One Goal Closer

25 Apr
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GAHHH! One nerve wracking semifinal match down, one more to go….except next week, the nerves and emotions will be even crazier! You’ve got to give it up for our boys though, they didn’t score as much as they could have, but they held Bayern well and prevented them from getting any precious away goals. Hey defense, can you say “On FIYAH“??

RMTV + Casemiro provided the spectacular footage of the massive turnout of fans who came out to support the team ahead of the match. During the bits of video from inside the bus, I was surprised at how quiet everyone was! No reactions to the frenzy outside, but I guess when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone.

You didn’t need to be on Twitter to know this, just a pair of eyes & a match stream, but all everyone was talking about during the first 15 minutes was POSSESSION. Bayern had all of it. Realistically, it was more like 90% 😉 But did they score? UH NO! We did! We’ll take our 10% and our single goal of the match, thank you very much. In the 19th minute, after a fabulous run from Coentrao and some crazy hustlin’ from our Croissant, we had our goal and it was an amayyyyysingly beautiful moment!

My favorite tweet about Benz’s goal….G-Money’s CdR sprint will never be forgotten!


Before the end of the first half, we could’ve upped the score by a few goals, but…..we didn’t. We were stuck in miss city, misses over the bar, misses straight to the keeper. BOO to misses! Bayern had a few moments where they looked like they were ready to inflict pain, but like I said, our defense had moments of FIYAH. I wish I had a clip of this one Pepe moment, because I swear it looked like he backed that thang up at one point and cleared a shot with his bumper. Creativity is always welcome, boys. Always. Even though we finished with only the one goal, everyone gave it their all til the end, even when they were in pain & not 100% fit. Sergio had a stand out moment in the 70th minute, where he was feeling the thunder from down under after blocking Robben’s shot with his boys. *Slow Clap* for Sergio, because he continued to play through the pain until the ball was cleared (there’s a joke in there somewhere) at which point he dropped and surrendered to the feelin’s.

There, there now, you’re fine.

Yep…you certainly are.

In the 72nd minute, Pepe signaled that he needed to be taken off, he was then replaced with Varane. Another sub was made a minute later, when G-Money came on for Cris.

Six minutes away from the final whistle and securing our win over Bayern, Gotze showed up, front and center, ready to turn our win into a draw. No sir, no such thang was going to happen with San Iker ready to work his magic!

Crisis averted! With that save, Iker became equal with Raul for most victories in the history of the club. They’re both tied at 427. With the win, we became the only team in the competition to win all of our home matches. Woot Woot!

It’s not the biggest advantage over Bayern, but we have something. They have no away goals, which means the boys need to show up and play their hearts out next week. We didn’t come this far to give anything away. WE CAN DO IT!!!

Pics and Gifs via gfsports, sr4oldpics, omaradly-madridista, fuckyeahsernando, football-hqs, & concretar.


Post Match Comments



Ancelotti singled out his team’s hard work against Bayern. Satisfied with the victory, but aware that there are still 90 minutes left to play before reaching the final, the Whites’ coach stated:  “We did a good job. Everyone had a great game. The fans’ support was significant, and the atmosphere was spectacular. Our job is to do everything possible to take our fans to Lisbon”.

“We worked well as a unit, the players were unselfish and mentally strong. The team is full of desire, and while we might not play well all the time, the commitment among the squad members is great. The atmosphere is very positive. We need sacrifice, courage, quality and personality next Tuesday. The tie is wide open, we have a slight lead but no one knows what might happen”.

Different periods during the game
“We were a bit too timid at the beginning. We played a better pressing game towards the end in comparison to the start of the game. We didn’t cope well with the pressure during the first few minutes. After that, the team began to play together and work a lot better. We controlled the play a lot more in the second half, although we weren’t clinical with our chances during the first. We could have scored more, but the same can be said for Bayern. Iker pulled off a great save. Diego will play on Saturday and Iker will play on Tuesday”.

