starting field players from yesterday’s match trained inside. Cristiano and Fabio ran together outside for awhile before heading indoors. Casado, Mascarell and Willian José of Castilla joined the session on the pitch. (Training Video)

At the Bernabeu, the ‘Peez led the presentation for this year’s Corazon Classic which will take place on June 8th with the Real Madrid Legends vs. Inter Forever.  On hand for the occasion were former players from both teams (Butragueño, Morientes, Solari, Hierro, Iván Córdoba, Toldo and Berti) along with Madrid mayor Ana Botella and Inter Milan president Eric Thohir. From the mothership: “The money raised from the match will go towards educational and sports programmes in shelters and detention centres for youths who live in the guardianship of public administrations in several autonomous communities.

Mori! Hierro! El Buitre! While we’re doing the blast from the past thing, check out this video of a bebe Fernando Torres singing about Diego Simeone in the stands at the Calderon. Little did he know that Simeone would one day be his teammate and if rumors are to be believed, will be his coach after this season.

Also, check out these two boyfriends and their matching mohawks.

article-2611083-1D4596EC00000578-119_634x469 1394473059_extras_noticia_foton_7_1Sernando4Ever! But honestly boys, that’s about as subtle as Morata wearing Isco’s shirt at Cibeles. Your crush is showing, young one. 😉

King's Cup Victory Celebration, Madrid

Morata: Flying the flag for Team Bromance

I’m all for it. Bring on the bromance. We’ve not had enough recently, that’s for sure.

– Lozil

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