“The team was really effective during the first half, and created a few clear-cut chances. This side is formidable on the break. It makes sense to counter attack against Bayern. I don’t like to concede possession but against some sides it can be more difficult to have the ball. I like to hold onto possession because as long as you have it your opponent can’t score”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“Cristiano put in a great shift, he was completely sure he could play and luckily everything worked out nicely. He wasn’t in optimum shape though. Without Bale and with Ronaldo at only 50% it was always going to be tough. Cristiano has done very little speed work over the past few days. The most important thing is that he played to help us. He worked extremely hard and we are happy”.

“Taking Cristiano off was a decision we made before the game. The risk we ran was only applicable if he played for over an hour. He played well, although he wasn’t 100%. His performance was full of sacrifice and he’ll be playing on Tuesday”.

The game in Munich
“The second leg will be very difficult. We have a slight advantage and will have to play as confidently as we have done tonight. There’s no telling what might happen there, but I am confident. We know we’ll be made to suffer, but we’ll be full of fighting spirit and give it our all, just like we have done today. With the quality of the squad, Real Madrid can beat anyone. This is a very important part of the season and everyone’s hard work is helping us pick up good results”.

The defensive performance
“The Pepe injury is a blow. The full backs were excellent. Bayern played a lot down the wings and the defenders worked well together to stop them. Coentrão was very reliable, as he always is. He always gives it his all when he plays. Without making mistakes, playing intelligently and staying focused throughout the game”.


“We worked hard all game. It was very tough, they like to set the rhythm & keep possession. We had a great game defensively. We came out to press & get the ball back, although we didn’t dominate. The 1-0 is satisfactory, it’s a good result to take to Munich (…) The atmosphere in the Bernabéu was amazing. As a Madrid fan, and I’ve been here for 10 years, it was unforgettable. The arrival at the ground was something else. We’re thankful for the love and the support.”


Benzema and Isco spoke after Real Madrid’s 1-0 win over Bayern Munich. The French striker, and author of the only goal of the night, seemed satisfied with how his team played: “We were really up for it and it was very important to win. It is a good result for us and now we are full of confidence ahead of the second leg. It was an important goal but what was more important was the manner in which Real Madrid performed”.

“It was a tough match against a well organised team. They had a lot of the ball. They value possession a lot. We knew that coming into the game and were always looking to hit them on the break. We will continue on as we have been, the quality is there for all to see and we need to work together in order to qualify [for the final]. The fans were great and we have to play like that again in the second leg”.

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“We all ran a lot tonight and helped each other out. It was a team performance and it’s really important not to concede at home in a tie as tight as this one. We’ll be up for it in Munich, full of confidence and with the aggregate lead. But saying that, it will still be a difficult match because Bayern is a great side. We will need to score early in the Allianz Arena to ease the pressure on ourselves. That way they will have to score three goals”.




2 Responses to “One Goal Closer”

  1. Futbolfan April 25, 2014 at 8:23 pm #

    Before the game I had a strong feeling Benzi boy was gonna score…glad I was right! Gahhh I could watch that goal over and over again. So sleek, so smooth, so quick, so beautiful! Same with our defense, I mean DAMN! It was all clean and smooth, and only one card!
    And omg it makes me so happy that our team consistently discredits the whole possession BS(cough pep cough).
    We had so many chances and I think you could kinda tell cris wasn’t fully fit, he normally would have converted the couple of good chances he had. Still, so proud of our boys though we could have pratically finished off the tie, if we score one goal in munich(which I’m sure we will cuz bayern concedes more at home) they’ll need 3 goals, which ain’t gonna happen! Hala madrid and hasta el final!

  2. jellyace April 27, 2014 at 1:25 am #

    Bayern: 37 passes = 0 goals
    Real Madrid: 7 passes = 1 goal
    Possession for the sake of possession is parking the bus in midfield.
    In the space of one week, and with Cristiano and Bale at less then full strength, Real Madrid beat both Barca and Bayern. Amazing!

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